Brian Banks earns tryouts with four NFL teams

A week after being exonerated, former USC recruit Brian Banks, who already served an over-five-year sentence behind bars on a rape conviction before alleged accuser and awful human being Wanetta Gibson admitted to making up her story, is working on making his football comeback.

Banks, 26, last played in 2002 at Long Beach (Calif.) Poly High School when he was a 16-year-old linebacker committed to play for USC. And then his life was turned upside down. But despite the nearly decade-long layoff, he’s received invitations (likely out of goodwill) to try out for four teams — the Redskins, Chiefs, Dolphins and Seahawks — since being cleared of charges.

According to ESPN’s Rick Reilly, the Redskins, Chiefs and Dolphins came calling on Tuesday after the Seahawks reportedly reached out to Banks over the weekend. He’ll work out for Seattle on June 7. He already has a connection to the Seahawks that most people might not pick up immediately: Pete Carroll was the head coach at USC during Banks’ recruitment.

“I’ll make ‘em happy,” Banks told Reilly. “After all I’ve been through these last 10 years, I can still do some things that will impress you.”

Banks has been working out since October, but despite his confidence, it’s probably safe to assume he’s a long shot to make an NFL squad. But we’re definitely pulling for him. And if this NFL thing doesn’t work out, Banks has already received other job offers, including one for a front office position with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sounds like this kid is going to be all right.

Wanette Gibson may not be charged for false rape accusations of Brian Banks

Many people proclaimed that “justice was served” when Brian Banks had his false rape and kidnapping charges overturned on Thursday, but that really wasn’t the case. It was great that Banks’ charges were overturned considering he lost over five years of his life to prison and had his reputation destroyed, but what about Wanette Gibson, who made up the accusations, and gained $1.5 million after suing the Long Beach school district?

Justice wouldn’t truly be served until Gibson ended up in jail for making her false accusations that led to a man’s imprisonment, and gave the money back to the school district. Unfortunately, it looks like that may not be happening as of now.

According to the LA Times, Deputy Dist. Atty. Brentford Ferreira said prosecutors had no plans to charge Gibson, saying it would be a difficult case to prove.

Look, I don’t know all the ins and outs of the legal system, so I don’t doubt that it would be difficult for prosecutors to prove. I just know that there is something seriously broken with our legal system if Gibson isn’t punished for what she did and forced to pay back the money. Things need to change.

Ex-USC recruit Brian Banks has false rape charge overturned after serving sentence

This is easily one of the biggest injustices I’ve read about. 26-year-old Brian Banks finally had his rape conviction overturned on Thursday, years after he served more than five years in prison after being sentenced.

Banks is a former Long Beach Poly football player who was set to play linebacker at USC. His future was derailed by a rape accusation from Wanetta Gibson over 10 years ago. Facing 41 years to life in prison, he was advised by his lawyer to plead no contest to the charges and he ended up serving over five years in prison.

Last February, Banks was friended by Gibson on Facebook. She allegedly admitted to Banks that she made up the accusations and said she would try to help him clear his name. However, Gibson refused to recant her story to prosecutors because she didn’t want to pay back the $1.5 million she won in a civil suit against Long Beach schools.

Banks met with Gibson a second time, this time secretly videotaping the conversation. Gibson again said she would help him.

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