Carmelo Anthony says Jeremy Lin is the Knicks version of ‘Rudy’

Over the past week or so, we have heard plenty of entertaining Jeremy Lin comparisons. Lin said he takes a lot of inspiration from Tim Tebow and you could argue that their stories are somewhat similar. Both began the season on the bench and provided a massive spark when inserted into the lineup. Lin has been one of the best players in the NBA over the past five games, but for some reason Carmelo Anthony decided to not think before speaking when asked about Lin. If he had, Carmelo probably wouldn’t have compared his teammate to Rudy.

“He’s Rudy,” Anthony said Monday according to Knicks reporter Adam Zagoria. “That’s our Rudy.”

I realize Melo was trying to pay his teammate a compliment, but he did an awful job. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the legendary sports movie Rudy, it is based on the life of former Notre Dame player Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. Rudy walked onto the Notre Dame football team in the 1970s despite being 5-foot-6 and 165 pounds. He also suffered from dyslexia, which was a condition that was not well-understood at the time and gave him a lot of trouble in school.

At Notre Dame, Rudy earned the respect of his teammates through hard work and a refusal to quit. In that sense, Lin is like Rudy. However, Rudy played only two snaps in his collegiate career when his coach allowed him to dress for the final game of the season out of respect. Lin has averaged more than 20 points per game and led New York to its longest winning streak of the season. I suppose both are underdog stories, but Lin is an NBA superstar at the moment — not a practice hero who is hoping to fulfill his dream of playing one minute of an NBA game. Anthony probably had good intentions, but the comparison he chose is regrettable.

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Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire Hope to Talk Out Knicks’ Problems

When superstars collide, results suffer. For those of you who have not been following, the Knicks are not playing very well. We all know they have the talent, but for whatever reason New York has yet to gel. Slowly but surely, some of the reasons are coming to light. According to the NY Post, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

“We as a team need to do a better job getting Amar’e the ball,’’ Anthony admitted. “I have the ball in my hands. Maybe it’s on me. Maybe I have to give him the ball a little more, help him out with that. We’ll talk probably (today) and try to figure it out together. If I’m doing too much, I want him to tell me. I want the guys on the team to tell me if I’m doing too much.’’

Those comments came after a night in which the Knicks lost their sixth straight game and fans at the Garden booed Anthony.  Carmelo scored 25 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, but he was 10-for-30 from the floor. He’s obviously shooting too much, and a source told the Post it has strained the relationship between he and Stoudemire.

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George Karl Says He Got Tired of Carmelo Anthony Talk, Wants to Beat Knicks Badly

Most coaches would pretend that a regular season game against one of their former superstars is just another game on the schedule. But that’s not how it is for George Karl. Karl rarely hides what he is feeling, so it should come as no surprise that he spoke candidly this week when talking about the Carmelo Anthony situation in Denver last year. Judging by what he said, there are hard feelings.

“What happened with ‘Melo last season, that got old,” Karl told reporters this week according to the NY Daily News. “That got old fast.

“Friends and people who played with you, you actually want to beat them more than you want to beat your enemies. You want to beat people that you were close to at one time and now you’re battling them. Because you know them a little bit more and they know you a little bit more. You get more animated to kick their butt when you play them.”

Meanwhile, the Nuggets are supposed to be rebuilding in the wake of the trade while the Knicks were expected to become an Eastern Conference powerhouse.  That has not been the case through the first portion of the season.  Denver is sitting at a comfortable 10-5 while New York is dealing with a heap of frustrated fans and a 6-8 record.  If the Nuggets go on the road and continue their early-season success in Madison Square Garden Saturday night, it will be the highlight of the young season for Karl and company.

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Carmelo Anthony Won’t Use Crutches for Swag Reasons

Carmelo Anthony sprained his right ankle in Thursday night’s loss to the Grizzlies and he’s recovering. The team apparently wanted Melo to use crutches to help recover, but he refused and went with a walking boot instead. His reason?

“Yeah I had a boot on last night. They wanted me on crutches, but it was messin’ my swag up,” he said after practice Friday. “I couldn’t do the crutches, so they put me in a boot.”

Gotta love it. Melo’s always gotta stay fly. But you already knew how concerned with looks he was, so this isn’t really a surprise, is it?

If I were a Knicks fan or coach, I might be upset. Wouldn’t you be upset if your star player were recovering slowly because he cared more about his swag than getting healthy? Me too.

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Carmelo Anthony ‘On a Personal Vendetta’ to Improve the Knicks’ Defense

Following an inconsistent first two weeks of the season that had their fans calling for a new head coach, the Knicks may have finally found their groove. It should be noted that New York has not faced much of a challenge during its current four-game winning streak, but the Knicks’ defense has looked pretty solid.  They still rank only 21st in the NBA in overall team defense, but New York is headed in the right direction.  After a defensive struggle that resulted in an 85-79 win over the Sixers on Wednesday, Carmelo Anthony expressed how seriously the Knicks are taking defense this season.

“For me, personally, I’m on a personal vendetta,” Anthony said according to the NY Post. “I get tired of hearing it. We get tired of hearing it. And just bringing Tyson (Chandler) on made (our defense) that much better. The last five games we’ve been doing a great job.

“Once we got Tyson, everybody was saying Tyson is the key to the defensive changes, but it was going to start with myself and Amar’e to help him out. We can’t rely on Tyson to do everything out there. As long as I’m out there putting the effort forth and Amar’e is doing the same thing, going for loose balls, rebounding, talking, we’ll be a great defensive team.”

Against teams that can score unlike the Wizards, Pistons, Bobcats, and Sixers, that will be a bit more of a challenge.  That being said, the Knicks have allowed opponents to score more than 100 points only two times in 10 games this season and have held opponents to less than 90 six times.  Whether they have played poor teams or not, New York has improved defensively since last year. Whether or not that can be attributed to Anthony’s vendetta or the addition of Chandler really doesn’t matter at this point.

Michael Jordan Was a No-Show for Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

Carmelo Anthony is one of the few professional athletes who represents the Jordan Brand. Endorsing the Jordan Brand places Melo in exclusive company; most players consider it an honor to be associated with Michael Jordan. One would figure it would lead to a strong relationship between the current Knicks star and former NBA legend, but apparently it’s not enough to make MJ show up to Melo’s wedding.

Asked by GQ if he was surprised by anyone who showed up for his wedding, Melo focused on who wasn’t there.

“Everybody came who said they were going to come, except Michael Jordan. He was supposed to come but you know, he’s Jordan.”

Melo said in the interview that he has a strong relationship with Jordan, and that it was an honor to be included with the Jordan Brand. But their relationship isn’t strong enough for Jordan to attend the wedding. If anyone could blow off Melo, maybe it’s Michael Jordan. Given his friction with today’s NBA players, it’s probably best he didn’t show.

But come on, Mike, you’re better than that. If you RSVP yes, you better dress to impress. The only positive is Jordan didn’t have to see Amare Stoudemire wearing this ridiculous outfit.

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Video Highlights from Melo League vs. Goodman League Exhibition Game

Several NBA stars got together Tuesday night in Baltimore for a Melo League vs. Goodman League exhibition game at Morgan State University. As we told you on Saturday, Kevin Durant headlined the Goodman League team while LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul all starred for the Melo League squad. The Melo All-Stars won 149-141, getting 38 from LeBron and 36 from Carmelo. Kevin Durant lit it up for 59 points in a losing cause, representing the Washington D.C.-based team.

Here are some video highlights from the event shared by Ben Golliver at CBS Sports:

As you could tell, there wasn’t much defense being played (what gave that away, the 290 combined points scored?). Fans reportedly paid as much as $100 for tickets, so there’s little doubt they were excited to see offensive highlights. One fan even took video and got a little too excited about a Kevin Durant three pointer over LeBron. Check out the video:

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