Bacne Pictures Suggest Chael Sonnen Was Using Steroids

We learned Sunday that MMA fighter and loudmouth Chael Sonnen tested positive for PEDs following his UFC 117 bout with Anderson Silva. Although we haven’t heard Sonnen’s side of the story, the evidence against him is mounting.

On top of the positive test, MMA Junkie via Bloody Elbow dug up pictures from Sonnen’s past three fight weigh-ins. The pictures seem to show a development of skin lesions on Sonnen’s back. Bacne of course can form in many different ways, but it is a notorious side effect from steroids use.

Here are the Chael Sonnen bacne pictures for you to judge, and remember they were taken from October 2009, February 2010, and then six months later in August 2010 (in order from left-to-right). Click on the pics to enlarge and take a closer look.

Chael Sonnen Tested Positive for PEDs After UFC 117 Fight with Anderson Silva

When it comes to big mouths in sports, it doesn’t get much bigger than Chael Sonnen. I’m guessing you’re thinking T.O. and Chad would take the cake, but Sonnen has those guys whipped, it’s just that you probably don’t follow MMA to realize it.

Sonnen recently called out fighters Georges St. Pierre and Brock Lesnar despite being in a much lower weight class. He was talking all kinds of crap about Anderson Silva (widely considered to be one of the top two pound-for-pound fighters in the world) prior to their bout. And despite losing to Silva, Sonnen’s been talking up a big game as if he won the thing!

Much like Jay Mariotti’s arrest, their probably wasn’t any item of news more satisfying for members of the MMA community than the Sherdog report that Sonnen tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs following his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117. This seems to be retribution for disrespecting his opponents with all his talking.

Sonnen is the second fighter who looked impressive in a loss to a high-profile opponent and was later linked to PEDs. What gets me is that there is little outrage within the fighting community over such news.

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