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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: BYU Football

BYU, Memphis fight after Miami Beach Bowl (Video)

A huge fight broke out between BYU and Memphis at the end of the Miami Beach Bowl. Memphis won the game 55-48 in double OT after getting an interception to seal the victory. It appears the fight began with BYU’s No. 56 Tejan Koroma getting in a scrap with Memphis’ No. 97, Martin Ifedi. These…Read More

BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley suspended over Las Vegas club photo

BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley has been suspended for a violation of team rules. More specifically, the senior was recently photographed holding up a bottle of what appears to be alcohol with some scantily clad ladies around him. Hadley is old enough to drink, but the BYU Honor Code strictly prohibits this type of behavior. So…Read More

Utah fans almost give game to BYU after rushing the field (Video)

Utes fans nearly gave away the Holy War between Utah and BYU on Saturday by rushing the field before the game had ended, resulting in a potentially costly penalty. Utah was trying to hold onto a 24-21 lead with six seconds left when it looked like time had run out on a BYU desperation passing…Read More

BYU recruit Brayden Kearsley burns letter from Utah (Picture)

Apparently this is now the cool thing to do. Once a recruit decides on a school they plan to attend, they are no longer flattered that other schools were interested in offering them a scholarship. Those “other” school instantly become the enemy. And what do we do to the enemies’ letters? We burn them. As…Read More

Provo Arby’s Says Sign Mocking BYU Went Up Before Awful Game

An Arby’s restaurant in Provo, Utah is receiving attention this week for mocking BYU on its marquee. BYU was hammered by Utah on Saturday 54-10 and committed seven turnovers. The sign below was not a reference to delightful apple or cherry bakery treats, but rather a shot at BYU and their inability to hold onto…Read More

BYU Compiles Video Teaching Their Fans How to Cheer (Video)

Yes, that headline should sound familiar to you. While it is truly a travesty, this is the second time we have come across one of these embarrassing videos in the last two days.  On Tuesday, we showed you the Ram Rules video which was produced by the St. Louis Rams as an instructional video for…Read More

Biggest Reason BYU Went Independent Was to Spread Mormon Faith

BYU was one of several college football teams to change conferences this offseason. Colorado and Utah joined the Pac-12, Nebraska became the 12th team in the appropriately-named Big Ten, and BYU decided to go Independent. For many people, the reasons why they went Independent was uncertain. Was it for more exposure? For monetary purposes? To…Read More

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