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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Carlos Zambrano

Carlos Zambrano Injures Neck Watching Late-Night TV

If I were to tell you Carlos Zambrano suffered a non-baseball injury, you would probably think he did something stupid. Maybe you’d figure he got into a fight or punched a wall because he got a question wrong in a game of trivia.  Baseball fans are very aware of Zambrano’s anger management issues, even if…Read More

Carlos Zambrano on Anger Management Issues ‘I’m Cured’

For a guy who became one of Chicago’s biggest punching bags last season, Carlos Zambrano seems to be pretty relaxed. The pitcher was spotted playing slow pitch softball last week and was described as being a “super friendly guy.” That was a stark contrast to the person baseball fans know as the man who has…Read More

Carlos Zambrano Stars in Slow Pitch Softball Game

Pitchers and catchers have already reported for spring training throughout Major League Baseball, and for the Chicago Cubs that means showing up in Mesa, Arizona. The workload is generally pretty light the first week of practice because players are easing back into shape. For Carlos Zambrano, he’s apparently even taking the opportunity to get some…Read More

Minor Leagues Are Asset, Not Demotion

Player development is a tricky proposition for Major League Baseball organizations. It’s hard to know when the right time is to bring someone up to the majors and it’s hard to know what to do with them if they begin struggling. Sometimes players just don’t cut it when they’re initially brought up, or sometimes they…Read More

Guillen’s Dinner Date With Zambrano Could be Good for the Cubs

On Friday, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox met for round two of the Crosstown Classic. The big story wasn’t the White Sox extending their win streak to 10 games — it was Carlos Zambrano’s meltdown in the dugout after giving up four runs in the first inning. The incident landed Zambrano an…Read More

Moronic Suggestions: Carlos Zambrano for Kei Igawa Trade

Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano had his annual meltdown on Friday, going berserk in the dugout after surrendering four runs in the first inning to the White Sox. His actions were extreme, disrespectful, inappropriate, embarrassing, and it made him look like he was hopped up on drugs. The Cubs did the right thing by sending him…Read More

Carlos Zambrano Blows Another Gasket

Looks like our annual Carlos Zambrano meltdown has taken place, only a little later in the season than usual. Three years ago Zambrano got into a fight in the dugout with catcher Michael Barrett. Last year, Big Z was ejected for bumping an umpire and beating up a gatorade cooler. This year, Zambrano went ape…Read More

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