Tommie Harris Speaks the Truth About Grossman and McNabb

So Tommie Harris is at Donovan McNabb’s golf tournament and makes some comments that he’d love to have McNabb as the Bears quarterback, and that they’d win the Super Bowl with McNabb as QB. I’ll say this much, he’s absolutely right. We’re in the off-season for a team coming off a Super Bowl season where their quarterback was the glaring weakness of the squad. McNabb is a perennial Pro Bowler, one of the absolute best quarterbacks in the game. Harris speaks the truth.

If Grossman’s feelings are hurt, then too bad. He should spend more time working on his game and less time making New Years Eve plans. Grossman says the two are cool, but there’s no way he’s not bothered by the comments. He takes enough heat from the media, now he’s getting some indirect grief from a teammate. Let this serve as a wake up call for Grossman to get his act together, because what Harris says is accurate.

(Photo courtesy Jim Prisching, Tribune)

Lance Briggs Really Wants out of Chicago

While appearing on the Mike North Show Morning Show on WSCR in Chicago, Bears LB Lance Briggs made it abundantly clear that he is not happy with the Bears organization, and that he wants nothing to do with them. His words are very powerful, and you can listen to a snippet of the interview below. But first, the following is a brief transcript of his remarks:

"I'll do everything that's within my power in order to not be with this organization…after this 4th year, I played out a four year deal from a 3rd round pick at league minimum and this is the thanks."

My quick hit on this – I know it sucks if you're out-performing your contract, but sorry, if you willingly signed the deal, then you must live up to it. Lance, think back to the days in your first training camp. Were you just happy to be on the team? If so, then appreciate the fact that they gave you a contract. Just mind your business, play hard, and you'll get a big deal next off-season.

Did you really expected the Bears not to franchise tag you? Also, sorry to say, but EVERYBODY looks better playing alongside Brian Urlacher. Let's see how you do without him around.

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