Charles Johnson Angers Panthers Fans by Wearing Falcons Hat (Picture)

Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson saw Dan Akroyd when he was out last night and took a picture with the actor. Johnson tweeted the picture to his followers who hassled him for wearing an Atlanta Falcons hat.

“I can’t wear whatever I want,” an agitated Johnson tweeted back. “Whatever hat I want. I know what team I play for on Sunday. If you question that then that’s your fault.

Anybody that said stupid comments about my hat bout to get block. So if it’s you then. See ya!! RideorDie fans only on my twitter.”

Once Johnson threatened his followers with the hammer of god, they cooled down. We’ve been down this road several times before. Tom Brady has angered Boston-area fans by wearing San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees lids. Kevin Durant caused a stir by wearing a Chicago Bulls hat. But as Durant later explained, nobody ever wears a hat because of the team anymore. Guess that’s the way we have to look at it.

Panthers fans should also realize that Johnson is from Georgia and that he wears Braves hats. When he wears the Atlanta gear, he’s showing his support for his hometown more than their sports teams.

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Even Charles Johnson Was Surprised the Panthers Paid Him $30 Million Guaranteed

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Charles Johnson. Don’t worry, nobody else has their hand up either.

Johnson just completed his fourth season as a defensive end for the Panthers. He’s a former 3rd-round draft pick out of Georgia and he had a breakout season last year accumulating 12 sacks and 62 tackles. It’s a fine season by any standards, but is it enough to justify a six-year $72 million contract with $30 million guaranteed? I don’t think so.

Apparently neither does Johnson.

From the AP:

“Johnson said he was “blown away” by Carolina’s offer and the money convinced him to choose Carolina over Atlanta and Denver, who also expressed interest.

“Could you have turned that down?” Johnson said of the contract with a laugh.”

Exactly! Johnson knows he’s getting a steal! Dude probably gagged himself in shock after seeing all the zeroes on the contract in front of him. He probably pulled a quad muscle jumping to sign it.

Think about it — $30 million guaranteed is a lot of money. The six-year $72 million contract Johnson agreed to is the same deal Dwight Freeney signed (in 2007). Sure it was four years ago, but is Charles Johnson in the same class as Dwight Freeney? Not a chance. I know you need good players to win, but tell me the Panthers didn’t overspend with this one.