Charles Barkley Pounds Tequila Like a Freakin Champ

Credit HG at You Been Blinded with the incredible find of Charles Barkley slamming this bottle of Patron tequila. Apparently the video was taken at the Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe, where Chuck was not long ago for a celeb golf tournament. Like so many things in life, Chuck attacked the bottle of tequila with full zeal. Check it:

Between this video and the MJ calling out Kobe video, HG’s solidifying himself as the top YouTube miner in the blogosphere. Now my only question to you is, which is more impressive, Chuck, or this:

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Charles Barkley the Benevolent: Pays for Busboy’s College Tuition

So recently we may have given Chuck a tough time for his unwavering opinion of the paparazzi, though he is partially right about them. I mostly stayed away from his gambling stuff because well, let’s be honest, I used to hit up an online sportsbook, too. Yet for all the negative reporting about Chuck, he did do something pretty incredible for which he deserves notice. Chuck paid for the college tuition of a busboy at an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia that he frequents. From the Philly Daily News:

[Christian Abate]‘s worked as a busboy for eight years at Saloon (750 S. 7th), where he struck up a friendship with one generous regular at the Italian restaurant who volunteered to pay his Temple tuition.

During a visit to Saloon last summer, Charles Barkley asked Abate how he was enjoying teaching, and was disappointed to learn that Abate had still not returned to Temple because of problems securing financial aid. Abate, 28, of South Philly, started at Temple in 1997, months after graduating from St. John Neumann High.

Sir Charles told Abate he would like to help him with his tuition, and Abate wasn’t sure how to respond. Barkley didn’t give him much time, telling Abate that he had the length of Barkley’s meal to decide. Abate wisely accepted.

Apparently Chuck’s really generous with his money when it comes to education, having given a million bucks to his old high school in Alabama, as well as Auburn where he went to college, and another high school in Birmingham. He may throw some of his money to waste, but at least he’s pretty benevolent when it comes to positive things like education.

Charles Barkley: ‘We Should Line All These Paparazzi People Up and Shoot em’

The always opinionated and controversial Charles Barkley joined JT The Brick on Fox Sports Radio at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. The two got to talking about the way Alex Rodriguez is treated by the media in New York and the paparazzi in general. Sir Charles, as usual, had quite the strong opinion on the matter as he took up for A-Rod. Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Those people are so jealous of him, they got to nothing to do but try to destroy him with his personal business. Why would they follow him on the road to see what he’s doing? They’re trying to get him. There’s so much jealousy around A-Rod. To question this guy’s personal life, that ain’t right at all.

First off, we should line all these paparazzi people up and shoot ‘em.

Audio via TMZ of all places, whom I guess Barkley is saying we should shoot. While I admit I’ll post some stuff up here about A-Rod’s off-field biz, I would never seek the stories on my own, much less print them if I saw em. Once they’re already out there however, I join in because, well, let’s face it — it’s funny stuff. I just can’t believe that someone would follow A-Rod around off the field to track his business. That’s really weak and uncalled for and something that shouldn’t be going on. I guess I agree with Chuck here, though executing all the paparazzi is pretty harsh.

Charles Barkley: Conservatives are ‘Fake Christians’

Charles Barkley was on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer when he let loose with one of the worst generalizations against a group of people I have heard in a while. Now we all like Barkley because he’s genuine and doesn’t hold back, like when he called the 80s Celtics the “ugliest team in NBA history.” But sometimes Barkley’s mouth goes a little too far. While talking politics, Sir Charles said he liked Senator John McCain. But while Chuck likes McCain, he said he wouldn’t vote for anything other than a democrat. His reasoning? Conservatives are nothing but “fake Christians.” Check out the video for yourself:

It’s funny how it took Wolf a question before he went back to Chuck’s response. Almost like he wasn’t paying attention and needed a producer to tell him in his ear to ask him again about the “fake Christians” remark. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not how to conduct an interview. But if you were looking for a way to offend half the population of the country, there you go. Charles said he didn’t have to worry because he didn’t work for Conservatives and Christians? He was wrong.

If I’m a Conservative, how does that make me a “fake Christian?” Did I all of a sudden convert? Sorry Chuck, no free pass here. You should be held accountable for generalizing about an entire group of people. Maybe the polls will say it all — good luck winning any non-left votes in Alabama. And while we’re on offensive remarks and generalizations, how were Chet Coppock’s anti-Semite remarks completely ignored by the media? Gotta watch what you say, and I’m surprised nobody made a rats rump about this.

Thanks to Christmas Ape at Deadspin for the Charles Barkley post.

Charles Barkley Calls 80s Celtics ‘Ugliest Team in NBA History’

Bird McKale Parish Johnson Walton

It’s Charles Barkley, so is it really shocking when he says something anymore? The guy raced an aging NBA official, sealed it with a kiss, and he followed that up by pissing off the entire Bay Area. So the man of many words was being interviewed on NESN to talk about the Celtics additions of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett (which I admit I never thought would happen). Check out what he said about the new look Celtics:

You know the Celtics, their uniforms have gotten better. And they got a better looking team, because in the 80s, with McHale, Bird, and Parish, they had the ugliest team in NBA history. They had Bill Walton [he] was ugly too. I think their team is much better looking with Paul and Ray and Kevin. But their uniforms have gotten better and their team has gotten much better looking in the 2000s.

Not as if Charles Barkley is the foremost representative on looks and fashion, but I have to admit, that is pretty freaking funny. I swear, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to Sir Charles. I guess that’s what makes him great.

Charles Barkley Really Loves the Bay Area

Looks like someone’s been having some nice photoshop fun with Charles Barkley. These photos remind me a lot of the Joakim Noah photos the Bruin Report Online crowd put together. But these, oh boy, these are outstanding. I’ll throw a couple of my favorites up, and then you can go to C.W. Nevius’ blog to check out the rest. Mad props to Fark for the link.

Oh these are just too good!

Close Play at the Plate, Barkley Wins the Race, Sealed with a Kiss

The race of the century is over — and it was all that was promised.  Former NBA player, current analyst, and all-around badass Sir Charles beat NBA referee Dick Bavetta in a race at the All Star weekend in Las Vegas Saturday night (just before the 3 point shootout took place).  The whole thing started when Barkley ridiculed Bavetta while filling in for Steve Kerr as an analyst on TNT and bragged he could beat Bavetta in a race.  When Bavetta got word of Barkley’s boast, he decided to take Barkley up on the challenge and they agreed to do it over All Star weekend.

The two raced up and down full court twice and then finished it up at half-court.  Barkley was enjoying a healthy lead after the first two laps and felt it was time for some good old fashioned showboating.  Barkley ran the final leg of the race backwards. Like a baby boy chasing after his older brother, Bavetta made a futile attempt diving head-first into the finish line at mid-court only to come up short.

What’s interesting about the race — besides the fact that it stole the show — is that Bavetta appeared to be moving so much faster than Sir Charles.  It reminded me of watching Vince Young run for the Titans, he takes long strides and doesn’t appear to be moving too fast, but there he is out-running the entire defense and scoring touchdowns.  And that my friends is how Barkley looked racing Bavetta.

But the show wasn’t quite over.  For their final act, the two embraced at half court following the race, and much like a man and woman are pronounced husband and wife, Charles Barkley kissed his bride, Dick Bavetta.  The affectionate display between the two men — no doubt well-timed because of Tim Hardaway’s anti-gay remarks — raises an interesting question.  Will their moment of embrace spark the newest blog? 

KissingDickBavetta anyone?