The Reason Kobe Ignored Chris Rock

People were making a big deal of Kobe Bryant stonewalling comedian Chris Rock during the NBA Finals this year. In case you don’t recall what happened, Rock was sitting courtside next to the Lakers bench and was making jokes, trying to get Kobe’s attention. Bryant did not flinch, leading people to praise Kobe’s concentration. Sure, Kobe was focused on the task at hand, but I have another theory as to why Kobe so forcefully ignored Rock — he doesn’t like him.

I was watching some of Chris Rock’s 2004 stand up act Never Scared last night on TV. Rock spends a good part of his act talking current events and making fun of people in the news. Well, back in 2004 Kobe Bryant was in the news — for all the wrong reasons — and Rock took some jabs at 24. Check out this video:

After watching that bit, it’s easy to see why Kobe ignored Rock — he does not like him. Kobe’s not an idiot and I’m sure he’s been up late at night and came across Never Scared. I’m sure he took some mental notes — that’s the way Kobe is — and that’s why Kobe stonewalled Chris Rock. You don’t want to get on Kobe’s bad side especially if you’re famous like Rock. That stand up bit sure explains a lot.

Chris Rock Punked by Phil Jackson During Interview with Doris Burke

As seriously as some people take the NBA, I’m glad that ABC is there to remind us that it’s nothing more than entertainment. That’s the message they were trying to send, right? Flashing to celebrities left and right and sending a normally focused and to-the-point interviewer like Doris Burke out to do fluff pieces certainly showed us what their priorities were. I’m sure glad that the Lakers weren’t pushed around and that Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson put the clowns in their places.

While Kobe was trying to focus on winning Game 1 of the NBA Finals, comedian Chris Rock was sitting courtside and trying to crack jokes. Kobe straight pokerfaced Rock who didn’t seem to understand that Kobe was at work to perform his job. As if that wasn’t good enough, apparently Lakers coach Phil Jackson ruined Doris Burke’s courtside interview with Rock. Here’s the Phil Jackson/Chris Rock video:

I’ve always said that sideline reporters were useless in sports and this further confirms my feelings. Who would have thought that this is what it would take for me to connect with Phil and Kobe? Way to go guys!