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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen claims he turned down $5 million offer from WWE

Chael Sonnen is known for talking a big game, and this may be the tallest tale he’s told. Sonnen said on his “You’re Welcome” podcast last week that he was once offered a $5 million contract to switch from the UFC to the WWE. Sonnen, who retired from MMA in June after failing a random…Read More

Scott Hall calls out Chael Sonnen for stealing his line

Chael Sonnen is one of the best crap talkers in sports. The guy is a classic heel and totally embraces it. He makes his living off of it. He does it better than many others. He’s even turned his ability to talk like a madman into a nice broadcasting gig with FOX. But one thing…Read More

Chael Sonnen fails pre-UFC 175 random drug test

Chael Sonnen, irony is calling your name. Two weeks after Sonnen mocked Wanderlei Silva for running away from a random drug test that led to Vitor Belfort replacing the Brazilian in the UFC 175 fight, Chael himself was busted for failing a random drug test. According to ESPN, Sonnen tested positive for illegal substances anastrozole…Read More

Chael Sonnen says TRT ban may force him to quit UFC

Chael Sonnen says quitting the UFC may be a consideration because of the recent new rules about TRT. The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced last week that they were no longer allowing TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Most fighters who have low testosterone levels apply for therapeutic use exemptions to receive the treatment. It was viewed…Read More

Chael Sonnen squeezes in a domestic abuse joke about Rihanna

By now most of us know how Chael Sonnen is. The aging MMA fighter says pretty much whatever is on his mind, no matter how weird it sounds or how much trouble it might get him into. On Monday night, Sonnen somehow squeezed a Rihanna domestic violence joke into a discussion about Floyd Mayweather Jr….Read More

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