Jason Collins’ ex-fiancee Carolyn Moos: The media seems to be a higher priority

Carolyn MoosJason Collins became the first active professional athlete in the four major American sports to reveal he is gay just over two months ago, and for the most part we have already stopped talking about it. If you ask me, that is a good thing. The idea is to look at a gay NBA player as a professional basketball player, not a gay professional basketball player.

However, one of the interesting side stories that has arisen from the Collins situation is that of his ex-fiancee Carolyn Moos. Collins and Moos were together for eight years and were engaged to be married before he inexplicably called off their wedding in 2009. The April revelation allowed Moos to connect some of the dots, and she told her story in an upcoming peace for Cosmopolitan magazine.

“A month before I was set to marry the man I loved, he called off the wedding,” Moos wrote. “I had no idea why. He and I had been together for eight years. We had planned to have children, build a family. Nearly four years later, I got my answer. My former fiancé, Jason Collins, a pro basketball player with the Washington Wizards, announced last spring in Sports Illustrated that he is gay.”

Moos, who previously said she never suspected Collins was gay, said he came out to her over the phone the same day the article was published. However, he did not mention the SI story. She had to later find out about it from a friend. In fact, Moos is bothered by the fact that she has still not spoken to Collins about it.

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Carolyn Moos: Jason Collins’ announcement clears up a lot for me

Carolyn MoosOne of the more stunning aspects of Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay is that he dated women and was engaged to be married for years. His ex-fiancee, Carolyn Moos, said on Tuesday that she never suspected he was gay. The two were together for eight years before Collins called off their wedding in 2009.

Even though the announcement likely stunned Moos, she said during an interview with “Amani & Eytan” on NBC Sports Radio that it helped clear up a lot for her.

“The biggest thing is not being aware of it or having something that is a little unexpected. It actually provided a lot of explanation for something that provided,” Moos told hosts Amani Toomer and Eytan Shander during the week.

Moos says Collins will be in her life forever and that she wants him to be happy because he is “an amazing person.”

“To hear that from him probably alleviated a portion of my confusion and my pain in 2009,” Moos told Toomer and Shander.

Moos says Collins was really good at pretending to be straight and projecting that image. She’s not mad at him for hiding something because she understands that he was struggling to understand himself.

Moos says the whole revelation has been difficult.

“This is probably the most challenging thing that I’ve ever gone through,” Moos admits.

“He’s a great person and he deserves to be happy as does any wonderful human being.”

Though the confusion in her personal life has been difficult, Moos says she is still looking to rewrite her “life script” and get married and have a family.

Moos is a certified personal trainer who also teaches yoga and is experienced with nutrition. You can learn more about her and her business at her website.

Jason Collins’ ex-fiancee Carolyn Moos: I never suspected he was gay

Carolyn-Moos-Jason-CollinsOne of the most fascinating aspects of the Jason Collins story is that he has had girlfriends throughout his entire life and was once engaged to be married. Former Stanford and WNBA star Carolyn Moos, who dated Collins for eight years and eventually became his fiancee, found out just last weekend that the NBA veteran is gay. She was shocked.

Collins was engaged to Moos until 2009, when he decided to call off their wedding. Moos told TMZ on Tuesday that she never was suspected he was gay, but he told her last weekend that his homosexuality was the reason he called off their relationship.

“It’s very emotional for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him,” Moos explained. “So this is all hard to understand. I care about [Jason] tremendously and only want the best for him. I want Jason to be happy for a lifetime and stay true to who he really is, inside and out.”

Moos added that Collins gave her a bunch of “BS reasons” for why he decided to break up with her back in 2009, so I’m sure in a sense she is relieved. It’s impossible to imagine how difficult it must have been for Collins to not only maintain a romantic relationship with a woman, but also to have to call it off and feel inclined to hide the real reason why. For more on his amazing story, click here.