Cavaliers fan kicked out of arena after tweeting about running onto floor during game

cavs-fan-warningEarlier this season, a fan ran onto the floor at Quicken Loans Arena to approach Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving. The situation ended about the way you would have expected it to.

On Tuesday, another fan had visions of making his way onto the Cavaliers’ home court during their game against the Miami Heat.

First, he took to Twitter account to announce his intentions.

Not surprisingly, the retweets began to add up.

However, the turn to social media for help didn’t result in Scotty on the arena floor.

Tweeting at the Cavs game wasn’t necessarily the issue. Tweeting about going somewhere you’re not allowed, however, can be problematic.

We can now add Larry Brown Sports to the list.

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Fan tackled trying to touch Kyrie Irving on court during game (Video)

Fan Kyrie Irving handcuffsWhat is it about Kyrie Irving that makes fans want to run onto the court to touch him during games?

For the second time this season, a fan ran onto the court to try approaching Irving. This fan made his move during the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game against the Utah Jazz on Friday night and was promptly tackled and handcuffed by security. His total time on the court was shorter than Andrew Bynum’s stay with the Chicago Bulls.

Was it worth it? Doubtful.

Oh yeah, and sweet beanie, bro.

Below is video of the last time a fan ran onto the court and went after Irving:

Video via The Point Forward

LeBron James Skips Player Intros to Avoid Boos in Cleveland (UPDATE)

LeBron James 1, Cleveland 0. All the Cavs fans who bought tickets to Tuesday night’s game so they could boo LeBron James missed out on a golden opportunity because of a smart move by the former MVP. Rather than subject himself to a poor reception, LeBron remained in the locker room during player introductions to avoid the boos. Check out the video:

With the type of anti-LeBron posters the fans had made, why would he want to expose himself to that? What recourse do the fans have if LeBron stays in the locker room for that part? None, and that’s why it was smart. Just check out some of these anti-LeBron signs:

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Cleveland Anti-LeBron James Posters and Shirts from Cavs-Heat Game

While the Cavs players left their game in El Segundo, or in reality, were simply overmatched by a much better Miami Heat team, their fans brought some high-quality hate to Quicken Loans Arena. We already touched on the outstanding urinals and chants going on throughout the arena, but we haven’t summarized the posters and shirts worn by the fans.

Look, I understand how valuable LeBron was to the Cavaliers franchise and how much he meant to the city and fan base, but this is just an unhealthy amount of hate. I’m not saying they have to forgive him much less cheer for the man, but maybe let it go an ounce. If Clevelanders dedicated this much time and effort towards their professions we’d have solved world hunger, defeated global warming, and rescued every endangerd species on the planet. Just look at some of this stuff:


That is just unhealthy Cleveland, unhealthy. Let’s hope they’ve moved on (at least somewhat) just for personal growth.

Photo Credits: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images; AP Photo/David Richard