WWE star Chris Jericho suspended for crumpling the Brazilian flag (Video)

WWE superstars are entertainers above all else. Yes, wrestling hurts sometimes. In certain ways it is “real,” but we all know the goal of the WWE and other organizations like it. In order to achieve the best ratings possible, the WWE needs villains and it needs heroes. During an event in Brazil on Thursday night, longtime wrestler Chris Jericho took playing the role of the bad guy a bit too far.

According to TMZ, Jericho has been suspended indefinitely by the WWE for desecrating the Brazilian flag before a match against C.M. Punk. Punk entered the ring waving the flag, and as you can see in the video above Jericho followed by crumpling it and kicking it out of the ring. Desecrating the national flag is a crime in Brazil, so law enforcement officials stopped the match and threatened to arrest Jericho if he did not apologize. He took the mic and apologized to the audience and the event continued. The WWE released the following statement regarding the incident:

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