Charles Barkley: Nets stink, are beating up on ‘ugly chicks’

Charles Barkley eyebrowsThe Brooklyn Nets have rallied after a terrible start to the season that put head coach Jason Kidd’s job in jeopardy. Brooklyn was 10-21 at one point and reports said Kidd could be fired before the All-Star break. But the Nets have played well since the new year, going 11-4 to improve to 21-25 for the season. Though they’ve improved and are in position to make the playoffs out of the terrible Eastern Conference, Charles Barkley isn’t about to praise them. Matter of fact, he’s not buying them at all.

During a conference call Thursday to promote TNT’s coverage of the NBA’s All-Star weekend, Barkley ripped into the Nets in a way only he can.

“When you play in the Eastern Conference, you’re going to go on winning streaks. Listen, the Nets stink, man,” Barkley said via the NY Daily News. “They lost their best player in Brook Lopez. Deron Williams has been inconsistent. They’re beating up on a bunch of ugly chicks in the Eastern Conference. Don’t act like they have a good team, stop it.”

Classic Barkley.

Chuck is also down on Kevin Garnett and D-Will, saying KG is too old and that father time has caught up with him. He says Williams has been hit by too many injuries.

“He’s never going to get back to Utah. His best days are behind him,” Barkley said of D-Will.

I disagree with Barkley on most accounts here. I’ve said even when the Nets were struggling that they’d get a lot better once their players were healthy. I still believe Williams can get back to being a top point guard. And one thing Chuck left out is how good Mirza Teletovic has been from long distance this season. He’s a weapon as a 3-point shooter. They won’t win a playoff series, but they’re not as bad as Chuck is making them out to be.

By the way, the Nets have beaten the Hawks twice, the Thunder, Dallas, Miami and Golden State since the new year. That’s not too bad.

Charles Barkley made a Kellen Winslow ‘stroke it’ joke on live TV (Video)

Kellen WinslowWe can always count on Charles Barkley for two things — keeping up with current affairs and not having a filter. Both of those qualities were on full display on Monday night when he made a totally inappropriate and hilarious joke about Kellen Winslow Jr.

As most of you know, a witness accused Winslow of masturbating in his car prior to his arrest for possession of synthetic marijuana back in November. The incident took place in a Target store parking lot. On Monday, Barkley was praising Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson for having a smooth shooting stroke. Here’s where Sir Charles went from there.

“That boy can really stroke it right there. I’m gonna take him to Target.”

Shaq then got in on the act by adding, “Make sure you roll the windows up.” As usual, it was Ernie Johnson who directed the attention back to the highlights while the rest of the crew laughed hysterically.

Between Boston Market poking fun at Winslow, that hilarious GIF we showed you and now Barkley, the New York Jets tight end is getting it from all angles. Next time he should probably just stay home with his containers that are labeled “Mr. Happy” and “Funky Monkey.”

Video via The Big Lead

Brent Musburger makes great Charles Barkley Vegas gambling reference (Video)

Charles Barkley AuburnBless Brent Musburger, he’s still the best.

During the third quarter of the BCS National Championship Game, ESPN flashed to noted Auburn alum Charles Barkley in the stands of the Rose Bowl. Musburger, whose reputation as a gambler precedes him, joked that Barkley likely stopped off in Vegas before the game.

Barkley is equally well known for his gambling habit. In fact, Barkley has said he doesn’t have a gambling problem because he says he can afford to lose all the money he does. He’s been known to regularly put down five figures on games.

But you know what they say, Brent, takes one to spot one.

Of course, Musburger could have always been referring to Barkley’s reputation as a party animal, in which case the Vegas reference also would have worked.

Charles Barkley: Kobe Bryant should shut it down for rest of season

Kobe Bryant MVPKobe Bryant will miss six weeks with a fracture in his left knee, the Los Angeles Lakers announced on Thursday. The injury comes less than two weeks after Bryant returned from a torn Achilles’ tendon injury. Like many others, Charles Barkley thinks the two injuries are connected, and that the fracture was likely a result of Bryant putting additional stress on his knee. But Barkley is taking things a step further and argues the Lakers should shut down their star player for the season.

Barkley argues that the Lakers will still suck with or without him and that it’s not worth him pushing himself to come back from an injury quickly again when in a best-case scenario, all the Lakers might be able to do is get an 8th seed for the playoffs.

Barkley makes another point — Adrian Peterson’s superfast recovery from surgery to repair torn ligaments in his knee set unrealistic expectations for other players. Other players rushing to get back may be compromising their bodies in an effort to match what All Day did.

I actually agree with Barkley across the board on his thoughts on the matter. Even though doctors might say Bryant will only miss six weeks, maybe they’re wrong about this. It seems to me that Bryant’s body just isn’t ready for the stress of playing competitive NBA games when he’s been through so many leg injuries in the past year. Then again, we all thought Derrick Rose was playing it safely by taking an entire year off to recover from his ACL injury, and he still got hurt again.

Kobe’s philosophy is to rock it til the wheels fall off, and the wheels are starting to come off, it seems. Rest probably is the best medicine.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

Charles Barkley introduces the world to ‘Leroy Jetson’ the black Jetson (Video)

Oh. My. God.

“Inside the NBA” on TNT regularly puts out some of the best sports programming each week, but this impromptu segment where Charles Barkley introduced the world to “Leroy Jetson” might have been the best segment ever on the show.

Chuck was talking about how easy the NBA is these days and said on Thursday’s show that if he were in the NBA today, he’d be so revered that he’d arrive to games in a spaceship like one of the Jetsons. Fortunately for us, Barkley mistakenly said “Leroy” Jetson instead of son “Elroy,” before quickly correcting himself. His brief blunder resulted in a truly hilarious meme for the crew.

Shaq just totally ran with the whole “Leroy” Jetson thing. He called Leroy the black Jetson, said Leroy’s wife was “Juanita” and that Leroy Jetson has dubs on his whip.

The whole thing had me dying. I was just in tears watching the segment.

But was also awesome is how TNT played the theme song from the Jetsons during the segment and began speaking in that cadence. They also did their typical fantastic Photoshop job and created an image of how “Leroy” Jetson would look:

Leroy Jetson

Leroy Jetson, man. They should give him his own spinoff show.

This is just the latest example of why “Inside the NBA” is the best sports show on TV and often more entertaining than the actual games on the network.

Video via GIFD Sports

Charles Barkley rides subway for the first time, rags on Knicks and Nets (Video)

Charles-Barkley-subwayCharles Barkley decided to be a man of the people on Thursday night before joining TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew for a game between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. With two police officers, a PR executive, a couple of Turner Sports employees and Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch in tow, Barkley took a journey through the underground world of New York.

It was Barkley’s first time riding the subway, as evidence by the moment where he almost smacked his head while going through the turnstyle. A number of people noticed Sir Charles during his travels, and he was very polite while fulfilling a number of photograph requests. At one point, a person who was riding the subway asked him for his Nets-Knicks prediction.

“It don’t matter, man,” Barkley said. “Zero plus zero equals zero.”

Earlier, someone had asked Barkley if he was going to the Nets-Knicks game, to which he responded, “I’m going to a pillow fight.” Deitsch put together a timeline that chronicles the rest of Barkley’s journey, which you can read here.

The Knicks beat the Nets to snap a nine-game losing streak, but Barkley’s subway adventure was easily the most entertaining segment of the night. Either that, or Kenny Smith’s impersonation of Chuck’s golf swing. That, too, was pretty hilarious.

H/T Deadspin

Kenny Smith does great impression of Charles Barkley’s golf swing

Kenny Smith Charles Barkley golf swingKenny Smith has taken more than his share of ribbing from the TNT “Inside the NBA” crew this season, so he decided to get some revenge.

Following the Chicago Bulls-Miami Heat game on Thursday, “Inside the NBA” played a video clip of The Jet doing the Charles Barkley golf swing. His impression of Chuck’s hideous swing was fantastic, but the best part was when someone called it the “stanky leg.”

After the way the guys have ragged on Smith’s knee-knocking running style, it was about time he had some fun.

Below is a montage of Barkley’s terrible golf swing:

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