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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Cheerleaders

Oregon Cheerleaders Unveil Pro Combat Outfits (Pictures)

I don’t know what all the hype is for surrounding this combat look in college football, but I can tell you until now I was not the biggest fan. For some reason, I now have an appreciation for the design. It’s the strangest thing: When Miami debuted their Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Virginia Tech…Read More

San Jose High School Cracks Down on Cheerleaders Wearing Short Skirts

The sport (?) of cheerleading can be a topic of debate at any given moment, especially at the sub-collegiate levels.  Dealing with cheerleader uniforms and dance routines can be a difficult task for high school principals to tackle.  Believe me, I graduated from a high school that once had a cheerleading controversy involving the song…Read More

Alexa Flutie Had to Pass Football IQ Test to Become Patriots Cheerleader

Alexa Flutie is the daughter of former Heisman Trophy winner and Patriots quarterback, Doug Flutie. As we told you in May, she finally made the Patriots cheerleading team after trying out unsuccessfully the previous few years. Being a cheerleader for an NFL team may seem simple — look good, dance well, and wave your pompoms…Read More

Ex-Raiderette Nicole Rosenstiel Suing Vacaville Police for Sexual Harassment

Ex-Raiderette cheerleader Nicole Rosenstiel filed a $1.5 million lawsuit this week alleging that she was sexually harassed by her Vacaville policemen co-workers. Rosenstiel says she was ostracized because of her cheerleader past (she worked for the Raiders from 1997-2001). Here’s a sampling of what she says she faced: According to the suit, during a change…Read More

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