Cam Cleeland: Richie Incognito is an ‘immature, unrealistic scumbag’

Richie IncognitoMore than 15 years ago, former NFL tight end Cam Cleeland fell victim to one of the most infamous hazing incidents in professional sports history. Cleeland was a rookie with the New Orleans Saints when he was forced to put a pillow case over his head and run down a hallway filled with veteran teammates. Simply put, he and the other rookies had to make it from one side to the other while they had the crap kicked out of them.

During the so-called rite of passage, Cleeland was decked in the face with a sock full of coins. His eye socket was shattered and he nearly lost his eye. Cleeland only has partial vision in the eye to this day. Needless to say, we don’t really need to explain why he feels for Jonathan Martin.

Cleeland happened to play for the St. Louis Rams the year they drafted Richie Incognito. Unlike some other former teammates who have defended Incognito as a stand-up guy, Cleeland had nothing good to say about him.

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