Blackhawks fans rip Adam Pardy’s helmet off, dump beer on him (Video)

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Adam Pardy went through the glass on a check during a 4-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night, and Hawks fans didn’t exactly give him a warm welcome.

The Jets defenseman had his helmet ripped off by a rowdy fan, and a few seconds later he got a beer dumped on him.

The best part was the way the drunk fan who scalped Pardy proudly put on the helmet and raised his arm in victory after grabbing his trophy:

Adam Pardy Blackhawks fan

Oh, and no surprise, the woman who was with said fan dumped the beer on Pardy. As if Pardy was the one to blame for breaking the glass.

The behavior of the Chicago fans shouldn’t come as a surprise; Shane Victorino and Garrett Jones could tell you about the times they had beers poured on them, too.

Chicago Blackhawks fans get revenge by standing on Justin Bieber’s face


Justin Bieber infuriated thousands of Chicago Blackhawks fans earlier this month while taking pictures of the Stanley Cup before a show at the United Center. Bieber stood on the Blackhawks team logo in their locker room, which is a big no-no and a sign of disrespect in the NHL. The general consensus is that the Canadian-born Bieber should have known that.

Over the weekend, a group of outraged Blackhawks fans took revenge into their own hands at the team’s annual fan convention. Chris Wilkerson, Mark Wegener and Josh Kaye came up with the idea of starting a Twitter account called @StandOnBieber and bringing a giant cutout of Bieber’s face to the convention. You can probably guess what’s coming next.

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Chicago Blackhawks fan has ‘playoff lawn’ cut down by city

Blackhawks-fan-playoff-lawnChicago Blackhawks fan Frank Miller has come up with an idea for those fans who cannot show up to work rocking a playoff beard. Rather than going months without shaving, Miller decided he would let his front lawn grow until the Blackhawks hoist the Stanley Cup. Shaving can be an epic pain in the you-know-what, and so can mowing the grass. That’s what makes the idea so genius.

However, officials from Miller’s suburb of Park Ridge were not on board with the idea. The lawn had gotten incredibly long at one point, and last month a city worker was ordered to put an end to it.

“I was watching the playoffs one night with my son and hear a lawn mower going off, and I come outside, ‘What are you doing?'” Miller told NBC 5 in Chicago on Monday. “The guy was cutting my lawn with a giant industrial-sized mower, and he said that the city had come and paid him to cut my lawn.”

Either the city got sick of looking at it or neighbors called to complain. Despite the lawn being chopped down, the Blackhawks managed to fight their way to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they will face the Boston Bruins in Game 1 on Wednesday night. And Miller is hoping he doesn’t get another unexpected visit from a city employee, because he has been growing the playoff lawn again since they cut it.

“Everybody drives by and beeps at it,” Miller said. “People stop and take pictures. It’s awesome.”

Shaving in the middle of a playoff run is believed to be bad luck, but the trimming of the playoff lawn beard has not cost the Blackhawks just yet. Our very own LB’s epic playoff beard helped the Bruins win the Stanley Cup two years ago, and Miller is hoping his lawn can prevent them from doing it again. If not, the town of Park Ridge could be to blame.

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