Brian Sabean Acquisitions Keyed Giants’ World Series Run

Though the San Francisco Giants pitching staff was consistently one of the best in baseball, their offense had been a sore spot and more of an oxymoron the past few years than a threat. Calling them punchless would have been an understatement; Pablo Sandoval led them last year with 25 home runs and 90 RBIs while Bengie Molina’s 16 dingers and 95 RBIs paced them in 2008. The team struggled to score runs and often spoiled strong pitching performances by their starters, leading to phrases like getting “Cained.” Despite all their struggles to score runs, they made upgrades one player at a time and managed to win the World Series just three years after dropping Barry Bonds.

General Manager Brian Sabean knew his pitching and defense was good enough to win the World Series if they could only score a few runs. He acquired second baseman Freddy Sanchez last year at the trade deadline to try and bolster the offense. They came up short of the playoffs last year so Sabean went back to work. He took a gamble on Aubrey Huff in the off-season, signing him based on his track record and in hopes that his poor season in 2009 was a fluke. His work still not done, Sabean made two key pickups during the season utilizing the waiver wire to perfection.

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