Brandon Marshall: Bears coaches’ jobs should be on the line

brandon-marshallBrandon Marshall was extraordinarily frustrated following the Bears’ 21-13 loss to the Packers in Chicago on Sunday. Green Bay clinched the NFC North with the win, while the 8-6 Bears dropped their fifth in their last six games.

Marshall was so upset he said the jobs of the team’s coaches should be on the line.

“Everybody involved in the offense should be held accountable, even if that means jobs,” Marshall said after the game. “It’s been this way all year. It’s no excuse. We still have two games left, there’s still hope, but at the same time, we need to be held accountable.”

Marshall got so emotional answering a few questions that he nearly began to cry.

“It’s been the same way all year. It’s the same thing every single game. We need to be held accountable,” he said. “What I got to do is try my best to keep it together and not let this affect me because it’s starting to affect me more than it should. And I love this game, I’m very passionate about this game, and right now it’s affecting me way too much.”

Marshall was so upset at that point he actually left his press conference. He had six catches for 56 yards including a touchdown that put Chicago up 7-0 in the first quarter, but the Bears only scored six more points after that.

It’s hard to know whether Marshall was pointing to any particular coach with his criticism. He may have been talking about head coach Lovie Smith, offensive coordinator Mike Tice, or just all the offensive coaches in general. One thing we do know is that quarterback Jay Cutler had an incident with Tice earlier in the season, though they both brushed it aside.

Now at 8-6 and in danger of missing the playoffs despite a 7-1 start, the coaches’ jobs will likely be in question after the season if they don’t win the next two games. The Bears are at Arizona and at Detroit the next two weeks, and they should be able to win both games to get into the playoffs.

Brian Urlacher on Bears: ‘Maybe we’re not as good as we thought we were’

Two games into the regular season is no time to panic, but it’s never too early for a reality check. The Bears can be a playoff team this year if a number of things go their way, but Thursday night’s loss to the Packers proved they have a long way to go. Jay Cutler was abysmal and Chicago’s offensive line was worse. If Brian Urlacher’s comments after the game were any indication, the 23-10 loss may have shaken the Bears confidence a bit.

“Maybe we’re not as good as we thought we were,” a frustrated Urlacher said according to CSNChicago.com. “We’ve got a long ways to go and that’s obvious. Maybe Green Bay’s just that good.”

It could be a combination of both, but something tells me the Bears aren’t as good as they thought they were. Cutler and Brandon Marshall seemed awfully confident headed into this week’s game and both played horribly. The Niners easily handled the Packers last Sunday in Green Bay, so it’s not like they’re an unstoppable force. Marshall, however, doesn’t sound as discouraged as Urlacher.

“We’re definitely as good as we think we are, but offensively we have to do a better job,” he said. “They’re a great team, they won the Super Bowl two years ago, so it’s going to take more than just walking on the field to dethrone them.”

Yes, it certainly is. And talking trash the week before the game is going to do nothing but motivate a team that needed no extra motivation coming off a loss at home in the season opener. If the Cutler and Marshall learned anything on Thursday night, it should be that they need to shut up and do their jobs.

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Charles Woodson: We don’t need luck against Jay Cutler, he’ll throw it to us

Thursday night in Green Bay couldn’t really have gone any worse for Jay Cutler and the Bears offense. After passing all over the Colts in Week 1, Chicago was confident it could enjoy similar success against the Packers. The Packers are not the Colts, and the 23-10 final reflected that.

Earlier this week, Cutler and Brandon Marshall basically said Green Bay’s defenders would be making a mistake if they tried to get physical and play press coverage against the Chicago receivers. Considering Cutler finished the game with a modest stat line of 11-for-27 passing, 126 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions, I think it’s safe to say the Packers knew what they were doing.

“I don’t know if we took (Cutler’s comments) personal,” Charles Woodson said after the game according to the Chicago Tribune. “But we thought it was kind of funny, that all of a sudden they were the team to beat because they got a couple of new guys. They had no answers up front.

“Jay is a guy, he’ll give you a chance. You just have to be in position. It’s the same old Jay. We don’t need luck, Jay will throw us the ball. Proof is in the pudding.”

Woodson couldn’t be more right. In seven career games against the Packers, Cutler has thrown 15 interceptions compared to only eight touchdowns. His QB rating of 60.5 against Green Bay is by far the lowest against any team he has played more than two games against. The Packers defense has figured out a formula for beating Cutler and the Chicago offensive line, and obviously the addition of Marshall did not crack the code.

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Jay Cutler on Packers physical press coverage: ‘Good luck’

The 2012 installment of the Packers-Bears NFC North rivalry is set to kick off on Thursday, and there are plenty of enticing story lines. For starters, the Packers will be looking to rebound from a tough loss against San Francisco and cannot afford to drop their first two home games of the season. Aaron Rodgers did not look like the same guy who threw 45 touchdowns and only six interceptions last season, although the Niners are the toughest defense in the NFC. To make matters worse, Green Bay could be without Greg Jennings (groin injury).

Then, there are the Bears. Jay Cutler seems to have a renewed confidence with his old buddy Brandon Marshall in town. He showed that on Tuesday when asked about the Packers potentially jamming his receivers and playing press coverage.

“Good luck,” Cutler said according to CSNChicago.com. “We invite press coverage. We invite man.”

Brandon Marshall, who has already made a very bold prediction about the Bears, echoed Cutler’s confidence.

“It’s all about matchups,” the receiver said. “I’m 6-5, 230 pounds and there’s not too many DB’s walking around that big. If they want to get physical, I do welcome that.”

Cutler and Marshall each had a big game against the Colts, but it was the Colts. They aren’t exactly an NFL powerhouse anymore. Confidence is a good thing, but they would be wise to not look too deeply into Green Bay’s loss to the Niners. If anything, that game will only serve as further motivation for the Pack in a game they already knew they had to have.

Brandon Marshall predicts Super Bowl for Bears

Brandon Marshall is one of the newest members of the Bears, and he’s expecting big things for his new team. Speaking after the team’s practice at Soldier Field during the Comcast Family Fest on Friday night, Marshall fired up the fans by predicting a Super Bowl appearance.

Marshall had just finished an interview with the team’s radio crew when he grabbed the mic to share one more message with the fans:

“This is just between us, so keep it here,” Marshall said to the 27,352 fans.

“Super Bowl.”

CSN Chicago reports that the fans went nuts after hearing Marshall say that. And why wouldn’t they? Of course that’s what they want to hear. The problem is that Super Bowls are won in February, not August, and that words mean very little.

Marshall has been predicting big things for him and Jay Cutler, so it’s obvious he’s confident entering the season. But we already know from past experience that he’s not exactly the best at making predictions for his teams. Chicago will be tough, but they may only be the third-best team in their division.

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Jay Cutler would like Bears to add receiver over 6’2″, thank you

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was a good sport and called into a Chicago radio show Monday to wish one of the hosts happy birthday. He also talked about his former Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall, and said he’d love to have another receiving weapon on the Bears.

When one of the hosts asked Cutler what he thought of free agent receiver Vincent Jackson, who’s 6’5″, Cutler told The Waddle & Silvy Show “Anyone really over 6-2 at this point is going to look good.”

The comment made sense — of Chicago’s receivers, only Roy Williams (6’3″), is over 6’2″. Their other options are all 6’0″ or below.

Cutler also said he’s like most quarterbacks who aren’t happy “unless we’re getting offensive guys year in and year out, more toys to play with.”

I wouldn’t view Cutler’s comments negatively and I hope they’re not perceived that way. Cutler was giving a friendly interviewed and said he’d like more offensive toys when prompted. He didn’t come out and demand management make some moves, but he said he’d like some. And what quarterback wouldn’t? Chicago doesn’t have many strong receiving options so bringing in one should be a priority.

Devin Hester: Signing Donovan McNabb or Another QB Would Be ‘Waste of Time’

The fact that Donovan McNabb was waived by the Minnesota Vikings and not a single team claimed him should tell us all we need to know.  McNabb’s best years are behind him.  No team in the NFL thinks he is capable of contributing at this point, but Bears fans are officially desperate.  With Caleb Hanie under center, Matt Forte out with a knee injury, and a loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, Chicago’s playoff hopes are in serious jeopardy. Devin Hester does not think McNabb is the solution.

“It’s going to be tough right now to pick up a quarterback that hasn’t played in the Mike Martz offense,” Hester said Monday on Mike and Mike in the Morning according to Pro Football Talk. “This is a difficult offense to run, so as far as a quarterback who hasn’t played in the offense, right now it’s going to be a waste of time.”

Before we start accusing Hester of ripping McNabb and calling him useless, let us recall the way things ended for Donovan with his two previous teams.  In Washington, his tenure ended with Mike Shanahan inviting him back as a backup.  In Minnesota, he quickly became a backup when the on-field results were horrible.

He can blame poor teams all he wants, but McNabb is no longer a capable starting quarterback in the NFL and Hester is right about Martz’s offense.  After he left Philadelphia, McNabb showed no signs that he was able to learn another team’s playbook and adapt to a new system.  There is even less reason to believe he would be able to do it in Chicago.