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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Carmelo Anthony

Amar’e Stoudemire blames ex-Knicks coaches for wasting him and Carmelo

When Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire first began sharing the bright lights of Madison Square Garden together, they were supposed to be the next great NBA duo. Instead, injuries and a cataclysmic failure of their individual games to mesh with one another turned the dynamic into just another “What if?” Now, a couple of years…Read More

Carmelo Anthony called out heckler during postgame interview (Video)

Carmelo Anthony is no doubt used to hearing hecklers throughout his NBA career. On Sunday, he decided to call one out. The Knicks beat the Lakers 99-95 at Madison Square Garden thanks in part to ‘Melo’s game-high 24 points. Following the game, Anthony was interviewed, at which time he took the opportunity to give a…Read More

Carmelo Anthony says he hated Sasha Vujacic before they became teammates

Knicks guard Sasha Vujacic hasn’t exactly been Slovenian Mother Teresa over the course of his NBA career. The 31-year-old sharpshooter has had more than his fair share of clashes over the years, beefing with everyone from Chris Paul and Rafer Alston to fellow countryman Goran Dragic and even an intrasquad practice spat with the Black…Read More

Carmelo Anthony on requesting a trade: ‘Hell no’

If the Knicks fail to drastically improve upon their 17-65 record this season, there has been speculation that Carmelo Anthony could be traded. Should that end up happening, Anthony insists it won’t be per his request. On Monday, Carmelo was asked if he has thought about asking Phil Jackson for a trade if the Knicks…Read More

Carmelo Anthony takes on Instagram user who questions his ‘elite’ status

Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony continues to come down on the Instagram non-believers like the hammer of Thor. The eight-time NBA All-Star must be spending a lot of time idly browsing the photo-sharing service this offseason. After giving a critical Knicks fan on Instagram a hard dose of reality last month by saying “You are stuck…Read More

Knicks getting close to discussing Carmelo Anthony trade?

Carmelo Anthony is still under contract with the New York Knicks for another four years and still the central player in the franchise, but the team may be getting closer to thinking about trading him. In an article for Grantland about Markieff Morris, Zach Lowe suggests the Kings and Knicks should pursue a trade for…Read More

Carmelo Anthony unhappy Knicks blew it with LaMarcus Aldridge

Carmelo Anthony believes the New York Knicks had a legitimate chance to sign LaMarcus earlier this offseason. And then they blew it. While working out with Aldridge at Team USA training camp this week, Anthony says Aldridge told him that he ended up not meeting with the Knicks because the team envisioned him playing strictly…Read More

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