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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Brett Myers

Cole Hamels and Brett Myers Get Into it After Game 5

Two LBS favorite characters, Cole Hamels and Brett Myers, managed to create the ultimate story when their paths crossed after Game 5 in the Phillies locker room. According to Yahoo! Sports, the two had a heated moment in the clubhouse after the Phillies beat the Yankees 8-6 to extend the series. Tim Brown explains: As…Read More

Who’s the ‘Retard’ Now, Brett?

Philly blog The Fightins caught a priceless moment on TV and was nice enough to share it with the entire internet world. We thank them for their efforts because it allows us to post this classic moment of Brett Myers getting shutout in his NLCS celebration attempt at a kiss. Classic: Incidentally Myers wasn’t even…Read More

Brett Myers Raising His Redneck Son the Right Way

Yes, that is Phillies pitcher Brett Myers and his son. Yes, the shirt the young kid is wearing has a confederate flag on it and reads, “Redneck and proud of it.” What else would you expect from a guy who (allegedly) beat his wife, and gets into fights with reporters. Great example there, Brett.

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