Brock Holt makes great diving catch on ball Jonny Gomes loses track of (Video)

Brock Holt is typically a third baseman, but the youngster got the start in center field for the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night. Jonny Gomes is sure glad he was there.

Minnesota Twins infielder Brian Dozer hit a high popup to left field with two outs in the third inning, and Gomes lost it in the twilight sky. Sometimes it can be tough to see a ball against the skylight when the sun is going down. Fortunately for Gomes, Holt was tracking the ball the entire way from center field and made a fantastic diving catch on it.


As you can see, the ball ended up nowhere near where Gomes was standing. He completely lost it. Holt bailed both him and Jon Lester out and made one of the better defensive plays of the year in the process.

Pirates rookie Brock Holt’s number on wrong side of jersey (Picture)

Brock Holt was playing in just his third major league game on Monday when he got the rookie treatment … from the clubhouse equipment manager. The rookie second baseman’s number was placed on the wrong side of the front of his jersey. The stats for the former Rice product through three games: two hits, one walk, one RBI, and one jersey fail.

We’ve seen players with misspelled last names, or even no name on the back of the jersey, but I believe this is the first time we’ve seen a misplaced number.

The Pirates didn’t find it at all amusing:

Phew, good thing they determined the mistake was made by humans. I was worried some jersey-altering ferrets had gotten loose in the Pirates’ clubhouse.