High School Cheering Team Disqualified from Competition for Letting Male Compete

In an era where sports is trending toward gender equality, girls are getting more and more opportunities to participate on boys’ teams. Every now and then we see a high school girl kicking field goals for the football team. For Brandon Urbas, a 14-year-old Michigan high school cheerleader, the opposite is unfortunately not as openly accepted. In a recent competition, Urbas’ Y-gene led to his team’s disqualification. Urbas’ Michigan high school coach broke the news to him and the cheerleading team after a competition in Port Huron this week.

Urbas is the only male on his Lakeview High cheering team. That doesn’t seem to bother anyone, as evidenced by the fact that he insists he has received great support.

“(The football players) just tell me that if I have any problems to let them know and they always have my back,” Urbas said according to WXYZ in Michigan.

The same cannot be said for the Michigan High School Athletic Association which released a statement that read as follows: “Boys may not participate on a girls’ team in MHSAA sponsored postseason meets and tournaments. Schools have adopted this position to preserve participation opportunities for the historically underrepresented gender.”

Cheerleading has always been viewed as a girl’s sport. Few would dispute that. Still, to disallow a cheerleader because of his sex is a bit unfair in a sport measured by synchronicity, choreography, and spirit. A man’s testosterone level might give him an advantage in running or throwing, but timing your back-flips with teammates seems to favor no gender.

The biggest question is if Urbas was not allowed to participate, why was his team permitted to compete? The MHSAA could have avoided this by informing Lakeview of the rule. A male in a tournament where only females are allowed seems like an easy red flag to spot.

Photo via WXYZ’s news video.

Louisville Denies That Safety Concerns Are Reason Cheerleaders Aren’t Going to West Virginia Game

Louisville’s cheerleaders and dance team will not be accompanying the football team on its trip to Morgantown for Saturday’s game against West Virginia. This news became a story when one Louisville cheerleader said her squad was not making the trip because of safety concerns.

“Cheer and Birds can’t go to WVU because it’s not a safe enough environment due to fans. West Virginia should be embarrassed,” cheerleader Lindsey Sitzlar wrote on Twitter.

Sitzlar told a West Virginia fan that the reason was “not random or baseless,” because four fans were sent to hospital, and cheerleaders have had liquor bottles thrown at them on recent trips. She also says the school had the cheer and dance teams leave in the fourth quarter to avoid problems.

A school keeping its cheer and dance teams from traveling to a game because of concerns about the environment is a pretty serious condemnation. We decided to call Louisville to see if the story was true.

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Cheerleader Falls into Pool During Dance Routine at Pan Am Games (Video)

The U.S. had a strong showing on the opening day of the Pan Am Games Saturday, winning 14 medals. They enjoyed success in the swimming pool, capturing 11 of the 14 medals in aquatic events. Things went much better for them in the water than one unfortunate lady.

Cheerleader Mariana de Leon fell into the swimming pool after misjudging how much space she had while doing a dance routine. The rest of the dance team continued their moves until de Leon was pulled out of the water and rejoined them.

Here’s a video of her spill:

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Male Cheerleader Kicked off Team After Camera Catches Him Kissing a Dude

A male cheerleader at Alice High School (Tx) says he was kicked off the team after a school camera caught him kissing another boy on campus. The cheerleader says public displays of affection are a common occurrence around the school, and he feels he would not have been targeted if he were kissing a girl. The way he was caught makes him believe he was being targeted by the school.

“They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen,” the young man told KRIS-TV. “We would be the ones getting caught because I’m sure we were the only ones, sexual orientation wise, being caught like that.”

The boy’s parents say they plan to take further action if their son is not put back on the team.

Here is a video of the news report from KRIS-TV:

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Oregon Cheerleaders Unveil Pro Combat Outfits (Pictures)

I don’t know what all the hype is for surrounding this combat look in college football, but I can tell you until now I was not the biggest fan. For some reason, I now have an appreciation for the design. It’s the strangest thing: When Miami debuted their Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Virginia Tech last season, I was unmoved.  Something came over me on Tuesday.

Perhaps it was the University of Oregon’s decision to issue Pro Combat uniforms to their cheerleading squad?  It’s possible, but at this point I really can’t be sure. Check out these Oregon cheerleaders pro combat uniform pictures — not that they necessarily have anything to do with my change of heart.

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San Jose High School Cracks Down on Cheerleaders Wearing Short Skirts

The sport (?) of cheerleading can be a topic of debate at any given moment, especially at the sub-collegiate levels.  Dealing with cheerleader uniforms and dance routines can be a difficult task for high school principals to tackle.  Believe me, I graduated from a high school that once had a cheerleading controversy involving the song “Tip Drill” by Nelly that ruffled plenty of feathers.  If you don’t know why, go to YouTube and watch the music video — you’ll understand.

Needless to say, Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose will not be using its cheerleading squad as an advertising ploy any time soon like some of its collegiate counterparts have done.  Principal Traci Williams said on Tuesday that the school needed to start enforcing its dress-code policy in making cheerleaders wear skirts that are lower than mid-thigh while in class.  Apparently some of the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders were wearing miniskirts that are considered inappropriate classroom attire.

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Alexa Flutie Had to Pass Football IQ Test to Become Patriots Cheerleader

Alexa Flutie is the daughter of former Heisman Trophy winner and Patriots quarterback, Doug Flutie. As we told you in May, she finally made the Patriots cheerleading team after trying out unsuccessfully the previous few years. Being a cheerleader for an NFL team may seem simple — look good, dance well, and wave your pompoms freely. Apparently that’s not the case.

As Off the Bench points out to us, all Patriots cheerleaders had to take a football IQ test, Tom Hanks Bachelor Party style. Alexa elaborated on the IQ test during an interview with The Fan 590 in Toronto.

“Growing up with football around definitely helps but some of the questions get very intense and you have to know very specific details. I know some of the things I had issues with were the postseason rules for overtime and safeties. It was a little more intense. Not playing sports I definitely had to study those a little bit harder.”

Wow, so it looks like the women have to be more than a pretty face who can dance — they also have to know sports. That’s probably not a problem for Tony LaRussa’s daughter, Bianca, who made the Raiderettes cheer squad after already being a hardcore fan. For many prospective cheerleaders, the test was probably difficult. Alexa adds that women had to run the ramps and had their conditioning tested. She also says her dad is happy she’s following in his footsteps.

For more pictures of Alexa Flutie, go here.