Did Chip Kelly discipline Cary Williams after he called Patriots ‘cheaters?’

Cary-Williams-EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams does not like the New England Patriots. When New England and Philadelphia got together for a joint practice last year, Williams was sent to the showers early for fighting. On Friday, the sixth-year veteran was asked about his team’s upcoming practice with the Pats later this month.

“They are cheaters,” Williams said, per CSNPhilly.com’s Geoff Mosher. “They are.”

Williams’ point was that joint practices give opponents a chance to study your playbook. He is especially reluctant to practice with the Patriots, who were infamously caught videotaping opponents’ defensive signals in 2007.

“To me it’s not benefiting us because they’ve already proven who they are (from Spygate), that’s their history,” Williams added. “And I don’t like them, not only because of that, but because I just don’t like them. I played them three of four times in a row [in the playoffs].”

One day after making the comments about New England, Williams was absent from Eagles practice. When asked why he missed Saturday’s session, he claimed Chip Kelly gave him the day off because of “soreness.”

“I’ll be back out there as soon as I can,” Williams said. “Chip understands that I work hard, I try to do everything within the system. Today, he just gave me a day off. It’s not a big deal. [I]t had nothing to do with (the Spygate comments). I haven’t even discussed anything with Chip. I don’t think he’s trying any type of … I’m sure maybe we’ll have a conversation, but I don’t know.”

That didn’t sound too convincing. Not only is Kelly friends with Bill Belichick, but he doesn’t need his team creating distractions after dealing with the whole Riley Cooper incident last summer and the DeSean Jackson drama at the start of the offseason. My guess is Williams was given the day off as a warning.

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Chip Kelly using remote control car for loophole in offseason rules

Chip KellyChip Kelly is a new-era coach with new-era methods. His incredibly fast-paced offense is one example of that, as is Kelly’s method for skirting NFL rules during offseason workouts.

During “Phase One” of OTAs, only full-time strength and conditioning coaches are allowed to be present for team workouts. Head coaches and assistant coaches aren’t allowed on the field until “Phase Two,” but Kelly has found a way to be there without being there. He uses a remote control car.

Last week, seventh-round draft pick Beau Allen revealed that Kelly first introduced himself to him via a toy car.

“I was sitting and waiting to go in and meet with [Howie Roseman] and all the front office guys, and Coach Kelly was driving around a little remote control car — they use it out on the field because they can’t do motions — and he drove it right into me and was like, ‘Oh, hey Beau, how are you doing?’” Allen explained, per Tim McManus of Philadelphia Magazine. “And I was like, ‘Hey, Coach.’”

Kelly uses the remote control car to simulate an offensive back in motion so he and his coaches can study defensive players and see how they react. He’s not actually present at practice or workouts, but he’s getting all the information he needs by using technology. Slick moves, Chip.

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Report: DeSean Jackson threw temper tantrums, cussed out Chip Kelly

DeSean JacksonWhile DeSean Jackson tries to rehab his image by doing interviews denying gang ties, the stories about his poor behavior with the Philadelphia Eagles continue to emerge.

On Friday, CBS Philadelphia reported that Jackson was a selfish, bad teammate on the Eagles and that he treated head coach Chip Kelly poorly.

Here are some of the things Joseph Santoliquito writes in his report:

Jackson was not very well liked by his teammates, was blatantly insubordinate, with temper tantrums cussing out Kelly several times in front of the team, pushed the NFL rookie coach the way “a child would test boundaries,” and was more concerned with his rap label than he was about winning football games.

A source told CBS Philadelphia that Jackson was a me-first guy with a bad attitude, which isn’t exactly new. The source also says teammates were happy to see Jackson go.

Jackson supposedly did not have the same respect for Kelly that he had for Andy Reid, possibly because Kelly came from college and did not have previous NFL credentials.

Seriously, does anything from this story surprise you? It’s the exact same stuff we’ve been hearing about Jackson for years. And you could probably say the same thing for many other diva wide receivers throughout history.

Despite how good they may be as players, there’s only so long you can put up with a guy who’s a problem in the locker room. Few will deny how talented or productive guys like Jackson are, but you have to ask the question: is putting up with him worth it? For the Eagles, the answer was no.

Chip Kelly RSVP’s no to fans’ wedding because of the NFL Draft and all

Chip Kelly EaglesInviting your favorite player or coach to your wedding has become such a popular fad that the recipients of the invitations almost have to respond if they don’t want to look like jerks. People like Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III have responded to wedding invites with autographs, so we know it’s not impossible. Chip Kelly is the latest to have to respectfully decline.

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans recently sent Kelly a football-themed invitation to their May 10th wedding. The coach had a pretty decent excuse for why he won’t be able to make it.

Kudos to Kelly for responding before the April 12th deadline. The happy couple, Thomas Froschle and Maryanne Goslee, seem to have quite the obsession with the Eagles.

“The tables are all decorated as Eagles players, and we’re also setting up a Chip Kelly table,” Goslee told the Eagles’ official website. “We’re coming out to the Eagles fight song too, so it’s getting pretty intense.”

I’d be shocked if “Silver Linings Playbook” isn’t their favorite movie.

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Rapper Wale takes shot at Chip Kelly while hanging with DeSean Jackson


DeSean Jackson visited the Washington Redskins on Monday, and there are many who believe he will not leave without a contract. On Monday night, Tim McManus of Philly Magazine reported that a source close to Jackson said the 27-year-old signing with the Redskins is a “done deal.”

The photo you see above shows Jackson hanging out with rapper Wale, who is a known Redskins fan and good friend of Robert Griffin III, as well as Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall and wide receiver Pierre Garcon. Wale took a shot at Chip Kelly with the caption he included.

“I was on my hippy schwag dear Chip Kelly this is a peace sign,” he wrote.

Wale is of course making light of a recent report that links Jackson to gang members. Last year, Jackson threw up a set on Hall during a game and flashed the same sign in a photo he posted on social media. Or, if you ask Wale, it was simply a peace symbol.

In any event, all signs point to DeSean signing with Washington. He seemed to be having a great time with his potential teammates on Monday and reportedly met with RG3 in Los Angeles before flying to the nation’s capital.

Chip Kelly reportedly told DeSean Jackson he won’t be traded

desean-jacksonMuch of the DeSean Jackson trade speculation has been fueled by Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s refusal to come out and support his star wide receiver publicly. Kelly is aware of the trade rumors surrounding Jackson, but he has done nothing to throw water on the fire. However, there is reason to believe he called Jackson and told him not to worry.

Earlier this week, a report from Philly Magazine’s Tim McManus indicated that Jackson is concerned about his standing with the Eagles. A source claimed DeSean had not been contacted by Kelly. On Wednesday, 94WIP’s Ike Reese cited a source who said the opposite.

“He’s [DeSean Jackson] talked to Chip [Kelly] this off-season,” Reese said. “He’s talked to Chip and Chip told him you don’t have to worry about all the rumors that are out there. You’re here. He’s been assured, at least he’s been assured at that time [when they talked], that he wasn’t going anywhere. “

The Eagles have supposedly listened to trade offers for Jackson, but that means nothing. You never know what a team is willing to offer, so general managers will “listen” to trade proposals for almost any player.

“Again, it doesn’t mean something can’t happen to where a team wants DeSean and that the Eagles – this is also Howie Roseman’s department. The personnel department,” Reese said. “To me it makes sense for the Eagles, that they at least convey to DeSean that he’s fine. That he doesn’t have to believe the rumors that are out there if for no other reason, you want to keep DeSean’s mind in the right place.”

Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News later confirmed Reese’s report.

If the Eagles were shopping Jackson, it would be wise to leave him in the dark about it. He’s already a difficult personality to handle, so that could turn ugly if they tried to trade him and were unsuccessful. For that reason, Kelly’s alleged reassurance makes perfect sense.

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Chip Kelly tells Riley Cooper his plan is to f—ing score points (Video)

Chip KellyChip Kelly coaches football like he has only one goal and one mission: score f—ing points. That’s why it was so perfect hearing him tell one of his players that that was exactly what he was trying to do.

In a clip played on “Inside the NFL,” Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper is seen asking Coach Kelly what his plan is.

“F—ing score points,” Kelly answers matter-of-factly.

“What’s your plan?” he humorously asks Cooper.

Well, that’s one way to shut up a player. And, yeah, that seems like the perfect response from Chip.

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