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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Chantel Jeffries

Johnny Manziel hung out with Chantel Jeffries

Johnny Manziel continued his offseason streak of partying over the weekend when he spent some time in Houston. We’ve kind of grown tired of writing about Manziel doing stuff like talking on a money phone while wasted, but we couldn’t help but notice who he posed for a couple photos with on Saturday night. It…Read More

Chantel Jeffries upset with media after Justin Bieber arrest

Stop me if you can believe this one: a girl who willingly dates some of the most famous athletes and entertainers in the country is upset with the media for ruining her “normal” lifestyle. Seriously. Chantel Jeffries, who was in the car with Justin Bieber when the musician was arrested last week in Miami Beach,…Read More

DeSean Jackson and girlfriend Chantel Jeffries cook breakfast

DeSean Jackson is living the life. He has a young girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries, who is a model, and he showed off to all of his Instagram followers on Tuesday by sharing a picture of her cooking them breakfast. Jackson and Jeffries seem to have been dating since at least January. They have included mentions of…Read More

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