Braylon Edwards: Don’t blame Mark Sanchez, blame ‘idiots calling the shots’

Playing wide receiver for the New York Jets has not been a glamorous job for quite some time. Braylon Edwards knows that as well as anyone. Following some of his most productive years as a pro with the Cleveland Browns, Edwards was traded to the Jets in 2009. He caught only 88 balls in a little less than two seasons with New York, but the former Pro Bowler had no problem with playing alongside Mark Sanchez.

The Jets coaches, however, are apparently a different story. Edwards tweeted the following on Monday:

Obviously Edwards meant “prove,” not “probe.” We all know how a certain Jets receiver felt about former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, but Schottenheimer has since moved on. You can blame it on Sanchez, the Jets receivers or incompetency from the coaching staff, but the team’s offense is no better without Schottenheimer than it was with him.

Blaming Sanchez for everything that has happened to the Jets this season would be unreasonable. Braylon has a point when he says a lot of their issues have been with play-calling and preparation, but I don’t think I would call Sanchez a “beast” based on anything we have seen from his NFL career. At this point there’s no reason to believe he’s even a capable NFL starter.

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Braylon Edwards upset Michigan isn’t recruiting his brother

Braylon Edwards is a legend in the Michigan football program, so it’s only natural for him to want his younger brother to suit up in the Maize and Blue on Saturdays. The only problem is Michigan has yet to come calling, and the guy who holds almost every Wolverines career receiving record isn’t happy about it.

Edwards went on Twitter Tuesday night to voice his displeasure about the lack of interest his alma mater has shown in his brother Berkley Edwards, a 5-foot-8, 176-pound junior running back from Chelsea, Mich.

“I don’t understand how my brother has the 8th fastes [sic] time in the country in the 60m, ran for 1800 yards last year and 20 and UofM wontcall,” Braylon wrote.

Berkley reportedly has a 4.52 40-time, but neither Rivals nor Scout have given Berkley a rating yet. Rivals, however, reports that Central Michigan has already offered a scholarship.

“Love my school and I played for coach [Brady Hoke] but call my brother before its too late and you guys miss out,” Braylon also tweeted.

You can understand where Braylon is coming from, but Michigan’s lack of interest probably isn’t a referendum on his brother but rather a crowded backfield that added three more backs in this year’s recruiting class. Sometimes the numbers don’t work out in your favor. Braylon can understand that. He should just be glad Ohio State hasn’t come calling.

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Jets Viewed Braylon Edwards as a ‘Diva’

Considering the Jets chose to sign Cheddar Bob over bringing back Braylon Edwards, it is probably safe to assume they didn’t think too highly of the latter.  For one thing, Edwards was in search of a contract he isn’t worth.  While he had a productive season in New York last year (53 catches, 904 yards, 7 touchdowns) and was a factor in the postseason, the Jets focused their attention on retaining Santonio Holmes and signing the cheaper, fresh out of prison Plaxico Burress.  Plus, the Jets’ brass thought he was a diva.

According to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com, New York had no intention of bringing Edwards back.  While on the surface it may have appeared that Braylon’s DUI was not a problem with the Jets, it was definitely a factor in their decision to let him walk.  For a guy who drops so many passes, Edwards sure does enjoy busting out a dance here or there.  Even an organization with a coach like Rex Ryan can grow tired of those kinds of antics.

On another note, I think New York is starting to develop a pattern at the wide receiver position.  It would appear having some sort of baggage to bring along is a requirement if you want to catch passes for the Jets.  The Jets made resigning the outspoken Holmes their top priority this offseason.  When they decided to move on from Edwards, they considered options like Randy Moss before making New Jersey Burress’ post-imprisonment landing spot.  Then again, one could argue the NFL is running out of baggage-less receivers.

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Braylon Edwards Flips to Celebrate Jets Win Over Patriots (Video)

The Jets beat the Patriots convincingly on Sunday, 28-21. The score shows it was a seven-point game, but the Jets seized control at 14-3 before halftime and maintained it. Because of all the trash talk during the week, they were elated to pull off the victory at New England and showed it in their celebration. Braylon Edwards, who muscled his way to a touchdown in the second quarter, did a forward handspring and flip to celebrate the win. Several of his teammates broke out with arms spread like airplanes, zooming around the field. Nothing topped what Braylon did though:

The Jets certainly take after their coach when it comes to attitude, and that’s likely why they felt free to celebrate at Gillette Stadium. For Braylon, it wasn’t the first time he insulted the Pats with a celebration.

Braylon Edwards Dougies After Big Touchdown on DUI Night

After sitting out the first quarter following his punishment for getting a DUI during the week, Braylon Edwards made an impact on the Jets/Dolphins game.

The Jets receiver caught a routine out from quarterback Mark Sanchez in the third quarter and took it 67 yards for the touchdown. Cornerback Jason Allen slipped and fell as he was closing on Edwards to make the tackle. Because Edwards was the only one on the left side of the field and being single-covered, he had nothing but open field in front of him once Allen fell.

Braylon scored the touchdown and promptly went into the “Dougie Dance” to celebrate the touchdown. Edwards also Dougied on Darius Butler in week two against the Patriots, but he only did it briefly. This time, Edwards had plenty of time in the end zone and made it last much longer.

Tony Dungy said he would have deactivated Braylon for the game following the DUI arrest, but after seeing that touchdown it’s easy to see why Rex Ryan was reluctant to make such an extreme move. And with one huge play, #17 may have earned his way back into the good graces of the Jets’ fanbase.

UPDATE: Edwards had a huge catch to convert a big 3rd and 10 late in the game, clearing the way for the Jets to run off more clock. He owned Jason Allen in the game who also got flagged for a pass interference call in the end zone. Huge game for Edwards, he was one of their heroes in the second half.

Tony Dungy: I Would Have Deactivated Braylon Edwards After DUI

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards became the headline story for the Jets this week when he got popped for a DUI with his car full of teammates. Media members and the front office debated how the team should handle the situation, and we said the Jets should have shown him a lesson by benching him for the big Sunday night game against the Dolphins. They ultimately decided to bench Braylon for the first quarter of the game, with coach Rex Ryan explaining that Edwards had already been embarrassed enough by his teammates and media so there was no need to pile on. Fair enough.

NBC analyst and former Colts coach Tony Dungy, who met with Ryan to settle their cussing differences, says he would have acted differently. During Football Night in America on NBC, Dungy said “I think you have to discipline players. You have to let them you know what you expect. When I coached, I wasn’t worried about the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I told our guys I’ve got two rules: if you’re out after 1am, if there’s drugs or alcohol involved, if you’ve got a gun, you’re not going to get the benefit of the doubt. I don’t care about the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I would have [deactivated Braylon Edwards] and the players would have known about it.”

I’m glad that Dungy stands for discipline and doesn’t tolerate drugs, alcohol, or guns, but I wonder if he would have done what he said had he been in Rex Ryan’s shoes. I’m sure Ryan wants to discipline Edwards, but it’s hard to make that move when you’re 1-1 and facing a divisional opponent who’s 2-0. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to say that when Peyton Manning is your quarterback. Dungy is saying the right thing, but I honestly wonder if he would have carried out his words had he been in Rex’s situation.

Drinking and Driving in the Jets Organization is Not a Problem

What do you do when one of your wide receivers gets arrested for DUI but is coming off a huge week against a division rival?  You can’t bench him, of course.  He’s too important to the team’s success.  You can’t make an example out of someone who helps you win.  If the player isn’t critical to the success of your offense and, more specifically, youngster quarterback, by all means bench him for an entire game.

Do we really think that’s the way a team should go about it’s business?  Obviously not.  But larrybrownsports.com has learned that Braylon Edwards will not start against the Dolphins on Sunday.  However, the wide receiver will play.  Huge difference in football, isn’t it?  We didn’t think so, either.

We aren’t talking about a starting pitcher who is being forced to skip a start as a means of disciplinary action.  This is football.  Personnel packages change on every play.  Rex Ryan could leave Edwards on the sideline for the Jets’ first offensive play of the day and send him in for the second.  He’d still be staying true to his word of not “starting” him.

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