CC Sabathia out until at least July after stem cell treatment

CC SabathiaThe New York Yankees announced last week that CC Sabathia has a degenerative knee condition in the cartilage in his right knee. Sabathia has been placed on the disabled list, and there has been a difference of opinions regarding when he will return. According to Yankees GM Brian Cashman, that won’t be any time before July.

“It will be no sooner than six weeks from today,” Cashman told the New York Post on Monday.

Sabathia received a stem cell injection in his knee last week, and Dr. James Andrews told the Yankees the process would take a minimum of six weeks if it works. That leaves New York without its ace and looking even thinner at starting pitcher, especially with Ivan Nova out for the year with an elbow injury.

“Our dialogue with Andrews has been good and the small sample of stem cell procedures, the results are very successful,” Cashman added. “But he has to be pain free before strengthening, so there is a way to go. Because he is a starter it will take longer. I have no idea how long it will be and if it will be successful. We are hoping it is six weeks to a major league return.”

Sabathia is 33 years old and has thrown a ton of innings throughout his career. Given the nature of the injury, it’s not unreasonable to wonder if he will ever be the same pitcher again. Whether he’s back before the All-Star break or not, we fully expect the Yankees to start putting their feelers out for starting pitching help.

CC Sabathia has degenerative knee condition

CC SabathiaCC Sabathia has a degenerative condition in the cartilage in his right knee, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said Wednesday.

Sabathia was placed on the disabled list Sunday and went to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion on his knee. Andrews diagnosed CC and plans to give him a cortisone injection with stem cells Thursday, The New York Times says.

Sabathia had surgery to repair a torn meniscus on the same knee in 2010, so this is the same one that continues to give him problems.

Cashman says Hideki Matsui, Carlos Beltran and Randy Johnson had the same condition and managed to play with it, but we’re not quite as optimistic. He also says surgery could be an option.

It’s amazing that what was once one of Sabathia’s best qualities as a pitcher — durability — is now looking like a weakness. I guess that will happen to anyone who throws nearly 3,000 innings in the bigs.

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CC Sabathia looks just as skinny in uniform


Skinny CC Sabathia has been one of the most discussed topics at New York Yankees training camp this month, and deservedly so. Sabathia looks like he has lost a ton of weight, which is something he says he committed to doing after his cousin died young because of heart disease.

If you thought CC was barely recognizable in jeans and a hoodie, have a look at him in his baseball uniform. Sabathia has always been known to wear baggy clothes, but he sure did look slender while getting some work in on Friday.

Sabathia lost a lot of velocity on his fastball when he shed some weight heading into last season, but he said he did not go about the weight loss the way he should have. While it’s always nice to see such a big guy slim down a bit, Yankees fans are probably nervous about how Sabathia’s new body will respond on the mound.

Photo: Twitter/Yankees

CC Sabathia got serious about weight loss after cousin died young

CC Sabathia skinny

CC Sabathia on Friday responded to people on the internet going crazy over his new, skinnier, healthier look, by dismissing the concerns and saying he thinks it’s funny. Sabathia also said that the reason he got serious about his weight loss was because he saw a cousin die young of heart disease.

“During the offseason, I decided to lose the weight to be around my family, be around my kids,” Sabathia told ESPN New York. “I had a cousin pass away that was pretty young from heart disease, so it was just really about that.”

Sabathia’s cousin, Demetrius Davis, died two years ago at 45, inspiring CC to get healthy. The Yankees pitcher told ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews that he’s lost weight by cutting out carbs and exercising more.

The former Cy Young Award winner now weighs 275 pounds, which is not all that much given his large, 6-foot-7 frame. He lost a lot of weight before last season, which many feel was part of the reason his average fastball velocity dropped to 91 mph. Sabathia admitted that he did not go about the weight loss properly last year and that he physically was not ready to play.

“I lost a lot of weight, but I wasn’t physically ready to go out and play. So this year was just all about training and getting ready to play.”

Sabathia has acknowledged that a lot of people are made at him for getting so skinny, because many Yankees fans feel it will be at a detriment to his pitching. Sabathia told ESPN NY he thinks that’s “hilarious.”

I’ll tell you what’s not hilarious: Sabathia’s career-worst 4.78 ERA last season.

CC Sabathia is looking pretty skinny
CC Sabathia is barely recognizable these days

CC Sabathia is barely recognizable these days

CC Sabathia skinny

CC Sabathia — or what’s left of what used to be CC Sabathia — is barely recognizable these days.

The New York Yankees pitcher shared the above photo on his Twitter account Wednesday, and it shows him looking as thin as ever. You remember all those fat jokes we used to make about CC? Talking about how CC stood for Cap’N Crunch or cream cheese? Shoot, now I feel like telling the dude to stuff a few double bacon cheeseburgers in his mouth just so he looks healthy. He almost looks too skinny right about now.

I seriously wonder how much this will affect his pitching. Dude needs some meat on them bones.

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Photo: Twitter/CC Sabathia
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CC Sabathia is looking pretty skinny


One of the main concerns the New York Yankees had when they signed CC Sabathia to a massive contract is his size. The 33-year-old left-hander has been generously listed at 290 pounds over the past few seasons, but anyone who has watched him knows he has climbed over 300 before. At the moment, Sabathia looks like he could be below the 290 mark.

Sabathia and his wife Amber attended a wedding over the weekend, and Amber shared a couple photos of a slim-looking CC. Sabathia also posted a photo on his Instagram last week of him hanging out with the cast of “Entourage.”

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CC Sabathia signs with Jay-Z’s sports agency

Jay-Z CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia is now a part of “La Familia.”

The New York Yankees ace has signed with Jay-Z’s sports agency — Roc Nation Sports — both parties announced via Twitter on Thursday night:

Once you get past the velvet drapes, candles and Starbursts, you have to wonder how much Jay-Z will be able to do for CC. Sabathia is signed with the Yankees for the next three seasons and has an option for 2017.

I can’t imagine Sabathia signed in Jan. 2014 to gear up for his big free agency push in 2016. Maybe Jay-Z has some marketing plans for the big guy.

Sabathia now joins Robinson Cano as baseball players signed with Jay-Z. Their other sports clients include Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz and Geno Smith. There are a lot of athletes with New York ties there.