Matador Fernando Cruz gored by bull, thrown like rag doll (Video)

Most people walk into a bullfight rooting for the matador to win. Not me. I’m all for the bulls. See, I’m all about the underdog. And if you’re going to blind the bulls and weaken them before they’re placed into a ring to be killed for our enjoyment, then I’m going to cheer when the stupid ritual backfires.

That’s what happened with Fernando Cruz on Wednesday in what’s being called the worst goring of the year in Madrid’s La Ventas ring.

Cruz is in stable condition and currently in intensive care at Virgen del Mar Hospital in Spain after being gored in the stomach. He’s expected to be in the hospital for at least 10 days.

This isn’t as bad as what happened with Juan Jose Padilla whose eye popped out after he was gored, but it looked pretty brutal. I’m guessing he’ll be back to waving his cape and slaying bulls in no time.

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Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla who lost eye returned to ring Sunday (Video)

Remember Juan Jose Padilla? He’s the matador who was gored in the face five months ago and lost an eye. The bull’s horn went through his chin and out his eye, causing him to lose the eye. Padilla now sports an eye patch, speaks with a lisp, and has paralysis in the left part of his face, but all that did not stop him from returning to bullfighting over the weekend.

Padilla performed in the town of Olivenza in front of a packed house Sunday. He killed both bulls he faced and was awarded with two ears to commemorate his feat. He was given a standing ovation and carried out of the ring on the shoulders of the other fighters.

Sure he’s celebrated, and his foolish bravery must be recognized, but one has to wonder if Padilla’s only goal is to die in the ring. The guy already lost part of his face and continues to face bulls with two-dimensional vision. That can’t be a good idea.

Dwarf bullfighters are putting on shows around South America

Many people consider bullfighting to be a form of severe animal cruelty, though it is considered a sport in some European, North American, and South American countries. Many people also feel that mocking little people for their size is inhumane. Marrying the two ideas results in the ultimate political correctness nightmare, but that’s what is going on in some countries.

According to Huffington Post, a group of dwarfs and clowns has been performing in Colombia recently, putting on shows at fairs, festivals, and nightclubs. They say actors Franklin Marcano and Gustavo Murillo performed at La Macarena bullring in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia, last weekend.

The dwarf bullfighters were the subject of a 2007 USA Today profile. The bullfighters acknowledge they are partly mocked for their size but also respected for their skill.

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Bull Gores Matador Juan Jose Padilla in the Face, Horn Pops Eye Out (Video)

Look, if there are people in Spain who are going to stand in a ring and play chicken with raging bulls in the name of machismo and entertainment, then we won’t shy away from showing you the nasty injuries they suffer. I thought it was bad last year when a matador was gored and the bull’s horn went through his chin and out his mouth. That was extreme. This may be worse.

As Deadspin shares with us, matador Juan Jose Padilla fell down in the ring and was gored by a bull in the face Friday in Spain. The horn entered beneath his ear, and appeared to exit nearby his eye socket. At one point, it appeared as if his eye popped out of his socket.

Padilla is said to have a broken left cheekbone, and doctors reportedly are trying to save his eye.

Here is a video of the incident, and as you could imagine, it’s pretty gross. Warning: below the video, there is a picture of the matador’s eye out of the socket. That one is disturbingly graphic.

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Bull Jumps Into Stands to Get Revenge

We’ve had quite a few misadventures in bullfighting lately. Well, maybe misadventures is not the correct term since all the disasters seem to be par for the course. We’ve seen a bull gore a matador in the nuts, a wimpy matador flee the ring, and the ultimate was the matador gored through the chin and out the mouth.

The latest escapade was a bull going for a joyride in the stands of a fight in Spain. Can you imagine some of the people in the front row? They all probably bragged to their friends that they had premium seats to a bullfight that day. Who’s the idiot now, huh? Check out this video of a bull jumping into the stands to exact revenge on the fans:

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Matador Gored in the…Ouch

And the bull wins, again.  I’m not sure how you’d rank this against the matador getting gored through the neck, but it’s no walk in the park.  What you’re looking at above is exactly what it appears to be — a picture of a matador being gored in the scrotum.  Gulp.  I can’t think of many things in life that would be worse than that.

It’s tough to feel badly for El Juli of Spain or any other matador who gets messed up when toying with a bull.  I’ll never understand why they do what they do or why anyone would participate in the Running of the Bulls.  The more stories I see like this, the more respect I have for the matador who fled the ring instead of standing up to the bull.  It’s nice to know that someone comes to their senses every now and then.

Another bullfight goring photo to make you wince (or cheer, whatever) [Out of Bounds]

Wuss or Wise? Matador Flees Ring

I guess that video and picture of the matador who was gored with the bull’s horns coming out of his chin and mouth must have had a pretty widespread effect on the bullfighting community at-large. How else do you explain Christian Hernandez peacing out midfight and hopping over a wall to avoid the horns? Maybe it’s because he was gored in the leg months before and didn’t want to relive it, or maybe it was that traumatic photo. Anyway, check out Christian Hernandez doing the unthinkable and ask yourself the question: idiot or genius? Here’s the video of matador Christian Hernandez fleeing the ring courtesy of Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks:

If you were wondering about the consequences of Hernandez’s actions, well they were stiff. Initially he was arrested by police for breach of contract and brought back to the ring where he fled once again. Some might deride Hernandez for his cowardice but I’ll go another direction: he’s the smart one while the other matadors are the idiots. Think about it.

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Video Credit: YouTube user farabuttokumunista