Cole Hamels and Brett Myers Get Into it After Game 5

Brett Myers and Cole HamelsTwo LBS favorite characters, Cole Hamels and Brett Myers, managed to create the ultimate story when their paths crossed after Game 5 in the Phillies locker room. According to Yahoo! Sports, the two had a heated moment in the clubhouse after the Phillies beat the Yankees 8-6 to extend the series. Tim Brown explains:

As Myers walked past Hamels near Hamels’ locker he said, mocking, “What are you doing here? I thought you quit.”

Hamels, the witness said, responded with an expletive.

Before the situation escalated, Myers was guided away by a team official.

Normally Myers’ big mouth and inability to restrain himself results in stupid remarks, but here he did indeed call out the right person. Hollywood Hamels went too Hollywood over the offseason and it’s cost him. After being so dominant in the postseason last year, Hamels took off the offseason to enjoy himself and capitalize on his new found fame. He admitted he came into the season unprepared and that it caused him elbow problems in spring training. The problem is that Cole got selfish, forgetting he’s still a baseball player with an obligation to be the ace of an awesome team. Everyone else came into the season prepared but he didn’t, and he let them down with his lack of preparation. Right now he’s costing them big time in the playoffs. Hamels needs to make it up to everyone with a gem in Game 7, that way it will “finally be over” for him. I think the dude’s ultimately learned his lesson.

By the way, I was on Charlie Manuel’s side for holding Cliff Lee until Game 5. Even if the Yankees won with Sabathia in Game 4, the Phils had the advantage in Games 5 and 6 with Lee and Pedro on full rest while Burnett and Pettitte are on short rest. Then it could wind up coming down to a Game 7 with CC and Hamels. Maybe the Yankees need to buy another starting pitcher in the offseason. Or maybe they’ll just win in six.

Who’s the ‘Retard’ Now, Brett?

Philly blog The Fightins caught a priceless moment on TV and was nice enough to share it with the entire internet world. We thank them for their efforts because it allows us to post this classic moment of Brett Myers getting shutout in his NLCS celebration attempt at a kiss. Classic:

Incidentally Myers wasn’t even on the Phillies’ NLCS roster. At least he was around to cheer the team on — there’s something to be said for that. I hear Myers might even be on the World Series roster which would probably be good news for either the Angels or Yankees. Anyway, insert Myers wife beating joke here.

Brett Myers Raising His Redneck Son the Right Way

Yes, that is Phillies pitcher Brett Myers and his son. Yes, the shirt the young kid is wearing has a confederate flag on it and reads, “Redneck and proud of it.” What else would you expect from a guy who (allegedly) beat his wife, and gets into fights with reporters. Great example there, Brett.