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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley: Albert Haynesworth is an ‘awful human being’

Former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was given an opportunity to resurrect his career when the New England Patriots traded for him during the 2011 offseason. Haynesworth’s former Washington Redskins teammate Chris Cooley is not at all surprised that it didn’t work out. Last week, Cooley and his co-hosts on ESPN 980 were discussing Gilbert…Read More

Chris Cooley wanted case of beer negotiated into his contract

Chris Cooley is a favorite among Washington Redskins fans, and stories like this make it easy to see why. Cooley was released by the Skins in August, and he was so loyal to the team he refused to sign a contract anywhere else. His patience paid off when Washington’s starting tight end, Fred Davis, was…Read More

Chris Cooley would only play for the Cowboys if the money is right

Veteran tight end Chris Cooley fell victim to a somewhat surprising release earlier this week when the Redskins cut him as part of their roster clean-up. Cooley spent eight years with Washington, the last few of which were plagued by injuries. Now, he is in search of work. With the regular season just around the…Read More

Chris Cooley Blames the Lockout for His Season-Ending Injury

Perhaps it just seems this way, but it feels like the NFL has had more significant injuries than usual this season. At least one impact player — such as Jamaal Charles, Kenny Britt, or Tim Hightower — seems to go down with a season-ending injury per week. Others like Peyton Manning were not able to…Read More

Chris Cooley Says the Eagles Are the Team to Beat in the NFC East

Someone needs to tell Chris Cooley that he plays in the NFC East.  Based on his latest comments, the Redskins tight end appears to have forgotten that.  In the NFC East you don’t compliment other teams and you certainly don’t admit that you may not be on the best team in the division.  The code…Read More

Bill Parcells Might Want That One Back

We’ve all heard analysts get their share of predictions wrong over time. It happens. But we don’t often hear about the bad calls coaches make. I guess we only see it when they get fired. Anyway, Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley is the latest athlete to begin blogging at Yahoo! Sports. In his first entry,…Read More

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