Carlos Beltran on Yasiel Puig: He still thinks he’s playing in Cuba

Yasiel-Puig-arm-raiseLos Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig stole the show in his team’s Game 3 NLCS win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday night. He deserved the spotlight after delivering an RBI triple to give LA a 2-0 lead in the 4th inning, but it was his reaction to the hit that set the internet on fire.

After stroking the ball to the opposite field off Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, Puig flipped his bat, raised his arms in the air and began to stroll down the first base line. The rookie clearly thought he had blasted a homer, only to have to kick it into high-gear to leg out the triple after seeing the ball carom off the right field wall.

As you might expect, a number of St. Louis players were critical of Puig’s antics after the game. One of them was Carlos Beltran, who implied the pimping of the triple shows that Puig still thinks he’s playing in Cuba.

“He still thinks he’s playing somewhere else,” Beltran said, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. “I don’t know.”

Puig essentially admitted that his years of playing in Cuba have led to his flare for the dramatic.

“In Cuba, you always see a lot of emotion on the field,” he said. “It’s their job to go out there and do the best they can, just like here in the big leagues. The people in Cuba are born to play baseball.”

He also expressed no regret for pimping a triple.

“I wouldn’t have scored either way, regardless of what happened on the play.”

I suppose that’s true, but he also wouldn’t have looked like a moron. Between Beltran’s comments about Puig and Wainwright’s criticism of Adrian Gonzalez celebrating his RBI double, it’s starting to sound like we officially have an emotional playoff series on our hands.

Carlos Beltran is best playoffs hitter ever

Carlos BeltranCarlos Beltran still takes endless crap from New York Mets fans for taking a called third strike with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 of the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006, but to the rest of baseball fans, he’s going down as the best postseason hitter of all time. In fact, Beltran’s 1.244 career postseason OPS is the highest in baseball history for any player with at least 100 postseason playoff plate appearances. That mark is higher than Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, who trail him on the list.

Beltran delivered the big blow in Game 1 of the NLDS on Thursday, sending an A.J. Burnett pitch deep to right field for a 3-run home run to put the Cardinals up 3-0 on the Pittsburgh Pirates. The dinger gave Beltran 15 career postseason home runs, which ties him with Babe Ruth for most all time. Babe Ruth. Think about that. Any time you’re tying with Babe Ruth for records, you’re in the best company ever.

Beltran’s studly postseason history began in 2004 when he went nuts with the Houston Astros. Beltran was acquired by the Astros midseason after spending his career with the Kansas City Royals. He went 10-for-22 in the NLDS against the Braves, clubbing two doubles and four home runs for an OPS of 1.591. It was more of the same in the NLCS, which the Astros lost to the Chicago Cubs. He went 10-for-24 with four home runs and eight walks, giving him an OPS of 1.521.

Even in the 2006 playoffs where he took the called third strike from Adam Wainwright, Beltan was still pretty awesome. He posted a 1.054 OPS in the NLCS and won Game 1 of the series with a 2-run home run off Jeff Weaver in the Cards’ 2-0 win. People conveniently forget that he gave them the Game 1 win and only remember the Game 7 strikeout.

Then last year in the playoffs, Beltran refreshed everyone’s memories about how great of a postseason hitter he is.

After a five-year absence from the postseason, Beltran returned with the Cardinals and had terrific series against the Nationals and then Giants. He hit three doubles, two home runs, and walked five times in the NLDS against the Nats. He had three doubles, a home run, and two walks in six games against the Giants.

Beltran has 10 doubles, 15 home runs, 25 walks, a .357 average, and 1.244 career OPS in 35 playoff games. Yes, as of now, Beltran is the most productive postseason hitter ever.

Carlos Beltran throws Josh Beckett out at first base from right field (Video)

Welcome back to the National League, Josh. Those of you who somehow missed all the stuff about pitchers pounding beers and hawking down fried chicken in Boston last year may not know this, but Josh Beckett isn’t exactly a model of fitness. Watching him swing a bat during interleague play when he was with the Red Sox was always entertaining. However, Beckett actually ripped a solid single to right field during the third inning of the Dodgers-Cardinals game Thursday night. His problem was getting down the line.

Carlos Beltran, who has a pretty strong arm, scooped the ball up in right and was able to gun Beckett out at first. Since Beckett is fat, we aren’t surprised. Since this type of thing rarely ever happens at the MLB level, it was still fun to watch. Perhaps Josh should just go back to leaving the bat on his shoulder.

Jon Niese got a nose job after Carlos Beltran teased him, has lost 10 pounds since

Mets pitcher Jon Niese reported to spring training with a new look this week. Yup, Niese got a nose job and says he’s lost 10 pounds since getting it done because his breathing is now improved. But the reason he got it done is the best part.

Niese says former teammate Carlos Beltran teased him last season and offered to pay for the procedure if Neise got it done. The pitcher got the surgery in October, though he hasn’t spoken with Beltran about it yet.

“Carlos wanted me to do it, so I was like, ‘OK,’ ” Niese said. “I couldn’t say no. And then it turned into fixing it.”

Niese says he’ll remind Beltran to pay when he talks to him. There’s been no response from Beltran about removing the mole from the side of his face.

Carlos Beltran Says Mets Fans Should Get Over the 2006 NLCS

Any highly-paid player who does not bring a championship to a bitter fan base is at risk of becoming a scapegoat.  When the Mets signed Carlos Beltran to a seven-year, $119 million contract back in 2005, their fans immediately began thinking “World Series or bust.”  They were almost treated to a World Series trip in 2006, but they fell just short in the NLCS and remained — well — the Mets.  More than five years later, Beltran thinks it is time for Mets fans to get over that loss.

“I just want to have the opportunity to be in the playoffs,” Beltran told the NY Daily News after signing with the Cardinals, the team that defeated the Mets in that 2006 NLCS. “What happened in 2006, you have to turn the page. That’s over. We can’t bring 2006 back to 2012. It has been six years. If they want to continue to think about that moment, then that’s their problem. Like I said, I have turned the page. I have really moved on.”

Beltran, of course, struck out to end that series.  What he doesn’t realize is that New York fans don’t forget.  Even worse, Mets fans have not been given a reason to forget anything since 1986.  They are used to having high expectations each season and awaiting an inevitable meltdown.  This is a fan base that needs something to harp on.  Until Beltran makes his way into a disgruntled obituary, fans questioning his 2006 performance should be the least of his concerns.

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Now Brian Wilson is Starting Rumors About a Carlos Beltran Trade

If we knew a player on an actual team who was willing to share inside information about trades, we would be at least a step ahead of everyone. While players like to be coy and say they have no idea who their team is looking to trade for or who they’re interested in on the free agent market, we all know they must have some clue.

Leave it to the man who rocked these awesome cleats at Tuesday night’s All-Star Game to share that inside information with the public.  After the game, John Shea reported on Twitter that Brian Wilson told him the following: “I guess we’re in talks with (the Mets) about (Carlos) Beltran. Just another perennial hitter. Could only help out a squad.”

Carlos Beltran could be a nice addition for the defending champs and based on the Mets’ owners comments it’s no secret New York is looking to deal the outfielder.  Wilson tried to backtrack when asked a follow-up question by saying it was just a rumor that he heard, but obviously he just realized he may have said to much.  For a man that does television interviews dressed like this, it should come as no surprise that he had a momentary lapse in judgment.

In any event, Wilson will have beaten Buster Olney, Ken Rosenthal, and any other baseball insider to the news if the Giants do indeed work out a trade for Beltran.

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Carlos Beltran Could Block Trade to Screw Fred Wilpon, Mets

If you had a chance to read Mets owner Fred Wilpon’s comments about the current state of his team and players on Monday, you don’t need us to tell you the things he said were idiotic and ill-advised.  For starters, it probably isn’t a good idea to refer to your team as “sh***y” when you are the one who put it together and fans are paying huge money to attend games.  It also may have been best if Wilpon refrained from trashing his most highly-paid players, especially ones like Carlos Beltran who could shaft the team going forward.

Beltran is on the books for the Mets for one more season and owed $18.5 million.  The Mets have not gotten off to a good start (22-24) and thus far have looked like a team that would be sellers at the trade deadline.  Dealing Beltran would make the most sense considering he is in the final year of his deal and owed a ton of money, but the problem is Beltran has a full no-trade clause.

When asked about Wilpon’s comments, Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, said that he wished things like this would be kept in-house but also reiterated the importance of the no-trade clause. “No doubt,” he said. “It was a primary point that he wanted to make sure he got to stay in one place with his family as long as he could.”

Check and mate.  As ESPN’s Adam Rubin pointed out, Beltran could make life very difficult for the Mets if and when they are looking to trade him.  He could refuse to go to certain teams that are offering the best deal simply because they are not playoff contenders.  He could also refuse to be traded to a team that has no interest in extending him.  Whether or not Beltran is interested in sticking it to New York after hearing Wilpon’s comments remains to be seen.  The only thing that matters is he can if he so chooses.