Jared Allen signs with Chicago Bears

jared-allenThe Chicago Bears announced on Wednesday that they have agreed to terms with Jared Allen. The 31-year-old defensive end signed a four-year deal.

Wait, what? Last week, ESPN’s Ed Werder reported that Allen was visiting the Seattle Seahawks a second time and would be signing with the team. The thought of Allen, who has registered at least 11 sacks in every season since 2007, joining the defending Super Bowl champions was downright terrifying. Either Werder’s sources were misinformed or something fell through.

Instead, the Bears have landed a premier pass rusher who should be able to fill the void left when Julius Peppers was released. Allen likely won’t come close to the 22 sacks he recorded in 2011, but he can still terrorize opposing quarterbacks and should fit in nicely with Chicago’s aggressive style of play on defense.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported that the deal includes $15.5 million guaranteed.

Packers score wild touchdown on Aaron Rodgers fumble (GIF)

jarrett-boykin-touchdownThe Chicago Bears are going to be kicking themselves for this one.

The Green Bay Packers took a 10-7 lead on Chicago in the second quarter of their Week 17 game on Sunday after returning a fumble for a touchdown on a play where nearly everybody on the field gave up.

Aaron Rodgers was sacked by Julius Peppers on a 1st-and-10 play from the Chicago 17 and lost the ball. Rodgers was stripped before beginning his passing motion, meaning the loose ball was a fumble, not an incomplete pass. Jarrett Boykin picked up the ball and, after standing around for a second, ran it into the end zone. He was credited with a touchdown and the ruling was upheld upon a review.

The referees said Rodgers fumbled the ball and they never blew the whistle to end the play.

Chicago learned the hard way that you have to keep going until you hear the whistle.

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Bears players praise Justin Tucker on Twitter after his amazing performance

Justin TuckerChicago Bears fans were Baltimore Ravens fans on Monday night. By defeating the Detroit Lions on the road, the Ravens gave the Bears sole possession of first place in the NFC North. The gesture did not go unnoticed.

Justin Tucker had one of the best games you will ever see from a placekicker. He connected on all six of his field goal attempts, including a 61-yarder with 38 seconds left that lifted his team to victory. After the game, Tucker shouted out his fantasy owners. While he was doing that, several Bears players were shouting out Tucker on Twitter.

If not for Tucker’s incredible night, the Ravens would have fallen two games behind the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North. That’s all they’re thinking about, but ’tis the time of year when players become fans of guys they would normally call opponents. Because of tight divisional races and fantasy football, Tucker woke up on Tuesday morning as one of the most loved and hated men in America.

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Detroit Lions vice chariman Bill Ford calls Chicago Bears a ‘bunch of thugs’

Bill-Ford-LionsThere is no love lost between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. The NFC North foes faced off on Sunday for the first time this season, and we have already heard a few comments that indicate it was viewed as much more than just another game. On Tuesday, Lions vice chairman Bill Ford spoke about the importance of his team’s 40-32 victory.

More specifically, Ford was asked about the crowd noise and the exciting atmosphere the fans created at Ford Field. He pulled no punches with his response.

“It was really alive, and it was alive when we played those same bunch of thugs on Monday Night a couple (years ago),” Ford said at the Lions annual Courage House dinner, according to The Detroit Free Press. “When this place gets going it’s electric and we do have wonderful fans. Our fans are amazing and we would love to pay them back and bring home a winner, and I love the way this team is playing right now.”

A Lions spokesperson later noted that Ford was “joking,” but I’m sure the Bears will feel that there was some truth behind the comment. Before the game last week, Calvin Johnson openly admitted the Lions dislike the Bears. If Chicago had not already circled their Nov. 10 home game against Detroit on their schedules, they certainly have now.

The most ironic aspect of Ford’s remark is that the Lions have arguably the dirtiest player in the NFL on their roster. Most people would call the guy who kicks quarterbacks in the groin and stomps on opposing players a “thug.”

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Calvin Johnson on Chicago Bears: I can’t stand them

Calvin JohnsonThe Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions will meet on Sunday, and Calvin Johnson has made it clear how he feels about his opponent. Johnson straight up told reporters on Thursday that he “can’t stand” the Bears, which is probably how players should feel about division rivals.

“It’s easy to have a dislike for them,” Johnson said Thursday, via the Detroit Free Press. “It’s not hard at all.

“Can’t stand them, one, because they’re filling up the stadium a lot with a lot of Bears fans. So that’s one reason I can’t stand them.

“But we’re going to have a good showing this week. We’ve had two good practices this week. Guys are focused in and, like I say, we don’t like those guys. So it’s going to be a good little showdown.”

The game should be a good one. Chicago is 3-0 while Detroit is 2-1 and will have home field advantage. But why else would Johnson dislike the Bears aside from Chicago being a good team in their division? Maybe it also has to do with how well they have played him.

Last year, the Bears held Megatron to 106 yards in two games. Keep in mind that Johnson set an NFL record with 1,964 receiving yards last season. For his career, he only has four touchdown catches against the Bears in 11 games. He has 11 against the Green Bay Packers and seven against the Minnesota Vikings.

Chicago’s defense has been tough on him, which also explains his dislike of them.

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Brian Urlacher admits Chicago Bears faked injuries to slow opponents

Brian-Urlacher-Bears-Team-to-Beat-in-the-NFCFaking injuries is a part of football. Most teams would never admit it, but the concept of a player going down and grabbing his leg to slow an opponent’s up-tempo attack is nothing new. Now that he has retired, Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher feels that he can safely throw his former team under the bus.

While working as an analyst on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday, Urlacher said the Bears had a fairly detailed system when it came to faking injuries.

“We had a guy who was the designated dive guy,” he explained, per Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Urlacher also said that a Bears coach would make a swimmer’s diving motion with his arms on the sideline to signal that the player should go down. He said they pulled the stunt on long drives when defenders were fatigued, but would not name the coach who gave the signal.

“It wasn’t coached, but it was part of our game plan,” Urlacher said.

If it wasn’t coached, I don’t understand how a coach would be the one sending in the signal. Maybe he’s just saying it didn’t come directly from the head coach?

In any event, the topic has been a popular one this week after a Georgia linebacker blatantly faked an injury against Clemson when it appeared he received a signal from the sidelines. Cal coach Sonny Dykes was also livid when Northwestern slowed down his team’s offensive attack by getting “injured” on almost every play on Saturday night.

Since you never know when a player is actually injured and player safety must always be emphasized, there is really no way to stop the acting. As for the Bears, they can thank Urlacher when viewers keep a closer eye on their sideline during no-huddle attacks this season.

David Terrell emails writer to protest biggest Chicago Bears draft bust label

David-Terrell-BearsDavid Terrell went out of his way to contact a writer in protest of his ranking as the No. 1 draft bust in Chicago Bears history.

In light of the team’s trade of disappointing 2011 first-round pick Gabe Carimi, RedEye Chicago compiled a list of the biggest busts in Bears history. Terrell, who was selected by the Bears No. 8 overall in 2001, was ranked No. 1 on the list.

The Bears had high expectations when they drafted Terrell, who was one of the best receivers in Michigan history. Terrell became the first ever Wolverine to have multiple 1,000-yard receiving seasons, and he finished his junior season with a school-record 67 receptions, 1,130 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns. But with Chicago, Terrell was a disappointment.

Terrell played four seasons with the Bears and never hauled in more than 43 receptions or 699 yards in a single season. He found the end zone nine times during his five-year NFL career, which is probably what fans were expecting him to do in one season.

In protest of his ranking, Terrell emailed RedEye Chicago writer Riley Blevins asking to speak over the phone about the ranking. Terrell just wanted to make sure the writers had their facts straight when they set the list.

Terrell then went on to defend himself and remind Blevins that his career was derailed by injuries and bad quarterbacks.

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