Dwight Howard does Charles Barkley impression, would do Shaq but he needs captions (Video)

Dwight Howard is used to fielding questions from reporters about leaving the Magic via trade or free agency. When reporters in Chicago asked him for an impression of Charles Barkley, he happily obliged. They then asked for an impression of Shaq, but Dwight came back with the perfect retort “I don’t have captions.” Ahh, the glorious feud between Shaq and Dwight Howard continues.

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Charles Barkley: Whoever ratted Gregg Williams out for bounties is a ‘punk’

As is the case with any other major sports scandal, the opinions about Bountygate are rolling in at a rapid pace in the wake of the news breaking on Friday. Some are outraged while others consider bounties on opponents to be a part of the game. Not surprisingly, Charles Barkley is a member of the latter group. Not only that, but Barkley is outraged that someone would even come forward and rat out Gregg Williams.

“You have to be a punk to snitch that out,” Barkley said Monday on the Dan Patrick Show, according to Pro Football Talk. “That’s like giving a reporter an anonymous quote. That makes you a punk, if you do anonymous, but also, you don’t bring that out x amount of years later. I mean you don’t compete in it if you don’t want to be in it. But I’ve seen at least three or four well-known NFL players say all teams have bounties. So I’m glad they came to Gregg Williams’ defense. Because I’m pretty sure all teams have that.

“In the heat of an NFL game, when guys are trying to make tackles, you’re always trying to hit the guy as hard as possible. I think you always want to knock the best players out of the game. I want to get Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady out of the game. That’s better for my team. Do I want to hurt them? No, but I want to hit them hard. That’s better for my team.”

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Charles Barkley criticizes Michael Jordan as an owner, told him to draft Brandon Roy

Michael Jordan became a minority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006. Since that time, the team has finished with an above-.500 record once and reached the playoffs in only that season. They were swept in the first round. Jordan became the the Bobcats’ majority owner a little over a year ago, and Charlotte fans are still hoping he can build a contender. As M.J.’s friend Charles Barkley pointed out on Thursday, His Airness has not done a good job thus far.

“I think the biggest problem has been I don’t know if he has hired enough people around him who he will listen to,” Barkley said Thursday on ESPN 1000′s Waddle & Silvy Show. “One thing about being famous is the people around you, you pay all their bills so they very rarely disagree with you because they want you to pick up the check. They want to fly around on your private jet so they never disagree with you. I don’t think Michael has hired enough people around him who will disagree.

“I love Michael, but he just has not done a good job. Even though he is one of my great friends, I can’t get on here and tell you he’s done a great job. He has not done a great job, plain and simple.”

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Charles Barkley: 20% of NBA fans need to be shot

Charles Barkley is loved by many because he tells it like it is and doesn’t sugarcoat things. Some people, though, don’t like hearing the truth if the truth is something negative about their favorite basketball team or player. Barkley knows that, and that’s why he told Jim Rome Wednesday that some fans need to be shot.

“Fans man. They love their team and their player. They don’t want to hear any criticisms. They just want you to be 100 percent for their team period,” Barkley said on The Jim Rome Show. “I think it’s only a small faction. I think 80 percent are great. 20 percent, I wish you could take them out back and just shoot them.”

According to Eye on Basketball, Rome jumped in said, “Well, maybe not shoot them, Chuck.”

But Barkley did not back down.

“No, I meant that Jim,” he said. “80 percent of the fans are fantastic. But 20 percent of them are so mean-spirited and say the most nasty things to you, because they know you can’t grab them.”

This is not the first time Barkley has used the “they need to be shot” line on the radio, but last time it was probably slightly better received.

Barkley has gotten into it with plenty of fan bases in the past. He was heckled all last year by Heat fans for calling the team a “whiny bunch.” He’s gotten into it with Warriors fans too. His point is well taken, but I think exterminating people because they’re too passionate is a just a tad bit too harsh.

Charles Oakley: Kevin Garnett is ‘one of the weakest guys to ever play the game,’ Charles Barkley is a ‘coward’

This just in: A lot of people bother Charles Oakley. The former Knicks forward was a guest on Jim Rome’s radio show Tuesday afternoon, and he covered an array of topics. By that we mean he called out several people with some extremely harsh words. Let’s start with Oakley’s thoughts on Kevin Garnett.

“Garnett left Minnesota and hollered and screamed and all that but hes not a tough guy,” Oakley said as Sports Talk Network shared with us. “He’s one of the weakest guys to ever play the game. He’s a complimentary player and went to Paul Pierce’s team and won a championship. I wouldn’t consider him a top 10 tough guy.”

Garnett is certainly a loudmouth who has done plenty of regrettable things over his NBA career, but he’s hardly a complimentary player. He couldn’t win with Minnesota because they never gave him anything to work with. He could easily be considered a top-10 NBA player in his prime. Enough of that. Onto Oakley’s next punching bag, Charles Barkley.

“Barkley, for his size, was a good player but he’s a coward,” Oakley continued. “He was a good player for his size, but he wasn’t a leader and wasn’t a role model. Now he talks so bad about younger guys. I don’t respect that from him. He’s a fraud. He can criticize all the younger kids and if he got something to say, call them and talk to them before you just blast them. He’s wants to be funny, that whole TNT thing and all that, they’re like some clowns on that show.”

Barkley does feast on younger players and say ridiculous things when criticizing younger teams, so I can’t totally disagree with Oakley on that one. He’s also not much of a role model, so you won’t get an argument there. A coward and a fraud? That seems a bit harsh.

Oakley wasn’t done there. He also said that Kendrick Perkins is similar to K.G. in that all he does is holler and complain, and that the Thunder would win championships if he would just play basketball. Oakley added that Perk’s attitude is the reason he got dunked on by Blake Griffin, and said throughout his 19-year career he only got dunked on three times. Somebody check the tape on that, please.

Charles Barkley on Tim Tebow: ‘The National Nightmare Continues’

Charles Barkley may like Tim Tebow, but like many others, he can’t take the media’s coverage of the Broncos quarterback. During an interview on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia with Mike Missanelli, Barkley made it clear that he’s had enough of Tebow.

“The national nightmare continues. Hey listen, I like Tim Tebow but there comes a point, he had a great game. He’s supposed to have a great game. They want to make it seem like, oh the world is aligned correct. I’m like ‘he does play quarterback. He is supposed to play well.’”

Host: “So you’ve had enough of Tebow?”

“I think the world has.”

Host: “There’s a lot of Tebow fans out there. I’ve had enough and I’m not a big Tebow guy and they’re just killing me about Tebow.”

“First of all Mike I don’t know anything you said about Tebow, but let’s just say the jury is still out on Tebow. He seems like a nice kid, but these ups and downs are so different. The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws [Sunday] doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL.”

Many religious people like to say that Tim Tebow was put here to represent the Lord. Folks on the internet think he’s here to troll society. Personally, I think Tim Tebow was placed on Earth to antagonize Charles Barkley.

Sorry to break it to you, Sir Charles, but the country’s desire for Tebow coverage hasn’t been satiated. Maybe you’ll get your wish if Denver loses to New England this weekend.

Transcription courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews
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Charles Barkley Says His Weight Watchers Endorsement is an Easy Scam (Video)

Weight Watchers would like a word with you, Mr. Barkley.  While it’s never easy to defend Charles Barkley, I will say that he was somewhat blindsided by this particularly video being posted on the internet.  As you may know, Barkley has been running a nationally advertised campaign with Weight Watchers. He claims he is losing two pounds a week and has lost 38 pounds total since starting the program.  That being said, it doesn’t sound like Sir Charles has a lot of respect for the campaign.  In fact, during a commercial break in the Heat-Hawks game on TNT Thursday, he said promoting Weight Watchers is some of the easiest money he has ever made.  Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Kevin Harlan all thought they were off air during the break, but their comments were seen on NBA.TV, and captured by one savvy viewer:

As you can see, Barkley had himself quite the evening.  The comments you just heard came on a night in which he also ripped the Hawks for not being ‘hood enough.  Given his history of saying ridiculous things, it might be a better idea to leave Charles in the halftime studio during broadcasts from now on. This can only get worse as the season progresses.

You might think Weight Watchers would be offended with what Barkley said, but that’s not the case.

The company said in a statement: “We love Charles for the same reason everyone loves Charles, he’s unfiltered. We are thrilled that he is having great success and inspiring millions of men to join him. We agree that being a spokesman for Weight Watchers is a pretty great gig.”

Barkley also addressed the video, saying “I meant what I said, the fact that I’m dropping pounds, getting healthier and getting paid at the same time, is my definition of a great scam. The only problem is I’m going to have to use some of the money to buy a new wardrobe.”

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