Chris Kluwe goes on expletive-filled Twitter rant over Saints bounty program

The punishment handed down to the Saints by the NFL as a result of their bounty program is the harshest in NFL history. Before Wednesday, there was speculation that New Orleans would have to pay massive fines and have to forfeit draft picks, Gregg Williams would face the heaviest sanctions, and Sean Payton would be suspended for a few games. All of that is true aside from the Payton part, as the Saints coach has been suspended for a full year. Many believe the punishment is over the top, but the always-outspoken Chris Kluwe fully supported Goodell and the person who sold the Saints out via his Twitter account:

The decision is only several hours old, but Kluwe’s opinion is the strongest we’ve seen since the news broke. The Payton suspension left the Saints coach “stunned” and Drew Brees “shocked,” but there are plenty of people like Kluwe who believe the sanctions will help preserve the integrity and safety of the game. The Vikings punter just happened to express it quite eloquently.

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Chris Kluwe Still Waiting on Donovan McNabb to Pay for Jersey Number

In retrospect, Chris Kluwe should have never given his No. 5 jersey to Donovan McNabb. For starters, McNabb was absolutely no help to the Vikings. He quickly became a bench-warmer in Minnesota and Kluwe got on the field more regularly than he did. In addition, McNabb has not held up his side of the bargain to this point. As you may remember, McNabb was supposed to mention Kluwe’s band five times in press conferences and donate $5,000 to the Kick For A Cure charity. So far there have been two mentions and no donation.

“That would be the major thing,” Kluwe said according to Scout.com’s Vikings page. “Tripping Icarus got the publicity we needed. That was fine. Two mentions is more than enough. The $5,000 for Kick For A Cure would definitely be appreciated by them.”

The Vikings released McNabb three weeks ago. He’s made plenty of money throughout his career.  It’s time to pay up.  Perhaps McNabb took Kluwe lightly because he’s always messing around, but Kick For A Cure is an important charity to Kluwe that raises money for Muscular Dystrophy.  To make matters worse, Kluwe may have to wait until 2013 to get his No. 5 jersey back.

“I think the NFL’s policy is you have to wait another year after the year you change your number,” Kluwe explained. “So I’d have to go all of 2012, but I think you can make an appeal and I’m planning to because the ruling is so that guys don’t change their numbers every year and the league gets stuck with jerseys they can’t sell. Since I don’t have any jerseys in the store, I’m going to be like, ‘Look, why can’t I just change my number?’”

It truly is time for McNabb to retire. Look at all the hassle he’s caused over the last couple seasons.  He can blame poor teams all he wants, but Donovan hasn’t had anything to offer in a few years. If he signs with another team in the offseason, I hope any other No. 5’s around the league have learned a lesson from Kluwe.

Chris Kluwe Mocks NFL Injury Faking Memo on Whiteboard (Picture)

Chris Kluwe could be the most famous punter in the history of football.  In order to achieve that title, it is not enough to simply be a quality player at that position. You could average 60 yards per punt throughout your career and still remain relatively unknown in the NFL.  Unfortunately, the position receives little to no glory.  Luckily we have people like Kluwe who make up for it in other ways.

You may be familiar with Kluwe because he called Peyton Manning and Drew Brees douchebags or made Donovan McNabb a hilarious offer in exchange for his jersey number.  Or perhaps you know Kluwe for his whiteboard antics, which he was back at on Thursday making fun of a recent NFL memo.

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Chris Kluwe Will Give Donovan McNabb No. 5 Jersey if he Promotes His Band

Anytime a veteran leader joins a new team, there is the question of whether or not that player will be able to keep his old number.  More often than not, the new guy gets his way.  That is especially the case when the new guy can help you win.  Although we believe the Vikings are doing themselves no favors in the short term by bringing in Donovan McNabb, one could argue that he makes them a better team this season.  The question is will McNabb be able to keep the same jersey number he’s had his entire career?

According to Shutdown Corner, he’ll have to work for it.  Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who you may know from his rant about Drew Brees and Peyton Manning or the whiteboard drawing he made calling out Roger Goodell, currently wears No. 5.  Kluwe is apparently willing to give McNabb the number if he gives him something in return.

“So here’s the deal,” Kluwe tweeted. “If McNabb comes and wants 5, it’s his, BUT he has to promise to mention Tripping Icarus in at least 5 press conferences.”

Tripping Icarus is the band Kluwe is in.  Personally, I think this is brilliant.  If someone wants to take your number they should have to work for it.  Not to mention, this gives us something to look forward to all season as McNabb will have to find creative ways to work Tripping Icarus into his press conferences.  Hopefully Minnesota wins more than five games, because I can’t see McNabb mentioning Kluwe’s band after a loss.  This should be entertaining.

Chris Kluwe Calls Drew Brees, Peyton Manning ‘Douchebags’ (Audio)

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken players in the league. He’s not too afraid to call out inconsistencies within the NFL when he needs to, or mock Roger Goodell with a funny drawing. Now he’s gone a step farther, calling out some of his fellow players for reportedly holding up the CBA because of perceived personal greed. Here’s what Kluwe wrote in a tweet:

Shortly after Kluwe’s tweet gained attention, he joined What’s Wright with Nick Wright on 610 Sports in KC to talk about his tweet. Before we present analysis of his comments, you must hear Kluwe read his tweet. Awesome audio:

Kluwe went on to explain why he called those players out. In case you’re unfamiliar, it stems from a Yahoo! Sports report that said Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins want to be compensated for sitting out games last season. The other part of the report is that Brees and Manning reportedly want to be exempt from the franchise tag. That’s what led to Kluwe’s reaction.

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Chris Kluwe Mocks Roger Goodell’s Letter, Lockout on White Board

The white board of Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is back, and that is good for everyone. In case you don’t remember, Kluwe took to his cartoon figures to point out the hypocrisy in the NFL’s punishments of hard hits. The former Bruin continued his critical ways when he tweeted that TCF Bank Stadium had an “unplayable” surface back when the Vikings were set to play there.

Now that he has plenty of time on his hands because of the lockout, Kluwe’s back to his creative drawings. He tweeted out the picture above on Friday and shortly thereafter this “letter” from Roger Goodell:

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Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe: TCF Bank Stadium Is ‘Unplayable,’ Like Concrete

The last two weeks has been an utter disaster for the Minnesota Vikings. Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak was snapped, backup Tarvaris Jackson got hurt and ended up on injured reserve, the Metrodome roof collapsed because of snow, and the Monday night game was moved to TCF Bank Stadium. Yes, the NFL decided to keep Minnesota’s game local instead of moving them to a neutral field like they did last week.

Even though the game will be a quasi-home game for the Vikings, there still have been some problems. In addition to beer not being available for fans at the college stadium, the stadium had become “winterized,” meaning it was covered in snow. It took tons of work to get the field ready for a game on short notice but that doesn’t mean the conditions will be safe.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe went through a walk-through at the stadium with his team and had immediate concerns about the playing field. He tweeted “Serious time – All respect to the people that cleared the field and got it ready, you did an amazing job. That being said, it’s unplayable. The field is as hard as concrete an hour and a half after they took the tarp off, and anyone that hits their head is getting a concussion. I find it interesting that the NFL can claim an emphasis on player safety, and then tell us the field is fine. It’s beyond hypocritical.”

The NFL says they’ve been informed by the grounds crew that the field is in good condition. As bad as the conditions have been around the NFL for most games the past two weeks, the playing field in Minnesota has the potential to be the worst. TCF Bank Stadium does not have field heaters unlike many other stadiums, and the weather is expected to be in the 20s with snow. That’s a recipe for disaster if you ask me, not to mention Kluwe.

(Pictured: TCF Bank Stadium ground courtesy of Visanthe Shiancoe)