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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Carlos Zambrano

Carlos Zambrano hopes fish tanks at Marlins Park will relieve his stress

Carlos Zambrano must have spent the offseason with Phil Jackson, because dude is sounding like a Zen master. Big Z, who was acquired by the Marlins in January, says his favorite part about the new Marlins Ballpark is the aquariums behind home plate because of their calming presence. “I don’t know how many people have…Read More

Matt Garza says Carlos Zambrano could be a Cy Young contender

Carlos Zambrano has always had the stuff needed to make him one of the best pitchers in the National League. The problem lies between Big Z’s ears. He has won 18 games once and 16 twice in his career. In 2004, Zambrano started 31 games and finished the season with a 2.75 ERA. He started…Read More

Carlos Zambrano Is Adopting a Guatemalan Child

Marlins pitcher and notorious hot head Carlos Zambrano may change the way you think about him. Big Z apparently is in Guatemala to finalize the adoption of a young boy. This is not a joke. Zambrano is apparently quite the humanitarian and he actually traveled to Guatemala a few years ago with his church group…Read More

Will Carlos Zambrano Really Retire?

Is there a worse teammate in baseball than Carlos Zambrano? Some people are just incapable of controlling their emotions, and Zambrano is one of the best living examples of that in sports.  This past off-season, Carlos said he was cured of his anger management issues.  Then he went and broke a bat over his knee…Read More

Carlos Zambrano Breaks Bat Over Knee After Strikeout (Video)

Less than a week after Carlos Zambrano joined our list of weird injuries by hurting his neck watching late-night TV, he almost found himself back on it due to Zambrano-like antics.  Unlike all American and most National League pitchers, Zambrano takes hitting very seriously.  The Cubs would probably prefer that he focus on hurling the…Read More

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