Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban’s HDNet Talking About TV Show

Now that actor/crazyman/genius/culthero/ newmiketyson/humantrainwreck Charlie Sheen finally went too far and had his show Two and a Half Men canceled, he’s a free agent in the acting world. You may have noticed that he’s been keeping quite the low profile recently, avoiding social media outlets and TV and radio interviews in an effort to maintain privacy. He’s also been keeping his future plans on the down low as part of this desire for secrecy.

Radar Online still heard that Sheen is in talks with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s HDNet regarding a possible show. It’s quite possible that Sheen is just using this as leverage in conversations with other networks given his free agent status, but Cuban confirmed the news nonetheless “It would be a great show. Can’t really say anything beyond that at this point.”

If HDNet locks up Sheen, it would be quite the pull for the network. They would instantly become a destination channel as people can’t turn away from the living train wreck that is Charlie Sheen. Two and a Half Men was already a highly-rated show, so no doubt Charlie would bring an audience with him wherever he goes. I’m still holding out hope that Major League 4 will be his next project, though if they leave out Roger Dorn they’re losing me at the box office. Believe it.

Charlie Sheen Goes Allen Iverson in Recent Interview (Video)

Charlie Sheen has been on full tilt lately and providing the public with an abundance of hilarious entertainment — not the Two and a Half Men type, either.  Unfortunately very little of it has had anything to do with sports, so we haven’t had an opportunity to share it with you.  Last week, Sheen told a radio interviewer that the only thing he’s addicted to is winning.  While hilarious, not all “winning” references are sports blog worthy.  However, 15 seconds of his interview with the Today Show Monday morning opened the window for us to bring you some Charlie.  Check out the video of Charlie Sheen’s Allen Iverson reference:

Is this guy in touch with reality or what?  Addicted to winning and clearly knows his sports history.  All you LBS nuts should embrace the Sheen.