11-year-old Cubs fan Natalie Adorno told to tone down her cheering at games

Natalie-Adorno-CubsNatalie Adorno is an 11-year-old Chicago Cubs fan who is too young to have already given up on her cursed franchise. Instead, Natalie is well-known among season ticket holders, ushers and other stadium employees for her enthusiasm and rallying cries at Wrigley Field.

“I get the crowd going,” Natalie told NBC 5 in Chicago. “When everyone is just standing there bored — well, not bored because they’re watching the game, but like not talking or cheering, then I’m there and they scream.”

Carlos Adorno, Natalie’s father, is a season ticket holder. Shortly after the 2013 season ended, Carlos said a fan tweeted at Natalie telling her she needs to stop making so much noise during games. Twitter user @coach511 began the tweets on Oct. 9, but has since deleted them. Natalie shared a screen shot of some of the tweets earlier this week.

“He doesn’t like me cheering, and it made me feel bad because I felt like I did something wrong,” Natalie said.

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Matt Garza reportedly rips Cubs fans on Twitter for their negativity

Matt-Garza-CubsMatt Garza is one of very few athletes who keeps his Twitter account locked. With all the nasty stuff that fans can say while hiding behind a computer, keeping a private account likely helps with tuning out some of the critics. Apparently not all of them.

Following an incredibly disappointing season in 2012, the Chicago Cubs are off to a slow start this year. They are currently 9-15 and in last place in the NL Central. Last week, Garza announced on Twitter that he had a “minor setback” but is scheduled to make his first rehab start in the minors on May 1. According to the Chicago Tribune, he also took some time to rip into Cubs fans for being so negative.

But rehabbing Cubs starter Matt Garza had enough of such talk last week, and went on a Twitter rant against what he termed ‘fake’ fans ‘who do nothing but talk smack.’ In one tweet, Garza wrote he was ‘just tired of the so-called diehards being negative! Negativity breeds negativity! So break the cycle.’”

When you combine a rebuilding project with a team that has not won a championship since 1908, you get an extremely frustrated fan base. How can you blame them? The Cubs aren’t even in contention.

If Garza was responding to fans who were being critical of his rehab, that’s one thing. But no player on Chicago’s roster should expect the fans to put a smile on their faces and remain positive. If that’s what Garza and company are looking for, they better start winning some games.

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Foul ball banks off woman’s head and into her beer cup (Video)

Sometimes the best plays fans make on foul balls are the ones they don’t intend to make. We saw a prime example of that at Wrigley Field on Thursday night. Hanley Ramirez sent a ball chopping down the third base line in the second inning and it hopped up into the stands, bounced off a woman’s forehead and landed directly in her beer cup. It was a nice play, albeit one that she couldn’t duplicate if she tried. We aren’t ready to say it was as impressive as the popcorn bucket catch or the kid who leaned over the bullpen, but it’s definitely up there.

But the real story here is why the guy she was with was so adamant about wrestling the beer cup with the ball in it away from her. Was he trying to hog the spotlight or what? The ball smacked her in the forehead and landed in her beer. She deserves the credit. Take a step back.

The pessimism of Chicago Cubs fans summed up in one incredible poll (Picture)

Don’t you ever change, Cubs fans. And they said there was pressure on Theo Epstein to win now. Pssshh.

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Michael Vite Arrested for Breaking Into Wrigley Field and Stealing Ivy

If you were to break into Wrigley Field and steal something, what would you take?  Would you jack some infield dirt from the historic ballpark?  Would you search high and low for a couple souvenir baseballs?  Would you take an infield rake home with you if one happened to be sitting in a corner somewhere?  No, because it’s Wrigley Field.  That means you would probably do exactly what Michael Vite did: head straight for the ivy.  CBS Chicago shared Vite’s story on Monday:

A 24-year-old man was arrested on New Year’s Day for grabbing some of the ivy from the outfield wall at Wrigley Field.

Police said Michael Vite, of the 1000 block of West George Street, was caught on security video as he entered Wrigley Field around 7:30 a.m. Sunday through an area under construction on the west wall of the stadium

Vite ran onto the field and pulled some ivy off the outfield wall, police said. He tried to flee, but was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor.

If we can say anything positive about a man trying to steal some ivy it’s that there’s nothing creepy about it.  Unlike the guy who broke into Ken Williams’ house just to hang out, Vite wanted a piece of history.  If you’re going to break the law, you might as well try to grab a keepsake while you’re at it rather than just wearing someone’s clothes and using their computer.

Fist pound to Deadspin for passing the story along

Chicago Cubs Fan Throws Home Run Ball Back, Almost Hits Miguel Tejada (Video)

That Cubs fan had quite the Henry Rowengartner moment at Wrigley Field Tuesday afternoon. He didn’t quite rocket it all the way to home plate, but that was quite the effort. He probably has a stronger arm than Juan Pierre to be honest.

It was also a much more impressive display from a Cubs fan than we’re used to lately. Back in April, we had one dump beer on a Pirates outfielder, and then around Opening Day we had … well I can’t even describe how hammered this Cubs fan was.

Alfonso Soriano: Chicago Fans Are the Worst with Booing Players

No matter how much players deny paying attention to fans, they all hear what we say. They may ignore you (even if it’s by using ear plugs), but they hear what is said about them. The difference is some players thrive off heckling and hate (see Barry Bonds) while others can’t handle it (see Randy Johnson).

Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano has been affected by booing in the past, so he can empathize with Adam Dunn, the White Sox’s free agent acquisition who’s hitting below .200 for the season. The White Sox and Cubs are playing a three-game series during interleague play and Soriano said he feels badly Dunn is getting booed.

“It’s very sad for him,” Soriano said after Tuesday’s game. “He’s a great player. The fans, they don’t understand when the player’s struggling, how hard it is and how he is trying. He cannot think about. He’s got to try to do the best he can to just concentrate on the game.’’

Then Soriano said the Chicago fans are worst when it comes to booing — and that’s coming from a guy who played with the Yankees for five seasons.

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