Delgado Sisters Use Wrestling Moves to Take Down Hit-and-Run Suspect

One man who allegedly tried to flee the scene of an accident picked the wrong car to hit. Sisters Brittany (pictured) and Brienna Delgado, who are members of the Oklahoma City University wrestling team, were driving with their grandmother when they collided with a car last weekend. They noticed the other driver trying to flee on foot and that’s when Brienna started chasing after him, with her sister following behind.

Brienna says she caught the man and tackled him. He landed with his hands beneath him, so Brienna used a wrestling move known as the chicken wing to bring his hands behind his back.

Brienna told The Oklahoman she realized the man might have a gun or knife, so she quickly tried to secure his hands. The sisters held the man until police arrived to the scene.

“We do several moves where you stop your opponents,” Brittany Delgado said. “My sister and I are very proficient wrestlers and also played football in high school, so we know about tackling.”

People who know the young ladies say the story comes as no surprise.

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