Cubs fan drops wedding ring on field while catching home run ball (Video)

A Chicago Cubs fan nearly turned a souvenir into a major mistake on Tuesday night when he dropped his wedding ring onto the field while snagging a Jorge Soler home run ball.

Michael Haberkorn was ecstatic when he caught Soler’s home run in the 7th inning of Chicago’s 7-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds. He was all smiles while handing out high-fives until he looked down at his left hand and the look on his face turned into one of sheer terror.


Haberkorn realized he was no longer wearing his wedding band. It’s unclear when the ring popped off, but he was fortunate enough that it ended up on the warning track and was relatively easy to spot.


According to Cut 4, security later retrieved the hardware for Haberkorn and he even got to meet Soler.

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“Congratulations to him, and I guess me too for catching the ball,” Haberkorn said.

Congratulations to Haberkorn because he gets to keep the souvenir. If he lost his wedding ring while catching a homer, his wife probably would have burned the ball.

Cubs warmup jerseys honor Jackie Robinson West Little League team

jackie-robinson-westLast month’s Little League World Series featured the individual brilliance of Mo’ne Davis, who became the first Little League player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The tournament also brought us the story of the Jackie Robinson West team from Chicago, the United States champions. Despite losing to South Korea in the final game, the All-Stars from Chicago made the city proud.

During a rain delay between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago Cubs, the crowd at Wrigley Field gathered around televisions to watch Jackie Robinson defeat a team from Nevada to to claim the U.S. championship.

On Monday, the Jackie Robinson West team is being honored at Wrigley. As an added bonus, the Cubs wore special warmup jerseys and hats to salute their Little League counterparts.

The Jackie Robinson West team was also honored by the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field over the weekend. Reverend Jesse Jackson hosted a breakfast for the players, their parents, and coaches. He will also be taking them to Disney World. A local funeral home paid the rent for the family of one member of the team for the next year.

To be sure, this has been an experience everyone involved with the Jackie Robinson West Little League team won’t soon forget.

Giants win protest, will finish tarp malfunction game against Cubs

Cubs tarp

The Chicago Cubs defeated the San Francisco Giants in less than five innings on Tuesday night after the grounds crew was unable to cover the infield with a tarp during a torrential downpour. But after winning their appeal on Wednesday, the Giants are now technically trailing the Cubs 2-0 heading into the bottom of the fifth.

The game will resume at 4:05 p.m. CT on Thursday before the teams play the final game of their series later that night. Prior to San Francisco’s protest being upheld, no MLB team had won a protest since 1986.

“I thought we had a strong case,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said, via ESPN.com. “I’m just thankful and grateful that they [MLB] were open minded. They listened and they looked at it, and I think it’s the fair thing to do.”

The Cubs grounds crew tried for several hours to dry up the infield and make the field playable after their tarp malfunction, but there was nothing that could be done. Cubs president Theo Epstein said he was told by MLB officials that the game could only be suspended if it was a mechanical issue, not human error.

The Giants filed their protest based on Rule 4.12 (a) (3), which states that a game can be suspended if there is a “malfunction of a mechanical field device under control of the home club.” The league ruled that the tarp constitutes a mechanical device in this situation.

While the Cubs are in last place, the Giants are battling for a playoff spot. They are currently three games behind the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West and tied for first with the St. Louis Cardinals in the Wild Card standings. Every game is important at this stage of the season.

Bruce Bochy ‘frustrated’ over called game

Cubs tarp

The San Francisco Giants suffered their most frustrating loss of the season on Tuesday night, mainly because they had basically no control over the outcome. After the Chicago Cubs grounds crew failed to pull the tarp over the infield during a torrential downpour in the fifth inning, the game was eventually called due to unplayable conditions.

A massive pool of standing water remained behind second base after the rain stopped. Workers poured drying agent onto the infield and worked for about two hours before both managers and the crew chief deemed the field still unplayable. After another inspection at 11:15 p.m. and again after midnight, the game was called.

The Cubs are in last place and out of the playoff hunt. The Giants, on the other hand, are 4.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place in the NL West. The Dodgers won and picked up another game on San Francisco. The Giants are also now tied for the second NL Wild Card spot. Bruce Bochy was not pleased.

“Look, I’m frustrated, beside myself,” Bochy told reporters, via Mark Gonzalez of The Chicago Tribune. “It’s probably not in the right frame of mind. It’s my last (recourse). I hope they listen and watch how what happened there because in this day and time it shouldn’t happen, can’t happen, I think, with the importance of these games. I’m going to leave it at that.”

Cubs president Theo Epstein insisted that the Cubs also wanted to finish the game and even tried to have it suspended so that the rest could be played on Wednesday. However, MLB rules would only allow the game to be suspended if there was an automatic tarp malfunction. Because the issue was caused by human error and the game had gone at least four and a half innings, it was officially in the books.

File that one under “Things You’ll Probably Never See Again.”

Cubs tarp problems result in shortened game, Cubs win (Video)

The Chicago Cubs ground crew struggled putting the tarp on the field during a rain delay in the fifth inning of Tuesday’s Cubs-Giants, but their issues actually benefited the Cubs in the standings.

The crew’s inability to properly cover the infield led to the dirt absorbing so much water that it became unplayable. It wasn’t until a second attempt (seen below) that the crew finally covered the field entirely, but their efforts were too late.

Cubs tarp

The Cubs and Giants waited through a 4:34 rain delay before umpires decided to call the game. The Cubs were leading the Giants 2-0 in the middle of the fifth inning and got credit for the win (games have to go a minimum of four and a half innings to be called).

While Giants fans will no doubt throw a fit over this one, Cubs fans loved it. In the top video, you can hear them chant “pull, pull, pull!” as the crew battled with the tarp. In the video below, they ironically cheer, “USA! USA! USA!” as the crew finally gets it right.

Cubs sue fake ‘Billy Cub’ mascot who got in bar fight

As if the Chicago Cubs don’t already have enough to worry about with improving their last-place team, now they have to worry about legal matters with unauthorized mascots.

Billy Cub mascotExactly one year ago we passed along a story about the Cubs sending a cease and desist letter to a man who was parading around Wrigleyville as an unauthorized mascot. The man, John Paul Weier, wears a furry costume and Cubs jersey with the name “Billy Cub” on the back. He recruited others to wear the mascot as well, and they show up around Wrigley Field to take pictures with fans, dance with them, and do other things.

But their behavior hasn’t been that of a typical mascot.

The Cubs allege that the men charge for pictures and ask for tips. They also allegedly have made rude, profane and derogatory remarks to fans and season ticket holders. The “Billy Cub” mascot is not affiliated with the team and therefore making the organization look bad, the team says. And that is why they filed a lawsuit Friday.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs filed a lawsuit against Weier and his mascot friends, saying the men are not affiliated with the organization and that they are violating the team’s trademarks by using the character to mislead people. What’s worse is that the men are accused of trying to profit off the fake mascot character.

The Sun-Times says the suit alleges that “Weier owns or operates websites and social media accounts dedicated to promoting the Billy Cub character, and has sold merchandise related to the character.”

The Cubs are suing for damages, legal fees and all the profits the men have made from the character on grounds of trademark infringement, deceptive trade practice and injury to the Cubs’ reputation.

Surely you laugh at the thought that a fake mascot harming the Cubs’ reputation more than the Cubs have already done by not winning a World Series since 1908 … but a video of the Billy Cub punching a guy at a bar went viral a few months ago, and that’s definitely something the Cubs don’t want to be associated with. Then when you combine them mistreating fans or charging for things, that’s enough to tick off an organization. It’s clear the guy behind the “Billy Cub” is being a real jackass. The Cubs are going to win this suit and should.

Next up I hope the Cubs sue this TV network for making their mascot look even worse!

Head over to Page 2 to see many pictures of Billy Cub posing with fans.

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Cubs scoreboard operator falls asleep

The Chicago Cubs defeated the New York Mets in a 2-1 pitchers’ duel on Tuesday night that was apparently too much for a certain scoreboard operator to handle. In the top of the fifth inning, one of the guys who sits behind the manual scoreboard at Wrigley Field was caught on camera catching some Z’s.

Of course, Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez couldn’t resist sharing his thoughts.

“Ohhh, he’s fired,” Hernandez said while chuckling. “Sorry pal, your supervisor will be calling you shortly.”

Those manual scoreboards can take a lot out of you, though I’m guessing the Cubs have more than one employee operating that massive thing. One thing’s for sure — the guy who fell asleep is ready to leave all the nostalgia of Wrigley Field in the rearview and catch up with the times.


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