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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Articles tagged: Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley bags on Ben McLemore for having nappy hair

Charles Barkley has no filter. No filter whatsoever. As TNT was getting ready for the Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night, the crew was asked to give their picks to win it. Shaq said his pick to win the competition was Ben McLemore, which led Chuck to take a shot at McLemore for having some…Read More

Charles Barkley gives funniest pronunciation of Jonas Valanciunas (Video)

Once you hear how Jonas Valanciunas’ last name is pronounced, it’s not as hard to say as it looks. It’s pretty simple: val-un-chew-nas. But don’t tell that to Charles Barkley. Listening to him try to pronounce Valanciunas’ last name was pure gold. Shaq and Chuck picked teams for the Rising Stars Challenge game next weekend…Read More

Charles Barkley: Nets stink, are beating up on ‘ugly chicks’

The Brooklyn Nets have rallied after a terrible start to the season that put head coach Jason Kidd’s job in jeopardy. Brooklyn was 10-21 at one point and reports said Kidd could be fired before the All-Star break. But the Nets have played well since the new year, going 11-4 to improve to 21-25 for…Read More

Brent Musburger makes great Charles Barkley Vegas gambling reference (Video)

Bless Brent Musburger, he’s still the best. During the third quarter of the BCS National Championship Game, ESPN flashed to noted Auburn alum Charles Barkley in the stands of the Rose Bowl. Musburger, whose reputation as a gambler precedes him, joked that Barkley likely stopped off in Vegas before the game. Barkley is equally well…Read More

Charles Barkley: Kobe Bryant should shut it down for rest of season

Kobe Bryant will miss six weeks with a fracture in his left knee, the Los Angeles Lakers announced on Thursday. The injury comes less than two weeks after Bryant returned from a torn Achilles’ tendon injury. Like many others, Charles Barkley thinks the two injuries are connected, and that the fracture was likely a result…Read More

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