Brandon Knight blows the most embarrassing layup of the season (Video)

Brandon-Knight-blown-layupDetroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight has been straight up owning the lowlight reels this year. When the 2012-2013 NBA season comes to a close, the 21-year-old could very well see himself as a repeat offender on lists of the most humiliating plays of the season.

As you can see, Knight had himself a wide open layup late in the fourth quarter of his team’s loss to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. As if missing a layup with absolutely no one around isn’t horrible enough, Detroit happened to be trailing by three points with just over two minutes remaining in the game. They went on to lose by five. Ouch.

Last month, Knight was dunked on by DeAndre Jordan harder than we have seen anyone get thrown down on all year. There was little the 6-foot-3 guard could do to defend the dunk and he had a great sense of humor about it afterword, but I’m guessing he won’t find the blown layup quite as comical. That’s what we call a once-in-a-lifetime miss.

Brandon Knight has funny response to being dunked on by DeAndre Jordan (Video)

DeAndre-Jordan-dunk-on-Brandon-KnightThe Los Angeles Clippers connected for one of the fiercest alley-oops of the season on Sunday night, and Blake Griffin wasn’t even on the floor. This particular lob came from Chris Paul and was deposited by DeAndre Jordan. Unfortunately for Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Knight, it was done so at his expense.

You have to give Knight credit. There aren’t many situations where a 6-foot-3 guard is going to be able to defend a 6-foot-11 center, but he gave it a try. Knight put himself in a position to be placed on a poster, and he even had a good sense of humor about it after the game.

We know that’s a lie. Just last week we saw Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin hook up for one of the sickest alley-oops we’ve ever seen during an actual game. Griffin wasn’t this excited when the team traded for CP3 for no reason. Knight knew what he was getting himself into and he didn’t back down. That’s more than you can see for some players who tower over him.

Kyrie Irving embarrases Brandon Knight with filthy moves (Video)

Kyrie Irving Brandon KnightThe BBVA Rising Stars Challenge in Houston on Friday was the usual low-effort, high-scoring affair we have come to expect from an all-star game. However, things got extremely interesting late in the game when Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight decided to turn things into a personal game of one-on-one.

The two went after each other a few possessions in a row with about six minutes left in the game. Though Knight did his best to hang in there, he got absolutely embarrassed by Irving, who broke out some filthy moves that left Knight tripping over himself. To his credit, Knight came back down the floor and got Irving back with a crossover, but Kyrie won that battle overall.

Crazy handles and the ability to finish with both hands like that helped make Irving Rookie of the Year last season.

A Beginner’s Guide to the 2011 NBA Draft: Profiles on All the Top Prospects

Reading NBA draft previews sometimes feels like wading through Princess Bride-style quicksand. With so many names to remember and stats to sift through, it can be hard to figure out what draft info is important and what’s just unnecessary nonsense.

Do you care as a casual fan, for instance, that Enes Kanter has 5.9% body fat? Or that Marcus Morris can run three quarters of the court in 3.2 seconds whereas his twin brother, Markieff, runs it in 3.4 seconds? Not really, right?

You just want the basics. Which is why I wrote this beginner’s guide.

Draft lunatics will already know most of what is written below. It’s not quantum physics, just a good starting place for people staring at the screen on draft night wondering “who is that guy?”

If you’re here for insight into Nikola Vucevic’s standing reach, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if cheat sheet info delivered in 100 words or less is your thing, I’m your guy. You won’t find any quicksand here.

Here’s my Cliff Notes-style guide to the 2011 NBA draft:

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Video: Brandon Knight Shot to beat Princeton with Two Seconds Left

Kentucky freshman Brandon Knight grew up on Thursday, rebounding from an 0-7 start to the Wildcats’ first-round tournament game against Princeton to make the winning shot. He was playing so poorly coach John Calipari had to bench him, but at least he let his stud have the final shot and it paid off.

Between Knights running layup with two seconds left to Morehead State’s Demonte Harper’s three-pointer to upset Louisville and Matt Howard’s game winner for Butler, it has been one exciting first day of the tournament. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Will Brandon Knight be Latest in Line of Dominant Calipari Point Guards?

Pictured left to right: Kevin Love, Brandon Knight, Wes Welker

The Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year Awards were handed out last week in Los Angeles. Both winners were basketball players — Chiney Ogwumike from Cypress, Texas was the female winner, and the male winner was Brandon Knight of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Knight actually is in some elite company because he’s one of only three two-time Gatorade National Boys Basketball Players of the Year (LeBron James and Greg Oden are the others). Only time will tell how Knight is able to develop, but if history tells us anything he has an extremely bright future.

Examining some of the recent Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year winners, the basketball players who have taken that award have gone on to great things. The recent list includes LeBron (’03), Dwight Howard (’04), Greg Oden (’06), and Kevin Love (’07). Love was actually on hand last week in LA for the presentation and his future success path seems to have been opened by Minnesota’s trade of Al Jefferson to the Jazz. Being included in that group, Knight seems almost destined for success.

Not only is Brandon Knight in good company as a Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year, he also seems to be headed for a promising future at Kentucky. The last three point guards for John Calipari have all been one-and-done freshmen who ended up as top four picks in the NBA draft. Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans (both were coached by Calipari at Memphis) ended up winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award, and there’s a strong chance John Wall will claim the honor this year. From Rose to Evans to Wall and now Knight, Calipari sure knows how to recruit top flight point guards. Looks like Knight is next on the list of future number one picks pumped out by Coach Cal.