Derrick Mason: Channing Crowder Is Horrible, Not Walking the Walk

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder was talking crap during the week leading up to Sunday’s game with the Ravens but Baltimore got the last word with a 26-10 win. Crowder not only lost the game, but he bitched afterwards that Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain spit on him. Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason, who was the target of Crowder’s words during the week, responded after the game.

“[When] he’s in the game, he’s getting knocked down, he’s getting pushed out of the way. The guy is horrible. Honestly, the guy is horrible. He’s probably a good guy. I’m not taking that away from him, but he’s horrible. He’s not a good football player.”

Mason also recommended that Crowder keeps his mouth shut in the future because his play doesn’t back up his words. “I don’t understand why this guy continues to talk,” Mason said. “This is not boxing. You can’t scare your opponent. You’ve got to go out there and play football.”

As for the spitting incident, it sure seems like it may have not only happened but it also could have been intentional. Mason says his teammates told him they had his back and that they were going to get Crowder back during the game. I don’t know if that means spitting on Crowder, but McClain denied the allegation. Regardless, what we have learned is that Channing will need to start playing better to earn the right to talk crap.

Channing Crowder Says Le’Ron McClain Spit in His Face

Channing Crowder has been all over the headlines this week.  Earlier in the week, he made some comments about Derrick Mason being an old man and Mason responded by saying he’s been catching passes since Crowder was still wetting himself.  According to the Dolphins linebacker, the war went beyond words during the Miami-Baltimore game on Sunday, which the Ravens won 26-10.

Crowder told The Miami Herald after the game that Ravens running back Le’Ron McClain spit in his face during the third quarter.  Crowder then proceeded to call McClain a “bitch-ass punk” and a “ho.”  Meanwhile, Mason was in the Ravens locker room telling reporters that Crowder is a “bad player” who will be out of the league before Mason — who’s 36 — retires.

Things kept getting uglier, at least from a verbal standpoint.  The most memorable quotes about the situation came from Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Man, if I’d have seen that, there would have been a damn brawl out there, straight up,” Dansby said. “We don’t play that. We some tough guys. But if you take a cowardly way like that, you need to be straightened. Hopefully, Roger Goodell will look at the film and he’ll do something about it. If he don’t, we’ll see him in the street and we’ll have to handle it like men.”

Them there are fightin’ words — literally.  I’d be willing to wager nothing happens “in the street,” but it would probably be wise for Goodell to take a look at the situation and try to do something to diffuse it.  Otherwise the refs will need to be armed with stun guns and riot shields in the unlikely event that the two teams should meet in the playoffs.

Video: Channing Crowder/Matt Light Fight, Ejected for Hair Pulling

Every time I see an NFL player with long hair, I wonder how they play like that, and I also wonder how they don’t have their hair yanked at all times. I don’t consider it dirty — I just consider it a part of the jersey. Now my idea of grabbing hair differs from Matt Light’s. He did it to Channing Crowder when the two rumbled in the 4th quarter of the Pats/Dolphins game on Sunday. Here’s how the whole thing shook out:

I’m not quite sure which fight was gnarlier — this, or the John Henderson eye-gouging fight a few weeks ago. If pressed, I’d have to give this Crowder/Light bout the nod. Even more impressive than the fight was the way the Pats and Cassel finished the game. 415 yards? Jeezus.