Chris Bosh blocks Damian Lillard shot for Heat win (Video)

Chris Bosh blockThe Miami Heat nearly blew a 5-point lead in the final minute of their game with the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday, but they pulled out the win after a layup from LeBron James and key block from Chris Bosh.

After Portland made a pair of free throws to tie the game at 91, James made a left-handed layup with 11 seconds left to put Miami up 93-91. On the ensuing possession, Lillard beat Norris Cole off the dribble, but Bosh met him by the rim and skied for the huge block. Bosh also had 15 points and 4 steals.

Below is video of LeBron’s layup:

Chris Bosh celebrates 30th birthday with insane Cirque du Noir party


No professional athlete in the world enjoys and elaborate birthday celebration more than Chris Bosh, so you had to know his wife Adrienne was going to blow it out of the water for the Miami Heat star’s 30th birthday. Bosh turned the big 3-0 on Monday. A celebration of epic proportions preceded his day of birth on Sunday night.

Adrienne rented out Marlins Park for a massive Cirque du Noir-themed party that featured a dunk tank, carnival games, guest appearances, and a massive cake that was created by Divine Delicacies – the same bakery that made Bosh’s insane elephant cake last year. Check out the damn stage that was the center of the bash.

According to Hot Hot Hoops, the dunk tank gave party-goers and Heat players a chance to dunk members of the Miami coaching staff. Bosh dunked assistant coach Juwan Howard and assistant coach David Fizdale was dunked multiple times.

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Chris Bosh uses LeBron James’ mask to become a superhero


LeBron James looked like he came straight out of a comic book Thursday night as he dropped 31 points on the New York Knicks while wearing a black protective mask. Naturally, the face shield became a toy in the locker room after the game.

Chris Bosh used a towel as a cape and wore the mask to become Batman.

“I’m BATMAN!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “#lebronsmask #darkknightrises #wheresalfred”

Somebody had to do it.

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LeBron James accidentally shares picture of Chris Bosh’s daughter grabbing his crotch

LeBron James Chris Bosh daughter

LeBron James was just trying to shout out his nice relationship with Chris Bosh’s young daughter over Instagram Tuesday night, but his plan was derailed by an overlooked detail in the form of an interestingly placed hand.

“OMG I need a daughter man! @chrisbosh I’m too jealous of u bro! She’s amazing dude. #DaddysLilGirl” James wrote on Instagram as the caption for his photo of him with Bosh’s daughter.

What James missed — and what was quickly pointed out by many of his Instagram followers — was that Bosh’s daughter happened to be grabbing his crotch when the photo was taken.

Obviously the whole thing was very innocent and it really was a lovely post by LeBron, but he decided it might be a good idea to remove that photo and replace it with a tighter-cropped version of the photo sans hand on junk.

This was the result:

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Dallas Mavericks reportedly expected to pursue Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh cowboyThe Dallas Mavericks are expected to target Chris Bosh if he comes on the market as a free agent during the summer.

The Miami Heat super team came together in the summer of 2010, and all three of their stars signed six-year deals with options that allowed them to opt out after four. The thinking was that they could hit the eject button early if things didn’t work out, or they could all opt out early to sign even bigger contracts when the time came. It looks like the latter will take shape.

Though many are talking about the possibility of LeBron James becoming a free agent, I don’t see him leaving Miami. I don’t see Dwyane Wade going anywhere, either. But Bosh has been cited as the player who might leave because he’s an All-Star player serving as a “role player”, and because he already has won his rings. If he chooses to explore his options, the Mavs are expected to make a big push for him.

At the end of a “LeBron Watch” article, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst wrote this:

The Dallas Mavericks will have cap space and some star power but league executives expect them to target another Heat free agent, Dallas native Bosh.

Bosh is from Dallas, which is why the pairing works in theory. But I also don’t see him leaving. Unless something really bad happens between now and the end of the season, I don’t see why the Heat’s stars would want to leave? Bosh may not be a superstar going for big stats in Miami, but he has a great thing going, and I think he’s smart enough to recognize that. If he’s been selfless enough to accept his role on the team the last three seasons, why would his attitude change for the future?

If this is Mark Cuban’s big plan for 2014, he better have plenty of backups, because much like with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams, I think this one will fail.

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Chris Bosh videobombs LeBron James, Dwyane Wade (Video)

Chris Bosh proved that it only took one game for him to get into mid-season videobombing form. The Miami Heat forward crashed the postgame interviews of both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade following the team’s 107-95 win over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday with some solid funky faces. Above is his videobomb of LeBron, and below you can see where he got Wade:

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Chris Bosh’s infant son is soaking up the rays on a tropical vacation

The NBA offseason is infinitely more enjoyable when you capture an NBA title, and Miami Heat center Chris Bosh has won two of them in the past two seasons. Bosh seems to be enjoying his time off as he tours Europe this week, but his swag is nothing compared to that of his infant son.

As you can see, Bosh’s boy was soaking up the sun by a pool at some sort of gorgeous destination on Thursday. Simply put, he’s doing exactly what any of us would be doing if we were where he is.

I’m not the biggest Bosh fan, but this picture cracks me up. The pose and the shades are classic.

Photo: Chris Bosh on WhoSay