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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Articles tagged: Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips: Stats, analytics are messing up baseball

Count Brandon Phillips as part of the anti-analytics group of athletes. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale wrote a terrific article juxtaposing Cincinnati Reds teammates Phillips and Joey Votto, both of whom have had a terrific careers despite polar opposite approaches at the plate. Phillips is a swinger who has never walked more than 46 times in…Read More

Brandon Phillips responds to heckling fan with autographed ball, selfie

Brandon Phillips may have successfully turned a drunk Pittsburgh Pirates fan into a Cincinnati Reds fan earlier this week. A recent story that was posted on Reddit describes a scene in which a Pirates fan started giving Phillips the business after a rain delay in the seventh inning. The Reddit user, who was the brother…Read More

Brandon Phillips: Bryan Price got ‘all in our butt and it felt good’

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price had seen enough during his team’s game against the Washington Nationals on Thursday. With the Reds hitless through three innings and having committed four errors in a loss the previous night, Price decided the time was right for a motivational speech. His players appreciated it. After the 2-1 victory, Brandon…Read More

Brandon Phillips gets USA goalie Molly Schaus with great photobomb

Brandon Phillips pulled off one heck of a photobomb before Friday’s game at Wrigley Field. The Cincinnati Reds second baseman got way up in the air and did a jumping jack type of motion to get in the background of a picture taken by Team USA hockey goalie Molly Schaus, who was at the Cubs-Reds…Read More

Brandon Phillips: I choked, I didn’t do nothing

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips had a tough day at the plate in a 6-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday night. One of the downsides of a one-game wild card playoff is that when something like that happens, you may not have a chance to redeem yourself. Phillips does not, as the…Read More

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