Joe Girardi rips White Sox fans for cheering when Alex Rodriguez was hit (Video)

White-Sox-fans-cheer-A-Rod-hitNew York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was hit by a pitch during a loss to the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, and the fans in attendance seized the moment. As expected, White Sox fans booed A-Rod mercilessly when he appeared in his first MLB game this season on Monday night. However, Joe Girardi thought they took it too far by cheering when Rodriguez was hit by a pitch.

“There’s something wrong with that,” Girardi said after the game, via CBS New York. “I often think that it starts from the adults. And if it was their child, would they want them to be hit? Because the kids will only repeat what the adults do.”

Girardi has a point. You never want to see fans cheering for injuries under any circumstances, but this seemed pretty harmless. If you watch the video, the fans started cheering once it was obvious A-Rod was fine and he started trotting down the line. The ball barely grazed him. Had he been hit in the head and fallen to the ground, I’d like to think the fans wouldn’t have cheered.

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Amar’e Stoudemire defends punching fire extinguisher: I’m a passionate player

When Amar’e Stoudemire suffered an injury by punching a fire extinguisher during the NBA playoffs, most of us reacted by laughing at his expense. Stoudemire is an NBA superstar who had a lapse in judgment when his team needed him the most, so in many ways he deserved the criticism. However, he says some of the details from the incident are inaccurate. He didn’t actually punch the thing, you dummies.

“It wasn’t a punch at all, actually,” Stoudemire said during an interview with Artrell and Andy on FOX Sports Radio. “It was more like a slap against the wall, but I caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. Some people think I balled my fist up and punched through a glass fire extinguisher, which is totally opposite of the truth. It was more like a smack against the wall, kind of a backhand or a reach back slap across the wall and caught the edge of the fire extinguisher.”

Well in that case — does it really matter? A glance at the gruesome picture Amar’e tweeted of his stitched up hand would seem to indicate he is telling the truth. It was more of an open-handed slap than a punch, but either way it was a bonehead move. Stoudemire also wants everyone to know that the injury was not caused by frustration.

“I think a lot of people confused my passion with frustration,” he explained. “I’m such a passionate player. I want to win so bad to where sometimes I want to win, so I bring my passion and it gets confused with frustration.”

Again, does it matter? We did feel sorry for Amar’e after seeing the injury and knowing that it cost him during the playoffs, but a simple “it was dumb of me” would have sufficed when the hosts asked him about the incident. The fact that it was a slap instead of a punch and done out of passion and not frustration is not going to stop people from wearing this shirt.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing the interview
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Albert Pujols goes nuts after White Sox fan takes foul ball away from him (Video)

Albert Pujols is generally a calm and respectful man, but his anger will show if you mess with his play on the field like one fan did on Saturday night.

During the bottom of the first inning of the Angels-White Sox game, A.J. Pierzynski popped a foul ball down the first base line. Pujols tracked it and reached into the stands to make the catch, but a White Sox fan also went for the ball and knocked it away from Albert. Pujols was ticked off that the ball was taken away from him and went berserk.

The fan, who was probably going for the ball as a natural reaction, seemed to enjoy helping his team by knocking the ball away. The other fans certainly liked it — they gave him an ovation afterward.

The umpires made the right decision not to do anything since fans are allowed to make plays on balls in the stands. Luckily for the Angels the play didn’t mean anything; Pierzynski popped out on the next pitch.

Alfonso Soriano: Chicago Fans Are the Worst with Booing Players

No matter how much players deny paying attention to fans, they all hear what we say. They may ignore you (even if it’s by using ear plugs), but they hear what is said about them. The difference is some players thrive off heckling and hate (see Barry Bonds) while others can’t handle it (see Randy Johnson).

Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano has been affected by booing in the past, so he can empathize with Adam Dunn, the White Sox’s free agent acquisition who’s hitting below .200 for the season. The White Sox and Cubs are playing a three-game series during interleague play and Soriano said he feels badly Dunn is getting booed.

“It’s very sad for him,” Soriano said after Tuesday’s game. “He’s a great player. The fans, they don’t understand when the player’s struggling, how hard it is and how he is trying. He cannot think about. He’s got to try to do the best he can to just concentrate on the game.’’

Then Soriano said the Chicago fans are worst when it comes to booing — and that’s coming from a guy who played with the Yankees for five seasons.

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