Charlie Weis Delayed Gall Bladder Surgery to Coach Chiefs

Coaches typically don’t get recognition for working through pain on Sundays but Charlie Weis may be an exception. The Kansas City Star tells us that Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis coached on Sunday despite knowing he needed emergency gall bladder surgery for an infection.

Weis apparently was ill beginning on Friday but delayed the surgery so he could coach on Sunday. His decision, however painful, paid off.

The Chiefs had their biggest offensive output of the season posting 31 points. Weis even got creative in the game, going for a reverse pass out of the single wing formation where quarterback Matt Cassel was lined up as the flanker. The result was a 45-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe that gave Kansas City a 17-3 lead.

Though we bashed Weis for having poor seasons at Notre Dame which resulted in his firing, it was the Irish’s defense that was the problem, not the offense. We always felt that he was much better suited as an offensive coordinator than a head coach and that appears to be the case.

Luckily the gall bladder infection does not appear to be a serious medical issue. Weis for some reason has been a magnet of health problems. He had a brush with death following a gastric bypass surgery gone wrong, this gall bladder problem, and of course there was the time he tore his ACL on the sidelines for Notre Dame. Now that he’s no longer on the Irish’s sidelines, he’s a lot more likable. We’re definitely wishing him the best.

Charlie Weis: Pete Carroll’s Living with a USC Graduate Student in Malibu

Charlie Weis may have been fired by Notre Dame but he’s not going down quietly. In the first part of a lengthy interview with Irish Illustrated, Weis blew the lid off a Pete Carroll affair with a graduate student. Check out this parting shot from Weis when talking about the difference in media coverage between him and Carroll, as passed along by LBS contributor Botros:

Let me ask you this question: You guys know about things that go on in different places. Was I living with a grad student in Malibu, or was I living with my wife in my house? You could bet that if I were living with a grad student here in South Bend, it would be national news. He’s doing it in Malibu and it’s not national news. What’s the difference? I don’t understand. Why is it okay for one guy to do things like that, but for me, I’m scrutinized when I swear. I’m sorry for swearing; absolve my sins.

Well my friend, you may have broken some sort of unspoken “man codes,” but now you have the national media talking about this. Putting aside any questions about the ethics of dating a student, Carroll is a married man. If he’s having an affair and living with a graduate student, then we’re looking at another Rick Pitino story minus the extortion. Having a story like this get out in the media could be damaging for Pete in recruiting; some parents might not want to send their son to play for a known adulterer, particularly mothers or single mothers. Carroll, as you would have expected, has already denied Weis’ allegations: “It’s untrue, it’s irresponsible, and it’s incredible he’d be talking about me like that.” If it’s so untrue, then where the heck is Weis getting his information? I’m guessing there has to be at least some truth to the story, partial truths at the least. Combine USC’s season with this story and the heat certainly has been turned up on the USC program.

Looks Like Charlie Weis and The Jimmy Are Gone without a Doubt

Charlie Weis Jimmy Clausen

Much like Buckeyes fans who expressed support of Rich Rodriguez on Saturday, anti-Notre Dame fans will be sad to hear about the way things are ending for the Irish. Now 6-5 after losing to UConn, all signs point to the school firing Charlie Weis after the season ends. There couldn’t have been a clearer sign than when the school decided Weis wouldn’t be allowed to remain on the West Coast for a scheduled recruiting trip following the Stanford game. That was their way of sending their message without publicly saying Weis is done.

Adding to the awesomeness surrounding South Bend this week was when Jimmy Clausen got punched on Saturday night in/outside a restaurant. The details surrounding the event are sketchy at best, with several explanations being offered. Given Jimmy’s history of untimely remarks and cocky behavior, I’m guessing he’s not the innocent lamb he’s being made out to be. As far as his future goes, the Chicago Tribune is saying the Clausens are selling their South Bend home. The home has been up for sale since the summer, but the family has accepted an offer. Was it put up for sale in the summer because of the economy or some other reason? Or was it so the family would have options in case Jimmy left school early? I’m guessing it’s the latter. Or maybe Clausen is leaving because Jimmy holds grudges.

The Seat Just Got Hotter for Charlie Weis, Cooler for Rich Rodriguez

Notre Dame Michigan FootballHard to believe after the way I ripped Rich Rodriguez that I had to root for him to win on Saturday, but that was the case. People are saying the game was an instant classic and it surely was a good one, but was it as good as the Bush Push game? Not quite that good. Anyway, Charlie Weis is taking a ton of heat for throwing two passes at the end of the game while the Irish were trying to nurse a 34-31 lead.

They had the ball 2nd and 9 at their 30 when they threw two straight incompletions taking just 20 seconds off the clock, leaving 2:19 for the Wolverines who got the ball at their 43. Weis said he was just trying to win the game, “They loaded up the box and made it clear that they weren’t going to let us do that, so we had to throw the ball. On third down, we could have run and made them use a timeout, but we were trying to win the game.”

Forcier said that saving the timeouts for their final drive was key and there’s no doubt it was. By making Michigan burn their timeouts, the Wolverines would have had a much tougher time moving the ball in the final drive and they might have had to settle for a field goal. You telling me Weis wouldn’t have taken his chances in overtime? No doubt that was a tactical error and it was extremely costly. The only question is whether or not this leads to a tailspin and a new head coach for Notre Dame. I guess it was just another lesson in Weis’ coaching internship.

South Bend Billboard Makes Fun of Charlie Weis

What is it about billboards these days? First we had Maker’s Mark taking a shot at Michigan football and now we have some anonymous haters making fun of Charlie Weis. This one is treating Weis like a rookie and it comes courtesy of The Wiz of Odds:


The billboard reads, “Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship. — Linebacker Alumni.” The mystery to me is the signature — Linebacker Alumni — I can’t figure it out. The billboard is posted above a motel called the Linebacker Inn but the manager says it has nothing to do with them. I don’t know who’s responsible for the billboard but the message of dissatisfaction is pretty clear. Going anonymous like that seems to be pretty chicken-bleep to me. The answer though is pretty clear — it had to have come from a Notre Dame fan because everyone else wants them to keep Weis employed!

UPDATE: A group of former ND players were responsible for the billboard

Firing Charlie Weis May Be an Issue of Money, Like $20 Million

It appears as if Notre Dame is now paying the price of signing Charlie Weis to an exorbitant extension in the first year of his tenure. If you remember back in ’05, Weis signed a seven year extension that took him through ’15, worth around $40 million in total value. Weis I believe is three years into that extension, so the school would need to buy out the remaining seven years of the deal. Some reports last week suggested the buyout wouldn’t be as costly as initially anticipated. That logic suggested the school would only need to buy Weis out at the base salary amount of his contract, not the total value. The base salary probably reflects less than 25% of Weis actual salary.

Now WNDU is saying a buyout would cost ND around $20 million, considering they’d have to pay almost the entire amount of the remaining contract. One major problem they’re facing is that the school might not even have enough money available to even pay for a buyout. To that end, the school could be contacting alumni in efforts to raise money to fund a Weis buyout. Seriously, I cannot remember money ever being this much of an issue when it came to hiring or firing a coach in college football. How can you afford to sign a guy to such a monster deal and not leave yourself any outs? Alabama did that with Nick Saban, but at least they’re getting a run at a perfect season first. Notre Dame is being punished for their capricious actions in ’05, namely extending a coach for losing a game (against USC). As desperately as they may need a new coach, it appears as if they might be stuck!

Video: Charlie Weis Injures Knee, Hit on Sideline by His Player

Last weekend, it was Tom Brady who incurred a season-ending injury, after being hit in the knee by Bernard Pollard. Apparently feeling that he did not want Tom Brady to be left out, Charlie Weis was hit on the back of the leg by one of his players who got pushed to the sideline by a Michigan player. Weis crumbled like the Mets in September, falling with his knee bent in an awkward position. Early diagnosis say it’s a torn ACL and MCL and that Weis is done for the season. OK, maybe not done for the season, but he’s scheduled to have surgery some time this week. Let’s go to the video tape:

That was pretty bad. See, the saving grace for Weis is that the play occurred behind him while he was busy focusing on the action in front of him as he should have been. Now Joe Paterno on the other hand, his leg injury was more embarrassing; the play happened before his very eyes, he was just too slow to get out of the way. Sure, Weis really couldn’t have helped the situation, but is there any way to come across as something other than helpless after blowing your leg out in a game in which you didn’t even play? Comes off as pretty pathetic to me, not to mention humorous (given the circumstance).