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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: bullfighting

Matador Fernando Cruz gored by bull, thrown like rag doll (Video)

Most people walk into a bullfight rooting for the matador to win. Not me. I’m all for the bulls. See, I’m all about the underdog. And if you’re going to blind the bulls and weaken them before they’re placed into a ring to be killed for our enjoyment, then I’m going to cheer when the…Read More

Dwarf bullfighters are putting on shows around South America

Many people consider bullfighting to be a form of severe animal cruelty, though it is considered a sport in some European, North American, and South American countries. Many people also feel that mocking little people for their size is inhumane. Marrying the two ideas results in the ultimate political correctness nightmare, but that’s what is…Read More

Bull Jumps Into Stands to Get Revenge

We’ve had quite a few misadventures in bullfighting lately. Well, maybe misadventures is not the correct term since all the disasters seem to be par for the course. We’ve seen a bull gore a matador in the nuts, a wimpy matador flee the ring, and the ultimate was the matador gored through the chin and…Read More

Matador Gored in the…Ouch

And the bull wins, again.  I’m not sure how you’d rank this against the matador getting gored through the neck, but it’s no walk in the park.  What you’re looking at above is exactly what it appears to be — a picture of a matador being gored in the scrotum.  Gulp.  I can’t think of…Read More

Wuss or Wise? Matador Flees Ring

I guess that video and picture of the matador who was gored with the bull’s horns coming out of his chin and mouth must have had a pretty widespread effect on the bullfighting community at-large. How else do you explain Christian Hernandez peacing out midfight and hopping over a wall to avoid the horns? Maybe…Read More

Video: Bull’s Horn Goes Through Matador’s Chin and Out Mouth

Watch at your own risk. Rick Chandler had this classic line to describe the incident, “At least one guy in Spain now knows what a trout feels like when it gets caught.” Precisely. Just another example why it’s a bad idea to mess with nature. Or larger animals, in this case. Sources: Well, this is…Read More

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