Zdeno Chara Rides his Bike to Bruins’ Championship Parade in Boston (Video)

The Boston Bruins have been soaking in their Stanley Cup victory over the Vancouver Canucks going on a world tour. They racked up over a $150,000 tab at Club Shrine Saturday night, showed up at Fenway Park on Sunday, and attracted over a million people to their team parade Saturday. The best part of the parade had to be Zdeno Chara riding his bike to and from the celebration. Check out the video captured by directorman12:

Chara riding his bike is somewhat of a metaphor for the Bruins’ down-to-earth, humble team. It also is representative of another interest of Chara’s: cycling. He’s been biking since he was a kid.

In an interview with the Boston Globe last year, Chara explained that his dad “was a physical therapist and masseuse for a cycling team. I helped him out and the guys in his club put a bike together for me. That’s how I first got started riding.” He says he likes to ride his bike around town to get groceries and site see rather than drive a car. I know this used to be his mentality, but after winning the Stanley Cup you can’t help but wonder if his method of transportation will change now that he’s a celebrity in the city. Hopefully it won’t.

Video: Sergio Ramos Drops Copa del Rey, Bus Runs it Over

It could be just me, but I would be lying if I said the “trophy drop” thought doesn’t pop into my head every time I watch a team celebrating a Super Bowl victory. The fact that it never happens, amidst all the chaos and reporters and everything else that is going on, amazes me. That’s why we have soccer. After Real Madrid claimed its first Copa del Rey in 18 years, defender Sergio Ramos dropped the trophy. This wasn’t just any trophy drop, either. Ramos dropped the thing from on top of a parade bus and the bus ran it over. Check out the Sergio Ramos trophy drop video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

The time it took for the trophy to fall from his hands and hit the ground must have seemed like the longest second or so of Ramos’ life.  The real surprising part to me is that some crazed soccer fan didn’t immediately run in front of the bus and grab the trophy.  In fact, it disappoints me a little.

Aubrey Huff Went Zoolander with Red Thong at Giants Parade (Video)

With so many updates on Aubrey Huff’s red rally thong, we may have to rename this site Huff’s Thong Sports instead. Here’s the background on the thong in case you’re unaware, and it must be pointed out that Huff had it in his mouth at the parade. He wore that thing every day at the end of the season – gross. But what is really cool is that Huff went straight Zoolander with the thong at the parade. If you don’t know what that means, check out the video:

I’m just glad he didn’t wind up with an atomic wedgie after that stunt!

Aubrey Huff Brings the Red Thong to San Francisco Giants Parade

When we passed along the story early in September that Aubrey Huff started wearing a red thong as a slump buster, we had no idea it would develop the cult following that is has. Huff was in a 3-for-32 slump when he first started wearing the lingerie but he went on a tear shortly thereafter. He hit .281 with an .830 OPS in September and he drove in eight runs in the playoffs. The thong became a well known story amongst Giants fans as San Francisco finished the season going 20-10 to make the postseason. They went on to win the World Series as we all know, and Huff brought his lucky red thong to the parade in San Francisco on Wednesday:

Now if Giants fans could just let go of the LA envy we’d be cool. Remember, you guys played the Rangers, not the Dodgers.

Thanks to Michael DeRosa for the pic.

UPDATE: With video of Huff sniffing the thong via SI Hot Clicks

Patrick Kane Sets Great Example for the Youth of Chicago

After scoring the game-winning goal in overtime of Game 6 that gave the Blackhawks the Stanley Cup, Patrick Kane was told to be on his best behavior at the team’s parade. His response typified his brash, 21-year-old attitude, “not a chance, not a chance!” Two days later the parade celebrating the Stanley Cup win took place in Chicago and Kane was true to form. He spent parts of the parade downing beers, doing booty dances, and slurring his speech like a drunk at a bar. Here’s the Patrick Kane parade celebration video courtesy of NBC Sports via Deadspin:

Hey, if there’s ever a time for players and teams to celebrate with their fans it’s after they’ve won it all; there should be a great reward for working your butt off. Still, there’s a way to keep things tasteful while you’re celebrating, and dropping f-bombs like Chase Utley and getting hammered like Kaner isn’t the best example of that. Suddenly the whole cab driver incident seems a whole lot more believable too.

You Stay Classy, Kaner! Right Winger Celebrates at Hawks Parade [NBC Chicago]
Patrick Kane: A Portrait In Inebriation [Deadspin]

Coach Dan Bylsma Calls Out Detroit at Penguins Parade in Pittsburgh

Many players and coaches have been known to do crazy things at team parades. You’ve had Mark Madsen break out in a horrendous dance, same thing with Pat Riley. Shaq’s rapped as has Juan Pierre. Chase Utley’s dropped an F-bomb in front of a packed Citizens Bank Park. I guess guys are riding so high that they feel invincible and will just do or say anything — almost like they’re drunk. Well Penguins coach Dan Byslma had one such moment on Monday in Pittsburgh at the team’s parade. Move ahead to the 2:45 mark to hear Bylsma take a shot at Hockeytown USA aka Detroit:

In case you can’t watch, Bylsma said: “We’re like, ‘we’re gonna win this one, we’re gonna win this one.’ And that’s what you fans did for us and done for us all along, it’s unbelievable. Bring this trophy back to Pittsburgh — city of champions — much better than Hockeytown.” Now it’s not as if Bylsma had a playing career with the Blackhawks or something like that where he should just automatically hate Detroit or the Red Wings. Seems like he was just playing along with the fans. I dunno, but I’m guessing Wings fans and Detroit will remember that one, especially if there’s another Stanley Cup rematch.

Lakers Should Pay for Parade, Not City

After the Lakers took a 2-0 series lead, the city of Los Angeles already began making plans for a championship parade celebration. There was a question whether or not the city could afford to put on a parade given the current economic issues facing the city (translation: the state going bankrupt). In the end, the team and the city agreed to each pay about a million dollars for the parade which includes the expense of renting out the LA Coliseum, and paying for several city workers to guard and clean up. The Police Protective League thinks what the city is doing is absurd:

“At a time of financial crisis, when the public expects, and quite frankly should demand city leaders to be good stewards of every tax dollar, it is foolish for elected officials to favor spending 1 million tax dollars on a three-hour parade,” league President Paul M. Weber said in a prepared statement Sunday.

Considering I have friends and family whose jobs and paychecks have been threatened because of a lack of funding, I think it’s ridiculous that the city is going to cobble together the money for this. This is a time when the team needs to step up and give back to the fans in one of the best ways possible, at a time when it’s most needed. Why not have the players kick in some bucks to make up the difference? They certainly can afford it. I know one thing — the city sure can’t. This is just like execs from GM buying luxury private jets when the company’s requesting government funds. It’s ludicrous, preposterous, ridiculous! (but worth it if they bring back Mark Madsen for the festivities).