Report: Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La wants him to stay with Knicks

carmelo-anthony-lalaYou ever hear of the saying “happy wife, happy life?” If those words ring true in the Anthony household, Carmelo Anthony may wind up re-signing with the New York Knicks.

Marc Berman of the NY Post reported earlier this week that Carmelo’s wife La La, who is also a Brooklyn native, has been very happy in New York and wants Melo to stay with the Knicks. Anthony also said in an interview last week that he has concerns over uprooting his 7-year-old son Kiyan again.

“There’s reason to believe he’s staying,” a source from Anthony’s inner circle reportedly told Berman. “There’s just too much money out there. He’s doing to the right things, though. He’s got to make the rounds.”

For what it’s worth, La La previously said she believes Carmelo will stay with the Knicks but that she can “live anywhere” if she lived in Denver.

The Knicks can offer Anthony a max contract of nearly $130 million over five years. Any other team can “only” sign him to a four-year, $96 million deal. Obviously, the ability to offer more money gives the Knicks an edge. I’m sure the addition of Phil Jackson to the team’s front office also helps.

According to ESPNNewYork.com’s Ian Begley, the Chicago Bulls are feeling “pessimistic” about their chances of landing Carmelo despite their extravagant pitch to him on Tuesday.

“They’re worried that he’s headed back to New York,” a source told Begley. “They’re more pessimistic than optimistic.”

Jackson has basically admitted that Carmelo gave the Knicks his word he would return to New York, so there is every reason to believe the Knicks are still the favorite. But if we’ve learned anything from NBA free agency in the past (ahem, LeBron James and “The Decision”), it’s to always expect the unexpected.

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Bulls using video boards to recruit Carmelo Anthony


With the official NBA free agency period beginning on Tuesday, the Chicago Bulls are making it no secret that Carmelo Anthony is their top priority. Upon arriving in Chicago in his van that had police escorts in front and behind it, Anthony saw images of himself in a Bulls uniform plastered on and around the United Center.

ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell reported that ‘Melo received some scattered applause from fans who were anticipating his arrival outside the United Center. He politely thanked them as he walked into the building. Joakim Noah also showed up shortly after Anthony, presumably to play a role in Chicago’s pitch.

The Bulls obviously have a winning tradition and can easily argue that they are closer to being a championship-caliber team than the New York Knicks. Other teams are going to do the same stuff when Anthony comes to town, so I doubt the video boards will have much influence. The prospect of playing with Noah and Derrick Rose and under Tom Thibodeau is probably what will be most appealing to ‘Melo.

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Carmelo Anthony to meet with Bulls first, but Knicks still viewed as favorites

Carmelo Anthony KnicksCarmelo Anthony has plans to meet with numerous teams in free agency, but the Knicks reportedly are still the favorites to sign him.

Anthony is scheduled to first meet with the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, then the Rockets and Mavericks Wednesday, and the Lakers on Thursday.

Despite the planned meetings, CBS Sports’ Ken Berger says the Knicks are viewed as the favorites to retain the offensive machine.

If there’s one team the Knicks should be concerned about, it’s probably Chicago. Bulls defensive star Joakim Noah has been recruiting ‘Melo since the All-Star break, while coach Tom Thibodeau has also expressed interest in the forward.

‘Melo does not have a meeting scheduled with the Miami Heat, but they should not be discounted as a possibility. Pat Riley will try to convince Anthony to join the team on a reduced deal. You can bet on that.

Phil Jackson: Carmelo Anthony is ‘good for what his word is’

Carmelo Anthony KnicksCarmelo Anthony has notified the Knicks that he is opting out of the final year of his contract, but that does not mean he won’t be back in New York. Anthony has openly stated that he likes Phil Jackson’s plan for the future of the Knicks. Does that mean he is going to stick around to see if Jackson can work his magic?

Earlier this week, Jackson said he expects Anthony to be back with the Knicks next season. Why? Because Carmelo gave Phil his word.

“We don’t know what all that means,” Jackson told ESPNNewYork’com’s Young Misuk when asked about Anthony’s decision to opt out. “But we have every confidence that Carmelo is good for what his word is, that he wants to be in New York, he likes playing in New York, he wants to compete, he wants to be part of a playoff team that is competitive toward a championship.

If you remember, Anthony said over the winter that he would be willing to take a pay cut to help the Knicks sign key free agents. Does that mean he will now pass up the opportunity to sign a max contract to give New York more flexibility? Jackson sounds like he is banking on it.

“When I take his word, he’s the one who opened that up, that it wasn’t about the money,” Jackson said. “So I challenged him on that, because I wanted our fans to see he’s a team player, that he was going to do what’s best to get our team ahead farther and faster.”

Carmelo is going to receive tantalizing pitches from quality teams like the Houston Rockets, Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks once free agency begins on July 1. He could end up remaining in New York, but I highly doubt he’s going to do it at a discounted rate.

Tom Thibodeau reportedly pushing to bring Carmelo Anthony to Bulls

Carmelo Anthony glazed donut face

Carmelo Anthony is widely expected to opt out of his contract Monday and become a free agent. The Chicago Bulls are said to be one of the teams he’s most strongly considering, and it sounds like the interest from the Bulls is equally strong.

In fact, reports say Tom Thibodeau, who is not exactly a rah-rah kind of coach, has been actively recruiting ‘Melo.

The Chicago Sun-Times says Thibodeau has used back channels to express to Anthony what he thinks the forward could do for the team. Thibs also reportedly has been doing his homework by calling many of Anthony’s former coaches.

The obvious question about ‘Melo joining the Bulls is whether he’ll fit in with the team’s defense. Thibodeau relies upon strong and active defense from his players; ‘Melo doesn’t always give the best effort on that end of the floor. Thibodeau reportedly believes he can get Anthony to do what they need.

In addition to Thibodeau, Joakim Noah reportedly has been working hard since the All-Star break to convince ‘Melo to join the team. Given all the reports coming from Chicago, nobody should be surprised if Chicago lands the Knicks star.

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Carmelo Anthony: Meeting with Phil Jackson was ‘great’

Carmelo Anthony KnicksCarmelo Anthony is expected to test the free agency market next month, but it sounds like re-signing with the New York Knicks may be a consideration.

Anthony was in New York to promote SMS Audio’s Sport Collection of waterproof headphones with 50 Cent, his partner. At the event, he told the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola that his meeting with Phil Jackson last week went great.

“It was a great meeting with Phil. It went well,” he said via the Daily News. “I like what Phil is doing.”

The move he likes is that Jackson hired Derek Fisher as head coach. Maybe Jackson shared his ideas of future plans as well.

I still think Anthony is going to leave the Knicks because they seem far away from winning, but at least they might have a fighting chance if these words are any indication.

Heat talking about adding Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony KnicksThe Miami Heat have aspirations of adding even more superstar power to their already talented roster. According to ESPN, the Heat have had talks about adding Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony, like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, can become a free agent this summer if he opts out of the final year of his contract. We previously told you that LeBron is interested in playing with Carmelo, and this new report supports that.

The report says Heat officials and team leaders have already begun talking about their options to create enough financial flexibility to make this foursome happen. Another key factor here is that some of the star players, like LeBron, are doing well enough with their investments or endorsements where they feel they can make up for the pay cut through other channels.

Sources say internal conversations within the Heat organization about pursuing this course have run concurrently with Miami’s bid to win a third consecutive championship, with sources adding that James in particular is likely to try to recoup potential salary sacrificed through fresh off-court business opportunities if the Heat’s new dream scenario does come to fruition.

ESPN also notes that LeBron stood to earn about $30 million from the Beats by Dre deal with Apple. LeBron got a small stake in the company in 2008 in exchange for promoting the headphones, and he is cashing in now that they were acquired for $3 billion.

This chatter is also nothing new according to SI’s Chris Mannix:

USA Today’s Sam Amick believes Wade’s health issues are more reasons why LeBron would want ‘Melo:

I really think they can make this happen. Bosh has said he wants to stay in Miami and would be willing to take less. LeBron is not leaving Miami and would probably take less in order to give himself a chance at winning more, which is his top priority. The only questions are if Wade is unselfish enough to go along and realize his limitations because of his age and body, and whether ‘Melo would take less, too.

Pat Riley can definitely make it all happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.