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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford Says Red Sox Creeped Him Out When Scouting Him

Theo Epstein has openly admitted that the Red Sox monitored Carl Crawford very closely in the months before signing him to a monster contract. Epstein even referred to the process as a private investigation, meaning they not only watched Crawford’s play but also kept an eye on him away from the ballpark. Turns out that…Read More

Carl Crawford’s Agents Using iPads to Market Their Big Prize

There’s nothing wrong with using the latest technology to get what you want.  In Carl Crawford’s case, the desired result is money.  He’s going to get lots of it, so giving each potential suitor a $500 gift that’s fully loaded with — well, Carl Crawford — doesn’t sound like a bad idea. According to Hardball…Read More

Carl Crawford Takes One in the Nuts

Any time I played ball I ALWAYS wore a cup. I know it’s uncomfortable and screws you up when you’re running or lifting your leg during a pitching windup, but dealing with that discomfort is much better than the alternative. The problem is some guys don’t understand how bad the alternative is until it happens…Read More

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