Butler beats Gonzaga on Roosevelt Jones’ steal, buzzer-beater (Video)

Butler beat Gonzaga 64-63 on Saturday night at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis in incredible fashion.

Butler was down by one with 3.5 seconds left and Gonzaga taking out the ball near mid-court. Junior guard David Stockton — son of Basketball Hall of Famer John Stockton — lobbed a high pass that was caught by Butler forward Roosevelt Jones. Jones raced across the court and around a defender to attempt a shot. He threw up a runner from just inside the free throw line with 0.1 seconds left, and it went in to give Butler a stunning 64-63 win at the buzzer.

The fans stormed the floor, while a shocked Gonzaga teamed sulked off the court.

The referees reviewed the play to make sure that Jones, who led his team with 20 points, got the shot off in time. As you can see in the screenshot below, Jones did. The ball is out of his hand with 0.1 seconds left and before the backboard flashed in red:

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Brad Stevens Says Billy Donovan Outcoached Him in Butler Upset

After Butler pulled off a shocking comeback and overtime win over Florida in the Elite 8 Saturday, Bulldogs coach Brad Stevens embraced Billy Donovan and said the Florida coach outcoached him. His words and praise were quite surprising given the way Butler came back to win the game, and the words were probably a weak consolation for Donovan.

A day later, Stevens appeared on CBS and explained why he said that. “I’ve just got a lot of respect for them,” Stevens said. “I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I thought they did a great job. It’s another one of these games that comes down to the last possessions and our guys’ will to win just kind of carried us through.”

Stevens may be generous and kind towards Florida in victory, but I’ll say what he didn’t: he outcoached Donovan. When Butler was down by nine with seven minutes left, Stevens went to his bench for a lift and got it in the form of a three-pointer from Chrishawn Hopkins. Then, the most egregious offense by Donovan was allowing his team to slow things down offensively and stop going for points to maintain their lead. The lack of aggression from the Gators allowed Butler to charge back and seize momentum.

Lastly, Florida was hurt by Erving Walker in a similar fashion that William Buford hurt Ohio State. Walker was 1-for-10 and only had four assists, hardly creating for his teammates. It was the worst time for the 39% three-point shooter to go cold and it cost his team. Ultimately, Stevens was being generous and unnecessarily gave credit to Donovan because he was not outcoached in the game.

Picture: Terrifying Butler Male Cheerleader

While Butler was on its way to punching a second Final Four ticket in two years, its cheerleading squad was leading an electric crowd. The Bulldog cheerleaders didn’t just rely on the traditional “rah-rah” tactics, however. They used intimidation. Check out this scary Butler male cheerleader, courtesy of Mocksession:

The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was the Louisville cheerleader who got a technical foul last month.  If this Butler cheerleader pulled the same stunt, would the refs have the balls to give him a technical? Not if he had that face on.

Pittsburgh-Butler Ending Was Called the Right Way (Video)

Controversial? Yes. Shocking? Sure. Unfortunate for Pittsburgh fans? Absolutely. A referee debacle? Quite the contrary.

Take it from a person who had Pittsburgh winning the National Championship in his bracket — the referees got the ending of the Pittsburgh-Butler game right on Saturday night.  In fact, I commend them for not being afraid to make the tough calls when they knew they were the right calls.  A bump is a bump and a smack on the arm is a smack on the arm.  Both are fouls with 19 minutes remaining in a half and two seconds remaining in a half.  Most officials don’t have the stones to call them in the latter situation.

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