Bryant McKinnie agrees to pay $150K in unpaid lap dances

bryant-mckinnieRemember that story from over a year ago about former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie and his absurd $375,000 strip club bill? McKinnie was supposedly sued by the father of rapper Trick Daddy for running up a massive bill at various Miami strip clubs and not paying it. McKinnie called the story “bogus” and said no strip club would ever let you run up a tab like that.

Apparently the court disagrees, because Re-Tox.com is reporting that McKinnie recently reached a settlement with Charles “Pop” Young — Trick Daddy’s daddy — to pay him $150,000. McKinnie has reportedly already paid $37,000 and has agreed to pay $113,000 more.

Our friends at Black Sports Online tracked down a copy of one of the court document pages:


It looks like running up a massive tab at strip clubs isn’t all that “bogus” after all. It also appears that McKinnie really is a party animal, despite his past denials. Does he have to pay it all back in singles?

Bryant McKinnie says $375,000 strip club bill story is ‘bogus’

Bryant McKinnie is a big party guy, but he says he’s not that much of a party animal.

The Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle was reportedly sued on Monday by the father of rapper Trick Daddy for allegedly running up a $375,000 tab at various strip clubs in the Miami-area and not paying them. Trick Daddy’s father, Charles “Pop” Young, was the GM of the King of Diamonds strip club and is now VP of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club. He claims that McKinnie borrowed thousands from him between February 2009 and September 2010 to spend at the clubs. He also allegedly signed a promissory note to pay the balance by December 2010. That never happened, and Young is suing.

McKinnie told The Baltimore Sun the suit is bogus.

“I got no papers, I was never served,” McKinnie told The Baltimore Sun in a telephone interview. “I just called my lawyer about this because this is a bogus story. I just read the article. He was working at those places and he’s tried to borrow money from me. People can put anything out there. What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I’ve never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me. For it to be even reported is stupid to me.

“You could never run up a tab like that,” said McKinnie. “For somebody like that to say something like this, they figure if they go to the media that you’ll pay them, I guess. I would never pay this guy because what he’s saying isn’t true. I just found out about this morning when people started texting me. This is the least of my worries.”

McKinnie was cut by the Vikings last August before being picked up by the Ravens. Even though he says this story is not true, his financial issues are well documented.

McKinnie has half his wages garnished by the Ravens to pay for a $4.5 million loan he took out in anticipation of the NFL lockout last year. He also reportedly spent $100,000 at a nightclub in Hollywood last February, though he also disputed that story.

McKinnie could be telling the truth about this story, but his credibility concerning financial issues is not very strong. He’s also proved that he’s not exactly the swiftest spender in the world, either.

Bryant McKinnie Cut by Vikings for Being Overweight, Out of Shape

Bryant McKinnie’s disappointing tenure with the Minnesota Vikings came to an end Tuesday when the team cut him for showing up to camp fat and out of shape. It’s a fitting end for McKinnie who you may recall:

– Held out and missed half a season his rookie year
– Was one of the partiers on the Love Boat
– Was suspended four games in ’08 for violating the personal conduct policy
– Got kicked off the Pro Bowl team in ’09 for missing practices

McKinnie is a notorious party animal as anyone who follows his twitter account can tell you. The 6’8″ monster reportedly showed up to camp weighing well over 350 pounds.

He and his agent ran to TMZ to try and get their side of the story out. They claim they asked for a released so other teams could pick him up next season. Right, I’m sure McKinnie wanted to be released because he didn’t want the $4.9 million he was set to make this season. Wow, if he tried as hard on the field as he did with his excuse making, he wouldn’t be suffering through this embarrassment.

Bryant McKinnie Twitter-Interviews Percy Harvin About his Migraines

Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie is preparing for his career after football — one that would include some sports reporting. The ferocious lineman posted an “interview” he did with his teammate, wide receiver/playmaker Percy Harvin, prior to the team’s flight to New Orleans. Harvin’s status and availability for the NFC Championship game has been a major point of contention this week because of migraines that have plagued him all year. Here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of Harvin to judge his status for the game:

The guy seems to be pretty normal, albeit laid back. The migraines have been bad enough to keep Harvin out of action during the season but I would be nothing short of shocked to see him miss this game. Hopefully Harvin will visit every specialist in the world over the offseason (which will begin Monday for Minnesota) to try and get proper treatment for the issue; he’s far too talented of a player to have his career derailed by a problem like that.