Baltimore Ravens get their Super Bowl rings

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl rings

It’s a great week of celebration for the Baltimore Ravens. The team visited the White House on Thursday to be congratulated for winning the Super Bowl, and they are scheduled to have a ceremony to receive their championship rings on Friday.

Torrey Smith had the best quote of all: “I might act like a woman when she sees her engagement ring!”

We don’t have any specs on the rings yet. We’ll update when we do. Below is a look at the 2001 Super Bowl ring for comparison:

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Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup rings leaked online? (Picture)

la kings rings

The Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history and will be receiving their championship rings on opening day. Even though their rings aren’t supposed to be unveiled until then, it looks like there has already been a leak.

According to Puck Daddy, Francesca Leiweke, the daughter of AEG CEO Tim Leiweke (AEG owns the Kings), shared a photo on her Instagram account Thursday of the ring seen above. She later deleted her post, but the photo was preserved by a Twitter user for all of us to see.

The Kings actually had a press conference on Thursday to celebrate the new season beginning, and they sent their ice girls around to local McDonald’s to raffle off replica rings. It’s possible Leiweke was just sharing a picture of a replica ring. Either way, we still have a good idea of what the rings will look like.

Miami Heat receive championship rings (Pictures, Video)

LeBron James finally has a ring. That is a sentence you probably heard numerous times last summer after the NBA Finals, but LeBron officially has the ring in his possession after the Miami Heat held their championship ceremony before defeating the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

The rings the Heat received have plenty of bling, to say the least. According to the Miami Herald, each one is made of 14K white and yellow gold and has a modest 219 diamonds — or 10.8 total carats. The ring weighs a quarter of a pound, which sounds like a ton for one piece of jewelry. As you can see from the photos below, the ring features the Larry O’Brien trophy on top with a large diamond in the shape of a basketball.

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LSU’s SEC championship rings say ‘#2 NATIONALLY’ (Photos)

Championship rings are supposed to be a fond reminder of the success you and your teammates accomplished in a season. And that’s exactly what these LSU SEC championship rings are intended for. Rightly so; these days an SEC title is definitely something that ought to be celebrated with more than just a pizza party.

But when said rings also read “#2 NATIONALLY,” reminding you of the bitter disappointment you were dealt in the BCS title game after being undefeated and the clear favorite the rest of the season, it kind of sours the whole point. What Debbie Downer designed these things?

Here’s another look at the bling:

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Rally Squirrel featured on Cardinals’ World Series rings (Picture)

This may be the first time in history a rodent — or any animal for that matter — was featured on a World Series ring. The Cardinals received their World Series rings on Saturday and the jewelry features the traditional amount of gaudiness. They’re made of 14-karat white gold and include 103 round diamonds and 50 custom-cut rubies. Oh yeah, if you look between home plate and the STL logo, you can see a squirrel in the same running position as the one that interrupted Games 3 and 4 of the Phillies-Cardinals series in St. Louis last season. Yup, the “Rally Squirrel” not only got prominent placement on a baseball card, but it also found its way onto the Cards’ World Series rings.

Other cool features for the rings are that they have each of the years of the previous 10 titles in franchise history, the results of all the playoff series written on the inside of the bands, and the phrase “HAPPY FLIGHT” written below the results. Happy flight is a saying Rafael Furcal began on getaway-days as he was hoping the team would have a happy flight home because they had won.

Two more photos of the rings are below (click twice to enlarge):

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Dallas Mavericks Get Their Championship Rings (Video)

There has been so much chatter about the Dallas Mavericks’ championship rings, it’s somewhat surprising that we actually got to this point. Nine players from last year’s Mavericks team received their rings on Wednesday night in Dallas. Seven players are still on the team, while Peja Stojakovic, who is now retired, attended the ceremony. Former Dallas point guard J.J. Barea’s Timberwolves were playing the Mavs, so he got his ring as well.

Of course you’re wondering all about these bad boys, so we have the details via the Star-Telegram.

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Auburn Receives Their National Championship Rings (Pictures)

Even if Mark Cuban thinks championship rings are played out, several teams still believe in them (including his Mavericks). Two teams received their rings in the past few days for winning titles. The Packers got their Super Bowl rings, and Auburn received their rings for winning the national championship in college football. Here’s a close up picture of Auburn’s three rings courtesy of wide receiver Emory Blake:

Three rings seems excessive, but one is for winning the SEC, the other is for winning the BCS National Championship, and the third is for winning the NCAA championship. Maybe Auburn is just trying to provide its players with more streams of revenue in case they decide to pawn the rings in the future. Here’s another look at the rings courtesy of Travante’ Stallworth:

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